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@giterlizzi giterlizzi released this Dec 12, 2016 · 352 commits to master since this release

Bootstrap3 DokuWiki Template

What's new in v2016-12-12 release

In this release new TOC and Page Tools layout, improved speed page loading, stability for third party plugins and UX and updated all assets (Bootstrap, Font-Awesome). Introduced new configurations and special data attribute for customize the template or single page or NS.


  • #63, #64: Added Edit Button (showEditBtn: never) in Navbar (special thanks to @huksley for PR and @NoriSilverrage, @HavocKKS for idea)
  • #110: Added sidebarOnNavbar (default:off) option for display the sidebar contents inside the navbar (special thanks to @chtiland for the idea)
  • #150: Added option to disable Page Tools animation (pageToolsAnimation: on) (thanks to @Juergen-aus-Koeln and @hvarga)
  • #186: Added "Add New Page" plugin support into navbar (thanks to @blacklord049 for idea)
  • #214: Added "Simplenavi" Plugin support (thanks to @Braintelligence and @Valiantiam)
  • #228: Added all Google Fonts used in Bootswatch Theme to recude load delay in intranet DokuWiki installations (thanks to @rafamerino for idea)
  • #228: Added Gravatar caching via DokuWiki external image fetch (see fetchsize DokuWiki config)
  • #229: Revert sidebar grid configurations
  • #230: Added Template by Namespace feature and new option to enable/disable this feature (thanks to @Digitalin for idea)
  • #231: Added tocCollapsed (default:0) option to automatic collapse the TOC on every pages (thanks to @tysoncecka)
  • #242: Added Dir plugin support (thanks to @huksley for the patch)
  • Added Portuguese (Brazil) and Norwegian language and updated more localization strings (thanks for all translators)
  • Added HTML5 Data Attributes to identify and styling current page/namespace via JS and CSS
  • Added Telegram integration
  • Added configuration (sidebarShowPageTitle: on) to display the page title of sidebar on mobile layout
  • Added DokuWiki Semantic webservice integration. Now is possible display a popup with a brief text of DokuWiki page when the user over on DokuWiki link
  • Added Print, Send e-Mail and Share on localization strings


  • Changed position of Page Tools
  • Revert layout of TOC
  • Updated Font-Awesome to v4.7
  • Moved Help page (:help hook) into a modal popup
  • Changed verical alignment of rowspan table headers


  • #115: Fixed inlinetoc plugin visibility (thanks to @baxQ)
  • #225: Fixed Cookie Banner Law visibility (thanks to @legend2360)
  • #226: Fixed conflict with Bootstrap Wrapper Pane Plugin (thanks to @legend2360)
  • #248: Fixed unhexpected behavior for TOC when the user click on anchor link (special thanks to @algorys, @Digitalin and @polyzen)
  • #249: Revert TOC to the original behavior (no Bootstrap grid) + enhancements
  • #250: Fixed "headers already send" issue when change theme (thanks to @bobdeh)
  • #253: Fixed Feed URL NS (thanks to @Juergen-aus-Koeln)
  • #260: Fixed Fluid container behavior (thanks to @Hakker)
  • #261: Fixed TOC elements visibility for Struct Plugin (thanks to @Digitalin)
  • #264: Added missing icon for "Edit draft" (thanks to @polyzen)
  • #272: Fidex TOC word break for JCK languages (thanks to @lattekun)
  • Corrected link style on footer
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