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@giterlizzi giterlizzi released this Feb 16, 2018 · 191 commits to master since this release

Bootstrap3 DokuWiki Template

What's new in v2018-02-16 release

After a long development cycle a new release of Bootstrap3 template is issued. This release introduce a DOM Engine (in pure PHP) can speedup a rendering of the page (estimated in 0.3 ~ 0.8 seconds per page) on client-side, by removing most of JS Hack code. Improved the Avatar support with Gravatar, Libravatar, Office365 and local DokuWiki :user namespace media. Added new DokuWiki hooks (:header and :topheader), configuration options and new fresh layout for search bar, footer, user menu and admin page.



  • Improved Avatar support with Gravatar, Libravatar, Office365 or local DokuWiki :user namespace media (thanks to @iosonopersia for the idea on #337 PR)
  • Added TOC Navbar
  • Added new DokuWiki hooks :header and :topheader
  • Added Persian localization support (thanks to Shevin Shiasi)
  • Added Indonesian localization support (thanks to Arif Budiman)
  • Added Simple DOM HTML Parser to increase client-side performance during rendering of template
  • Added default Bootstrap theme in Theme Switcher menu
  • Added showPurgePageCache option for display in Page Tools a link to ?purge=true useful to purge current page
  • Added domParserMaxPageSize option to set the Max page size for DOM Parser
  • Added showWikiInfo option for display Wiki title, logo and tagline on footer
  • Added "permalink" (dokuwiki URL + page + revision ID) in Page Icons section
  • Added icons for Discussion, Translation and Advanced plugins
  • Added active class on link menu for current Admin page
  • Added Typeahead support for quick search using qsearch DokuWiki AJAX service and fixed action items functions
  • #295: Added solar theme from Bootswatch (thanks to @alaricljs) and updated all theme fonts
  • #315: Added visibility of Admin menu for Manager users (thank to @FosseWay)
  • #286: Added homePageURL config option to add custom Home-Page link (thanks to @rgleason)
  • #238, #297: Added initial support of Styling Plugin and style.ini placeholders
  • #300: Re-Added social.html sample hook (thanks to @igittigitt)
  • Added new bugs to fix later!


  • New Search Bar layout
  • Improved User Menu with new fresh layout
  • New Admin Page layout
  • Updated all translations from Transifex platform


  • Fix duplicate </a> in plugin_move intergration
  • #274: Fixed Semantic Plugin integration (thanks to @kiritype)
  • #288: Fixed Database2 plugin conflict with Bootstrap's label class (thanks to @justemu)
  • #294: Fixed footnote behavior after Frusteric Manners update (thanks to @sanctus17)
  • #265, #309: Fix color in Diff view (thanks to @vidschofelix for PR and for all "bug hunters")
  • #302: Fixed issue for large dropdown menu (Admin and User) in fixed navbar (thanks to @mguitvlugt)
  • #281, #282, #299: Fixed Semantic popup behavior
  • #287: Fixed printing abbreviations (thanks to @Juergen-aus-Koeln)
  • #325: Fixed accesskey issue (thanks to @dedeibel)
  • #342: Fixed Purplenumbers renderer plugin issue (thanks to @molefunk)
  • #343: Fixed unexpected behavior with fluid container button and navbar-right (thanks to @ggieling)


  • Removed .map file from bootstrap assets (thanks to Andrew Gent)
  • Removed split() deprecated PHP function (thanks to Andrew Gent for the fix)
  • Dropped support for legacy _tpl functions
  • Removed old JS code
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