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What's new in v2020-04-04 release

After log development cycle a new release of Bootstrap Template is issued with Iconify support, new Detail page and Footer layout, stability and new plugins support (Struct, Bureaucracy and other popular DokuWiki plugins). Now Bootswatch Wrapper callout syntax follow the original Bootswatch contextual colors.



  • Added SVG class to embed SVG icons into HTML
  • Added events dispatch table
  • Re-Added after 4 years the <bdi> tag for better compatibility with RLT languages
  • Now the callout element of Bootstrap Wrapper Plugin follow the original Bootswatch contextual colors
  • Added PageIconsMenu menu DokuWiki menu system and migrated all "page icons" items
  • Added support for watchcycle, davcal, move and monthcal plugins
  • Added build version in You can see the build version in Administration and do=check pages
  • Added support for PlantUML plugin (thanks to @giper45)
  • Improved integration with Struct and Bureaucracy plugins
  • #428: Added Iconify support for increase the rendering performance and reduce the page size and download bandwidth
  • #442: Added FontAwesome Plugin for Iconify
  • #296: Added support for Move plugin in tree-based move manager (@Digitalin)


  • #445: Support large logo (width > 32px) in navbar and footer (thanks to @trinh)
  • Removed parsing of some elements (using simple_html_dom) for increase the performance
  • Used DokuWiki events for modify the appearance of the page
  • Used DokuWiki hooks for customize login and profile page (register, edit and delete)
  • Upgraded simple_html_dom to v1.9
  • Removed margin in mobile tamplate with fluidContainer enabled
  • Changed WhatsApp API URL (
  • Changed the "footer" style
  • Changed the layout of "detail" page
  • Disable default TOC when use tocLayout=navbar


  • Fixed "PHP Notice" for MAX_FILE_SIZE
  • Fixed Bootswatch Theme selection behavior
  • Fixed navbar "Edit button" behavior
  • Fixed issue with Plugins and userstyle.css (added div.dokuwiki tag and class in main.php and detail.php)
  • #389: Fixex Translation plugin issue when use translation»dropdown option (@tmo26 and @dominiquesamson)
  • #421: Fixed "showIndividualTool" issue (thanks to @AmritasyaPutra)
  • #422: Fixed graphic incompatibility for Folded plugin (thanks to @virk)
  • #423: Fixed PHP warnings for Page Tools (thanks to @fschmittlein)
  • #424: Fixed Pagelist tables are missing some formatting (thanks to @Hitch42)
  • #427: Fixed only the first page is printed out (thanks to @Juergen-aus-Koeln)
  • #430: Fixed PHP Fatal and Warnings for "farm" environment (thanks to @cultcom)
  • #440: Inconsistency between header and footer logo (thanks to @leemillerau)
  • #444: Fix PHP invalid foreach in Menu Tools
  • #449: Fixed TOC Navbar icon (thanks to @borgendorf)
  • #460 PR: Bootswatch fonts / CSS file fixes (thanks to @takuy)
  • #461 PR: "pagefooter" duplicate where "pageheader" intended (thank to @cgalo5758)