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@giterlizzi giterlizzi released this 11 Mar 11:44
· 30 commits to master since this release

What's new in v2021-03-11 release

This release increase the compatibility with Hogfather and fix some regression. Added support for Microsoft Teams and BS3 styles in jQueryUI.

Dropped support for PHP < 5.4 and removed very old legacy stuff.



  • Added support for Microsoft Teams share
  • Added BS3 styles in jQueryUI components


  • #520: Revert .wikilink2 class in list context (@takuy)


  • Dropped support for PHP < 5.4
  • Removed deprecated useLegacyNavbar option
  • #517: Removed !important in navbar height to prevent issue with userall.css style (@nurzu)


  • Fixed regression for Cookie Law for Hogfather release
  • Fixed regression in AnchorJS and Sidebar
  • #480: Fixed Google Search Errors: BreadcrumbList + ListItem (@willmcknight)
  • #492: Fix "set_time_limit" warning with safe mode:ON (@DrakMrak)
  • #499: Changed CSS load order for Bootstrap and DokuWiki styles when using themeByNamespace option (@Digitalin)
  • #525: Fixed Configuration Settings TOC for Undefined Settings (@Skyridr)
  • #529: Fixed tags extend beyond page limits (@tmo26)