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Version 2.49 (9 November 2016)

  • Updated Git for Windows to version 2.10.1. PR #3353
  • Updated Putty to version 0.67
  • KDiff3 rolled back to version 0.9.97
  • VSIX extension for VS2015. PR #2885, #3331
  • ConEmu Console Emulator Control for Running Git Commands in the Real Terminal. PR #3152
  • Highlighting of authored commits. PR #2672
  • Support sparse checkout. PR #2918
  • Support shallow clone. PR #2911
  • Support no checkout on Clone. PR #2921
  • Stash before rebase. PR #2770
  • Draw smoother Bezier curves in Revision Grid. PR #2662
  • Support for --assume-unchanged. PR #2889
  • Colorful diffs for Linux. PR #2969
  • Comparing to another branch or Commit. PR #3039
  • Support for “View Tag annotations”. PR #2836
  • Support showing the real line number for diff. PR #2988
  • Add force with lease to the advanced push options. PR #2991
  • Diff filtering. PR #3198
  • Cherry pick selected file/selected lines
  • Added preset for VisualStudio Diff Tool. PR #3034
  • Polish translation and dictionary added
  • Czech translation added
  • Disabled "Traditional Chinese" translation
  • Romanian dictionary added. PR #2979

Version 2.49RC2 (22 October 2016)

  • Updated Git for Windows to version 2.10.1. PR #3353
  • Updated Putty to version 0.67
  • Fixed issue #3356, #3370, #3357: ConEmu integration issues
  • Fixed issue #2532: Fix encoding of
  • Fixed issue #3364: Prevent crash when encountering a 'tag' in 'recover lost objects' form
  • Fixed issue #3365: Exception when search 'diff contains' has a special character

Version 2.49RC1 (12 October 2016)

  • Updated Git for Windows to version 2.10.0
  • KDiff3 rolled back to version 0.9.97
  • VSIX extension for VS2015. PR #2885, #3331
  • ConEmu Console Emulator Control for Running Git Commands in the Real Terminal. PR #3152
  • Highlighting of authored commits. PR #2672
  • Support sparse checkout. PR #2918
  • Support shallow clone. PR #2911
  • Support no checkout on Clone. PR #2921
  • Stash before rebase. PR #2770
  • Draw smoother Bezier curves in Revision Grid. PR #2662
  • Support for --assume-unchanged. PR #2889
  • Colorful diffs for Linux. PR #2969
  • Comparing to another branch or Commit. PR #3039
  • Support for “View Tag annotations”. PR #2836
  • Support showing the real line number for diff. PR #2988
  • Add force with lease to the advanced push options. PR #2991
  • Diff filtering. PR #3198
  • Cherry pick selected file/selected lines
  • Added preset for VisualStudio Diff Tool. PR #3034
  • Polish translation and dictionary added
  • Czech translation added
  • Disabled "Traditional Chinese" translation
  • Romanian dictionary added. PR #2979

  • Added an option to remember the ignore-white-spaces preference for all the diff viewers

  • Option to check for release candidate versions
  • Make dictionary setting configurable for each repository separately
  • Use complete name of the merged/rebased branch to avoid conflict with a remote branch (if named the same).
  • Remember the IgnoreWhitespaceChanges settings for FileViewer. PR #2844
  • Specify Git and PuTTY locations with environment variables. PR #2367
  • Tags in branch list are visible when "Local" is selected. PR #2543, #2545
  • Follow only exact renames setting added. PR #2627
  • Update preview list of ignored files in background. PR #2557
  • Statistics plugin improvements. PR #2707
  • DOS Codepage 852 added into supported encodings. PR #2913
  • {WorkingDir} Parameter for Scripts. PR #2914
  • Multiple tfs build defs. PR #2916
  • Show commit SHA1 in log. PR #2659
  • Allow auto-normalisation of branch name. PR #3233
  • Using Common Item Dialog to select folders. PR #2788
  • Ability to run scripts with several selected commits: {sHashes} argument. PR #2578
  • Use the repository URL from the clipboard if available. PR #2586
  • Enter/Return in file tree acts as double click. PR #2785
  • Add script events: BeforeCheckout, AfterCheckout. PR #3211
  • Clarified wording for Pull dropdown menu, now matches tooltips. PR #2830
  • Manage new format to detect detached HEAD (Git >v2.4). PR #3010
  • Support combined diff for merge commit
  • Per repository plugins settings
  • TeamCity: Add an option to try to display build report logged as a guest. PR #3224
  • Add a popup to easy finding a TeamCity build. PR #3241
  • Improve fixup commits. PR #3264
  • Some changes around .gitignore. PR #3283
  • Search graph row index by commit hash using dictionary. PR #3295
  • FormChooseCommit: Add links helper to find parent(s) of current selected commit. PR #3246
  • --first-parent filtration added, --full-history fixed, hotkeys exposed, context menu in file history window unification. PR #3250
  • Added setting to enable/disable autocompletion in commit dialog. PR #2799
  • Menu entries for improved accessibility. PR #3234
  • Fixed an intermittent bug where ObjectDisposedException occurs on launch
  • Fixed a bug where branch filter throws null reference exception when no repository selected
  • Fixed issue #2977, #2566, #2712, #2972, #2959, #2958, #2904: Fixes for mono build
  • Fixed issue #3093: Fix height calculation for RevisionHeader in the CommitInfo panel on Linux
  • Fixed issue #3094: Change the default application font for Linux
  • Fixed issue #3267: Linux aware paths
  • Fixed issue #3100: Don't show Putty toolstrip menu item when not running on Windows
  • Fixed issue #2769: GitExtensions slow with many Submodules
  • Fixed issue #3207: Checkout branch dialog is too narrow
  • Fixed issue #3069: "Unsupported commit message encoding" in conemu repo
  • Fixed issue #3274: Honour the AutoSetupMerge git config
  • Fixed issue #2924: "Illegal Characters in Path" if %PATH% Contains Quotes
  • Fixed issue #3262: Fix p4merge diff settings
  • Fixed issue #2759: On Diff/File List pane got exception ArgumentOutOfRangeException InvalidArgument Value of -1 is not valid for index
  • Fixed issue #3297: Unable to use '/' or '.' in branch name when creating a new branch
  • Fixed issue #3271: No need to close the "create branch" dialog if failed to create
  • Fixed issue #3054: Changes to global gitignore do not properly propagate to the Commit button
  • Fixed issue #573: Push Multiple Branches hang if using OpenSSH for key mgmt
  • Fixed issue #3079: Hidden expandable column between message and author
  • Fixed issue #2813: Bisect labels size problems on french version
  • Fixed issue #2965: Config Settings written with upper case True and False
  • Fixed issue #2292: Don't auto-remember the desired action 'Local changes' when checking out a branch
  • Fixed issue #3136: No option to pull request if host is stash/bit bucket but repo (or project) contains
  • Fixed issue #3231: Shouldn't popup the "not on a branch" warning when editing a commit during rebasing
  • Fixed issue #3063: Application crash caused by hotkey CTRL+P
  • Fixed issue #3221: Prevent crash due to invalid Build CI project name regex saved
  • Fixed issue #3014: Ignore web browser script error for TeamCity and GitHub
  • Fixed issue #2654: Jenkins plugin: Incorrectly detects Internet Explorer 'Document Mode'
  • Fixed issue #3055: "Don't set as default" option in Pull menu is ignored for three of the five items in the Pull menu
  • Fixed issue #3006: CryptographicException when attempting to open a repository
  • Fixed issue #3111: Creating branch from empty repo leads to ArgumentOutOfRangeException
  • Fixed issue #2790: Can not assign null value to UICommandsSource
  • Fixed issue #3067: Diff for the root commit is broken in master branch
  • Fixed issue #2993: Do not show password in plain text in Stash plugin options
  • Fixed issue #2860: Unable to open 'periodic background fetch' settings
  • Fixed issue #2954: Git Flow plugin: Fix some combo boxes overlap with labels
  • Fixed issue #2614: Fix a problem with the directory name detected for certain url
  • Fixed issue #2887: Jenkins integration not requesting credentials
  • Fixed issue #3015: Mono: Unable to locate plugins folder
  • Fixed issue #2902: Ampersand (&) in Revision Link URI breaks revision message
  • Fixed issue #2846: Remember check-box states in "Cherry pick commit" dialog
  • Fixed issue #2874: Fix infinite loop bug during undo with auto-wrap
  • Fixed issue #2857: Fails to reset selected lines on new files
  • Fixed issue #2840: Commit filter by number doesn't work
  • Fixed issue #2700, #2822, #2854: Filtering by branch name or commit id doesn't work
  • Fixed issue #2786: Clicking on the branch dropdown before selecting a repository triggers a NPE
  • Fixed issue #2692: Intermittent error "cannot access a disposed object" on launch
  • Fixed issue #2821: Additional hotkeys in Commit Dialog
  • Fixed issue #2822: File history and blame dialogs are empty
  • Fixed issue #2847: Application crashes when an empty string is pasted as a commit message
  • Fixed issue #2739: Turn on Treat Warnings As Errors for all projects
  • Fixed issue #2809: Jenkins plugin: Login with default credentials (single sign on)
  • Fixed issue #2731: Move Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Client references from GAC to NuGet
  • Fixed issue #2761: ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown when right clicking of the table header of 'Resolve merge conflicts' window
  • Fixed issue #2154, #2645: Branches with comma in their name cannot be deleted
  • Fixed issue #2686: ssh:// with port not working with Putty
  • Fixed issue #2493: After Clone, GitExt shows "Starting a second message loop on a single thread is not a valid operation. Use Form.ShowDialog instead"
  • Fixed issue #2694: typos in .gitignore template text
  • Fixed issue #2453: Autocomplete Display-Bug
  • Fixed issue #2488: AutoCRLF correction when copying a text from the FileViewer
  • Fixed issue #2301: IME error with Spell checker
  • Fixed issue #2617: Fixed calls of plink for host key caching with invalid urls
  • Fixed issue #2473: Fixes in GitStatistics Plugin
  • Fixed issue #2480: Wrong Gource URL and settings
  • Fixed issue #2584: Cloning from Explorer in a drive root crashes GitExtensions
  • Fixed issue #2597: [VS Plugin] Don't try highlight node when it is not found
  • Fixed issue #2590: [VS Plugin] Allow some commands on all targets
  • Fixed issue #2601, #2587, #2559, #2560: Fix issues with VS Plugin
  • Fixed issue #2591: NullRefernceException in GitPlugin
  • Fixed issue #2620: Fix a couple of exceptions thrown when processing is incorrectly done on error messages
  • Fixed issue #2565: Fix for "init" command line command
  • Fixed issue #2501: Fix for "fatal: Not a valid object name" when displaying a nonexistent blob
  • Fixed issue #2440: Fixed parsing quoted printable for Author field
  • Fixed issue #2422: Fix refresh issue with the branches filter textbox
  • Fixed issue #2409: Display correctly windows end of line in git commit message

Version 2.48.05 (16 May 2015)

  • Fixed issue #2493: StartBrowseDialog failed after clone
  • Fixed issue #2783: Fixed crash when right click on blank line in 'File Tree'
  • Enter/Return in file tree acts as double click
  • Support Git for Windows path for Linux tools

Version 2.48.04 (8 May 2015)

  • Fixed issue #1643: Do stage of 16506 files and GUI becomes Not Respoding
  • Fixed issue #2591: VSAddin solutionItem.ProjectItem == null when selected 'References' item in C# project
  • Fixed issue #2587, #2601: VSAddin fixed StackOverflowException
  • Fixed issue #2584: Escape the last backslash from paths before running GitExtensions to avoid escaping the double-quote
  • Fixed issue #2574: MSysGit updated to version 1.9.5-preview20141217
  • Fixed issue #2649: Refreshing the ignored files set every 10 minutes instead of every 500 miliseconds
  • Fixed issue #2525: Additional handling for strings passed to RichTextBox
  • Fixed issue #2700: Fix filtering by branch name
  • Fixed 'ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown when right clicking of the table header of 'Resolve merge conflicts' window'
  • Fix performance for RevisionGrid

Version 2.48.03 (9 December 2014)

  • Fixed issue #2538: Fix crash happening when deleting a remote branch
  • Fixed issue #2498: VS Plugin use solution scope if no active document

Version 2.48.02 (29 November 2014)

  • Updated msysgit to 1.9.4 20140929
  • VS plugin menu hotkey changed to Alt+I
  • Updated kdiff3 to version 0.9.98-2 64bit
  • Form pull "Manage remotes" button fixed
  • Resolving conflict for removed submodule fixed
  • Svn clone prefix fixed
  • Fixed issue #2509: Backslash correction turned off for URLs
  • Fixed issue #2420: Indicate change when repository changed
  • Fixed issue #2454: Support changed path to DiffMerge
  • Fixed issue #2450: There is no verification that settings can not contain invalid xml characters
  • Fixed issue #2407: Double appearance of "Current unstaged changes" fixed
  • Fixed issue #2269: Ignore COM exceptions in UpdateJumplist
  • Fixed issue #2165: Pushing HEAD fixed
  • Fixed issue #2463: Crash fixed when selecting a file with no base in the "Resolve merge conflicts" dialog
  • Fixed issue #2448: Freeze while commit many files with warnings
  • Fixed issue #2467, #2483: Installing GitCredentialsHelper fixed
  • Fixed issue #1493: Should fix command bar position saving in some cases

Version 2.48 (20 August 2014)

  • Git credential helper now optional product
  • Sort branches and tags in commit info and display only first 20
  • Checkout remote branch dialog try find tracking branch first
  • Show full shell extension menu with Shift pressed
  • Disabled installing MSysGit Git-Cheetah shell extension
  • Visual Studio plugin menu renamed to GitExt
  • Button Browse... and Manage Remotes fixed in form Pull
  • Support machine level HOME environment variable
  • Error string in list of branches fixed
  • Fixed issue #2079: Selection order after refresh fixed
  • Fixed issue #2178: Disabled caching diffs for artificial revisions
  • Fixed issue #2387: Remove pdf manual from installer
  • Fixed issue #2389: Never try to checkout an empty-named branch
  • Fixed issue #2397: Cannot close GitEx window with opened repository
  • Updated translations

Version 2.48RC (13 July 2014)

  • Updated msysgit to 1.9.4
  • Implemented auto completion for commit message window.
  • Support intergration with TeamCity and Jenkins build server
  • Support pull request for Atlassian Stash
  • GitExt suggest update submodules after changing revision. PR #2176
  • Show commit changes (i.e: -1+5) on Checkout Branch, CheckoutR evision, Create Branch and Create Tag dialogs
  • Sepatate windows to merge submodules
  • Increased performance and lowered memory footprint of DvcsGraph
  • Allow Create branch in Commit dialog
  • Added support for remote branches to the DeleteUnusedBranches plugin
  • Revision grid will show superproject tags/branches/remote branches and conflict Base/Remote/Local
  • Added Sublime Text 3 to editor list
  • Added p4merge to the list of difftools
  • Added BeyondCompare4 to the list of diff and merge tools
  • Added SemanticMerge to the list of diff and merge tools
  • Added hotkey to close repositry via CTRL+W
  • Open .git/config fixed
  • "Back" button and history
  • Disabled by default: include untracked files in stash
  • Commiter name added to commit dialog status bar. PR #1812
  • Check ValidSvnWorkindDir before do svn commands. Method GitSvnCommandHelpers.ValidSvnWorkindDir work not correct on submodule repo
  • Fixed undetected working directory in root directory (the additional "dir.rfind" in the while condition stopped the loop before e.g. "C:" has been reached)
  • "Initialize repository" renamed to "Create repository"
  • "working dir" and "working tree" renamed to "working directory" to simplify translation
  • Preffer Putty from GitExtensions
  • New settings management
  • Translation format changed to XLIFF (you can help on Transifex website)
  • Fixed issue #2349: Bug fixed with file history for file outside of the solution
  • Fixed issue #2294: Commit dialog hangs for hours on selecting or deselecting many files
  • Fixed issue #2250: Shell Extensions: IsValidGitDir UNC path performance bug fix
  • Fixed issue #2240: Allow push by commit hash
  • Fixed issue #2235: Allow the user to pick Git.exe no matter where it is installed on their system
  • Fixed issue #2142: Fetch in 2.47.3 creating remote ref from remote HEAD using current local branch's name
  • Fixed issue #2140: Fix slow settings load because of UNC paths
  • Fixed issue #2139: Double click on submodule fails to open the submodule in a new instance of GitExtensions
  • Fixed issue #2137: Strange push behaviour
  • Fixed issue #2136: Git credential helper does not load
  • Fixed issue #2135: In v2.47.03 the SSH setting defaults to OpenSSH even though PuTTY is selected during installation
  • Fixed issue #2131: No horizontal scrollbar in the main window Diff tab file list
  • Fixed issue #2110: VS Plugin make CommandBar permanent (position handling of CommandBar)
  • Fixed issue #2013: "the branch seems to be new for the remote" is shown but the branch is already there
  • Fixed issue #230: Don't spawn another git status if the previous one is still running
  • Stop runaway git process creation under Windows
  • Updated translations

Version 2.47.3 (15 November 2013)

  • Fixed issue #2124: GitHub integration not working in 2.47.1

Version 2.47.1 (14 November 2013)

  • Fixed issue #2006: Check for updates using GitHub api. There is a bug in WebClient that causes AV
  • Fixed issue #2117: Create branch/tag command in VS fixed
  • Fixed issue #2114: "Keep dialog open" doesn't work
  • Added IconFileStatusUnknown - when git exits with error then GitExt crashes with IndexOutOfBounds

Version 2.47 (8 November 2013)

  • Main menu restructured. Issues: #1576, #1629
  • Added BackgroundFetch plugin in order to allow perioding fetching of all remotes automatically
  • Putty updated to version beta 0.63 (released 2013-08-06)
  • Display diff files list for each parent in separete collapsible group
  • Autopull from remote to which push was rejected. Closes #1887
  • Added support for installing GitPlugin in VS2013
  • ShellExtensionSettingsPage: add simple preview for context menu items. PR #1661
  • Allow pushing a non-branch source rev to a remote branch. PR #1676
  • FormResolveConflicts show submodule hashes for merge conflicts
  • FormChooseCommit: double click behaves like OK button instead of opening the CommitInfo dialog. PR #1681
  • Remove old Create tag dialog and related changes. PR #1680
  • FormCheckoutRevision: make similar to CreateBranch/Tag dialogs and use in RevisionGrid. PR #1685
  • FormChooseCommit: add button that opens the Go to commit dialog that helps to find a specific commit. PR #1723
  • GitPlugin icon transparency fixed
  • FormPuttyError Retry() button fixed
  • Add Help link that opens GitExt manual in browser at predefined section. PR #1739
  • Push dialog now asks pull changes if push was rejected
  • Improvements for FormResetCurrentBranch. PR #1750
  • FormFormatPatch support sending from gmail server
  • LoadPuttyKey for all remotes
  • Close commit dialog when all changes are commited - now considers new file as a change
  • Disabled offer commit for resolve conflicts dialog when it called from commit window. Closes #1623
  • Support pull latest submodule changes from FormSubmodules dialog window
  • Asynchronous RepositoryHistory loading implemented
  • Switch for selection gravatar image size added
  • Menu in revision grid sorted to simply common branch operations
  • Suggest prune branches if remote branch no longer exist
  • Added a "Show tags" menu item. PR #1814
  • Branch filter wildcards. PR #1815
  • Disallow to cache stash diffs
  • Menu ShortcutKey improvements. PR #1863
  • FormBrowse: Diff Tab: new context menu item: "Show in File tree". PR #1850
  • File tree tab: "Open containing folder" now also works on directory nodes (instead of file nodes only)
  • Diff tab: If a file does not exist then "Open containing folder" now opens the parent directory of the non-existing file
  • Add "Archive..." to context menu of File tree tab / Archive filter by path. PR #1868
  • Blame previous revision fixed
  • Combined diff processing improved
  • Don't commit merge - now generic option. Closes #1882
  • Current checkout detection fixed for bare repositories
  • Updating current file in commit window improved
  • Fix Plugin: Release Notes Generator. PR #1907
  • Set the default buttons in the "Reset Current Branch" popup to fix Enter/Escape keys not working. PR #1911
  • Selecting items in FormCommit improved, should update diff view only when needed
  • Open corresponding SettingsPage directly from Plugin. PR #1925
  • Fix diff for initial branch commit
  • Fixed issue #1633: Move Plugins --> Update menu option to Help menu
  • Fixed issue #1590: Checking "Show current branch only" results in unexpected behaviour
  • Fixed issue #1655: Add ellipsis to menu items which will require input
  • Fixed issue #1575: Remove old "Create branch" dialog
  • Fixed issue #1317: Exception after closing File History dialog (from Commit Dialog) which was not completely loaded
  • Fixed issue #1704: The link to the git-review command page moved from project openstack-ci to openstack-infra
  • Fixed issue #1658: Portable Settings
  • Fixed issue #1790: GitCommands.Settings#GetGitExtensionsDirectory: Crash if fileName.LastIndexOfAny returns -1
  • Fixed issue #1799: Refresh dontSetAsDefaultToolStripMenuItem.Checked
  • Fixed issue #1874: "Show changes" crash fixed in Blame dialog
  • Fixed issue #1889: Push dialog remembers "Push all tags" but does not show it to the user
  • Fixed issue #1883: Script on event ShowInUserMenuBar very large icon
  • Fixed issue #1604: Add configuration option to specify a default clone destination directory
  • Fixed issue #1899: Commit dialog steals focus
  • Fixed issue #1923: File History shows entire history graph in gray
  • Fixed issue #1361: Export difference between revisions
  • Fixed issue #1939: Running script with "{cHash}" in arguments using hotkey causes runtime exception
  • Fixed issue #1957: Search file inside Visual Studio does not open file
  • Fixed issue #1209, #2001: Remote branch autofill corrected
  • Many bugfixes and minor changes
  • Updated Spanish translation
  • Updated French translation
  • Updated Japanese translation
  • Updated Dutch translation
  • Updated Russian translation
  • Updated German translation
  • Updated Simplified Chinese translation
  • Added Korean translation

Version 2.46 (26 June 2013)

  • Fixed issue 1387: Shell extensions not work under Windows XP

Version 2.45 (26 June 2013)

  • Setup files moved to sourceforge
  • Putty updated to version 0.62.9768.0 (80% faster for me when cloning repository from GitHub)
  • FormCheckoutBranch behavior fixed again when called from commit dialog
  • Fixed navigation in the blame committer list when double clicking
  • Fixed FormFileHistory selection current revision
  • Fixed issue #1585: IsBinaryAccordingToGitAttribute() rewrited using "git check-attr"
  • Fixed issue #1590: "Show current branch only" fixed
  • Fixed issue #1622: "Show Changes" from Blame window crash fixed
  • Fixed issue #1631: Font size reading from settings fixed
  • Fixed issue #1687: GetSuperprojectCurrentCheckout() now called asynchronously
  • Fixed issue #1727: CreatePullRequestForm crash fixed
  • Updated msysgit to build of version 1.8.3
  • Updated French translation
  • Updated German translation

Version 2.44 (18 February 2013)

  • Fixed issue #710: Added icons to shell extensions
  • Fixed issue #1336: Prefix context menu entries with
  • Fixed issue #1354: Dashboard item description label is cut off at the top
  • Fixed issue #1371: Different icons for submodule status icons
  • Fixed issue #1388: Created icons for submodules
  • Fixed issue #1396: Mergetool command suggest button does not work
  • Fixed issue #1397: Shell exceptions broken
  • Fixed issue #1407: Reorder context menu items in commit dialog to better match other context menus
  • Fixed issue #1419: Command line argument "commit --quiet" doesn't work anymore
  • Fixed issue #1428: Uncheck "Amend Commit" checkbox after commiting
  • Fixed issue #1372: Stage submodule after commit
  • Fixed Issue #1430: Replaced settings dialog with more user friendlue dialog
  • Fixed issue #1432: Add icon for "Revert commit" in revision grid context menu
  • Fixed issue #1433: Improved layout for commit information in various dialogs (e.g. cherry pick)
  • Fixed issue #1434: Use FolderBrowserButton in FormOpenDirectory, FormPull and FormPush
  • Fixed issue #1471: Make "Add submodule" Window resizable
  • Fixed issue #1475: Fixed tab order in create tag dialog
  • Fixed issue #1477: Quick filter by commit sha
  • Fixed issue #1478: Bug fixes and improvements to Gerrit plugin
  • Fixed issue #1483: Staging a file which undoes all current staged changes leaves the file available in "Working dir changes"
  • Fixed issue #1488: Default pull action not run
  • Fixed issue #1506: Do not refresh revisions in grid when Delete Tag dialog is canceled
  • Fixed issue #1505: New help images for Fetch, Rebase, Merge actions in pull dialog
  • Fixed issue #1513: Moved plugin settings to settings dialog
  • Fixed issue #1533: Font size incorrect when changing culture
  • Fixed issue #1561: Allow creating orphan branches
  • Fixed issue #1565: Tab Order is wrong on Delete Branch form
  • Fixed issue #1585: Binary file detection fixed
  • Fixed issue: Amend commit doesn't work when using Ctrl+Enter key
  • Fixed issue: shell extension registration in settings dialog fixed with UAC
  • Fixed issue: "0 hours" and "0 year" displayed in revision grid
  • Fixed issue: Do not refresh revisions in grid when Delete Tag dialog is canceled
  • Add "dirty" versions of Submodule icons
  • Added button to go to superproject
  • Support a separate font for the commit message
  • Add red coloring to long subject line in commit message
  • Add option to turn off automatic word-wrapping in commit messages
  • Stash window properly display information about submodules
  • GoToCommit dialog: added "jump to tag" and "jump to branch" with autocomplete
  • Added several icons
  • Auto pull option behavior improved
  • Git SVN Clone now supports custom trunk, tags and branches directory
  • Suggested local branch name fixed for svn remote branches
  • Added "Open with difftool" command to Visual Studio addin
  • Added hotkey for "Amend commit"
  • Updated Spanish translation
  • Updated Dutch translations
  • Updated Japanese translation
  • Updated German translation
  • Updated Russian translation
  • Updated French translation

Version 2.43 (31 October 2012)

  • Fixed issue #47: Support non-standard SSH port for Test Connection
  • Fixed issue #85: Integrated git-credential-winstore to installer to handle HTTP authentication
  • Fixed issue #407: Added links to parent commit, branches and tags to commit info
  • Fixed issue #517: Added button to go to superproject
  • Fixed issue #528: Correctly terminate processes tree on abort
  • Fixed issue #650: Enable reset for unstaged files
  • Fixed issue #737: Support local commit.template
  • Fixed issue #945: Delete tag from remote repository added
  • Fixed issue #1021: Added option to always show checkout dialog
  • Fixed issue #1135: Auto suggestion disabled in the Clone Repository dialog
  • Fixed issue #1161: Jump list fixed
  • Fixed issue #1173: Integraded NBug
  • Fixed issue #1195: Email address HTML encoding fixed
  • Fixed issue #1199: Warn user when reset file changes failed because it is in use
  • Fixed issue #1201: Fixed url to MSysGit project page
  • Fixed issue #1201: Git.cmd used instead of git.exe
  • Fixed issue #1269: Default button and focus for checkout branch dialog
  • Fixed issue #1276: Diff fixed when diff.mnemonicprefix = true
  • Fixed issue #1290: Automatic file encoding detection improved
  • Fixed issue #1295: Do not refresh revision grid after cancel create tag
  • Fixed issue #1301: Escaping characters for git.cmd added
  • Fixed issue #1303: Displaying pulled new repositories without HEAD
  • Fixed issue #1309: Fix stash apply and drop error
  • Fixed issue #1312: Fixed FormStatus layout
  • Fixed issue #1319: Fixed FormStatus layout
  • Fixed issue #1321: Fix Fetch all from toolbar
  • Fixed description for repositories on dashboard
  • Fixed two way merge fixed for Perforce Merge
  • Fixed bug in rendering revision graph that a lane was grayed out
  • Fixed commit dialog splitter position saving
  • Use a checkbox for Commit Amend
  • Improved support for high DPI systems
  • Reset changes dialog improved for submodules
  • Added generating text for submodules in file tree
  • Added new icons
  • Added "No tags" checkbox to Pull dialog and allow fetch to new local branch
  • Show local changes radio group if state of working dir is unknown
  • The diff tab now shows current diff
  • Added options to "Reset file to" in diff tab
  • Added "Reset file to this revision" to file tree
  • Added hint to "Go to commit" dialog
  • Added "Archive revision" to revision grid context menu
  • Archive revision dialog improved
  • Renamed Visual Studio plugin renamed from Visual Git to Git Extensions
  • Updated merge scripts

Version 2.41 (22 September 2012)

  • Fixed issue #1254: Visual Studio 2005 plugin not working
  • Fixed issue #1225: Visual Studio 2008 plugin not working
  • Fixed window position in multi monitor configuration
  • Fill title with the most recent commit message
  • New dialog for checkout branch
  • Remote repositories dialog layout changes
  • Added option to not use the commit dialog to specify the commit message
  • Added option to change application font
  • Updated msysgit to a more stable build of version 1.7.11
  • German translation updated

Version 2.40 (19 August 2012)

  • fixed issue #79: Don't offer to commit when resolving a stash conflict
  • Fixed issue #875: Show untracked files in stash
  • Fixed issue #980: spell check only covers first 5 visible lines in commit dialog
  • Fixed issue #988: status bar for commit message
  • Fixed issue #1018: Git Extensions sets core.editor to its own program without asking the user
  • Fixed issue #1038: Add multiple selected files to gitignore
  • Fixed issue #1042: Added option for force add submodule
  • Fixed issue #1053: Exception when processing patch
  • Fixed issue #1054: Backslash in URL caused invalid config file
  • Fixed issue #1076: Added warning before dropping stash
  • Fixed issue #1082: Always show commit button
  • Fixed issue #1089: Fixed "n seconds ago" in revision grid
  • Fixed issue #1092: Launching an external difftool (KDiff, or DiffMerge etc) leaves more and more processes (git, less and perl) open
  • Fixed issue #1113: Show friendly error when deleting current branch
  • Fixed issue #1113: Show friendly error when deleting unmerged branch without selecting force option
  • Fixed issue #1114: Hide remode HEAD
  • Fixed issue #1116: In some cases file differences are shown incorrect
  • Fixed issue #1128: Removed buttons from Visual Studion Xml Editor toolbar
  • Fixed syntax highlighting when + or - is in text
  • Added line and column position to commit window
  • Implement Mergetool/Difftool command suggestions for p4merge (Merge only) and BeyondCompare3 (Merge and Diff)
  • Allow to specify custom local branch name during remote branch checkout
  • Added extra highlighting for file differences in blocks
  • Go to parent revision context menu item in revision grid added
  • Cherry pick all selected revisions
  • Gource plugin now support users avatars
  • Plugin GitImpact can now display information including submodules
  • Commit per user statistic now include information for submodules
  • Added plugin for Gerrit code review
  • Fixed solve merge conflicts on Linux when using kdiff3
  • Russian translation updated
  • Updated msysgit to version 1.7.11

Version 2.33 (6 June 2012)

  • Fixed issue 843: toolbar is disabled when in a wxs file
  • Fixed issue 922: error during merge conflict resolve
  • Fixed issue 951: install Git Extensions into 'All Progams' instead of 'All Programs\Git Extensions'
  • Fixed issue 954: improve RSS feed deletion
  • Fixed issue 955: GitHub plugin fixed for GitHub api 3
  • Fixed issue 965: integrated text editor usability improvements
  • Fixed issue 995: support github-windows and git URL link protocol
  • Fixed issue 1000: added option to sign-off commits
  • Added French translation
  • Seprate commit button status icon if dirty only submodules
  • Many bugfixes and minor changes

Version 2.32 (20 May 2012)

  • Fixed issue 85: http authentication support
  • Fixed issue 357: commit Author name not using the correct encoding
  • Fixed issue 570: Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Select all menu items in the Commit message field
  • Fixed issue 605: submodule improvements
  • Fixed issue 772: push tag on creation
  • Fixed issue 773: file history dialog fails on large directory
  • Fixed issue 825: add Lua & Perl sources support to statistics plugin
  • Fixed issue 839: splash screen doesn't refresh
  • Fixed issue 851: crash in AutoCheckForUpdates fixed
  • Fixed issue 868: github username/apitoken invalid or network down
  • Fixed issue 876: enable option "show current changes in toolbar" by default
  • Fixed issue 876: enable option "show current branch in Visual Studio" by default
  • Fixed issue 898: Github plugin disabled because it doesn't work with new GitHub API v3
  • Fixed issue 906: fixed exception in blame dialog
  • Fixed issue 915: checkout branch dialog added if no branch selected at starting commit dialog
  • Fixed issue 925: apply patch should recognise unified format
  • Fixed issue: select all files in commit dialog performance fix
  • Fixed issue: merge conflict dialog crashwhen "Diff-Scripts" folder not exist
  • Updated msysgit to version 1.7.10
  • Added option "Open last working dir on startup"
  • Added search dialog for diff files
  • Added question to save changes after editing gitignore/gitmailmap/gitattributes
  • Added syntax highlighting for javascript
  • Added scrolling without focus
  • Added "find/remove large files" plugin
  • Added option to copy commit hash
  • Added option to add reference when cherry pick a commit
  • Improved commit templates
  • Visual Studio 11 support added
  • Ctrl-g as default hotkey for GoToLine
  • Modified behavior of ToolStrips and MenuStrips to allow click-through behavior, eliminating the need for a double-click if window isn't focused.
  • Disable menu items which actions require a repository if no repository is selected.
  • Improved "missing SSH key" flow
  • New "reset changes" dialog
  • Stash untracked files is only supported in msysgit >= 1.7.7
  • Fixed diff between "copied from file" vs "copied to file"
  • Many bugfixes and minor changes

Version 2.31 (18 March 2012)

  • Fixed issue 745: test connection does not work with non-uri
  • Fixed issue 829: Browse submodules menu item does not work
  • Fixed issue 831: Remote Repositories dialog does not show Url
  • Fixed issue 840: Positions of splitters of main screen aren't persisted
  • Fix for "Index out of range exception" when no recent repositories are present.

Version 2.29 (10 March 2012)

  • Fixed issue 276: Make splitter visible on Dashboard
  • Fixed issue 745: Test connection does not work with non-uri
  • Fixed issue 756: Push dialog advanced options are cut off
  • Fixed issue 651: Diff view does not clear out the file pane when switching to a commit that has no changes
  • Fixed issue 727: Fix ours/theirs menu labels in the Resolve merge conflicts dialog
  • Fixed issue 767: An exception is thrown in the revision graph
  • Fixed issue 780: Relative author/commit date in the commit history graph is incorrect
  • Fixed issue 783: 'View diff' Windows context menu item executes the item directly above 'Git Extensions'
  • Fixed issue 791: Korean letters are not breaking in Translate dialog anymore
  • Fixed issue 796: Remember 'No fast forward' turned on when merge
  • Fixed issue 812: Fix occurrence of exception in FileTree when .gitattributes is not valid
  • Fixed issue 816: Invalid path chars in FormBrowse.UpdateJumplist
  • Fixed issue: GitExtensions crashes when detected wrong git version
  • Fixed issue: shell extensions are duplicated in 64bit environment
  • Fixed issue: an exception is thrown after moving the install folder (portable edition)
  • Added support for some svn commands
  • Added option to change Encoding in diff view
  • Added “View commit” context menu item to “File History” dialog
  • Added warning of not committed changes before checkout
  • Added option to stash untracked files
  • Russian translation updated
  • Traditional Chinese translation updated
  • Spanish translation updated
  • Dutch translation updated
  • German translation updated
  • Many bugfixes and minor changes

Version 2.28 (11 December 2011)

  • Fixed issue 738: RevisionGrid error when option "Show current working dir changes" is enabled
  • Fixed issue: all tabs are trimmed in blame control

Version 2.27 (7 December 2011)

  • Fixed issue 124: Submodules form now can remove submodule
  • Fixed issue 127: Preview disabled for files larger than 5Mb, but available by link
  • Fixed issue 138: Avoid auto stash when there is nothing to stash
  • Fixed issue 139: Disable image paste in EditNetSpell
  • Fixed issue 460: TortoiseMerge added to diff tools
  • Fixed issue 566: QuickPull with Shift
  • Fixed issue 581: improved revision graph loading performance. Replaced O(n) with O(1).
  • Fixed issue 614: Filter for tags
  • Fixed issue 627: The start page does not refresh upon changing the start pages settings fixed
  • Fixed issue 631: Adding a new item to the start page settings auto-select that item
  • Fixed issue 667: Push command support recursive submodules check
  • Fixed issue 668: Git directory for submodules fixed with Git 1.7.7
  • Fixed issue 718: Exception while filtering revision grid.
  • Fixed issue 736: "Downloads" link fixed on project home page
  • Fixed issue 735: ArgumentOutOfRangeException in "Format patch" dialog for first commit
  • Fixed clone repository to bare repository
  • Fixed open terminal emulator in Mono/Linux
  • Fixed KdiffPath for diff and merge tool in Mono/Linux
  • Fixed autostash with submodules
  • Fixed 2 way merge for TortoiseMerge
  • Updated msysgit to version 1.7.8
  • Added support for staging/unstaging files with non-ASCI characters
  • Added "Open containing folder" entry to the context menu of difference files
  • Added "Rename branch" to context menu in revision grid
  • Added Notepad++ to supported editors list
  • Added clone button for uninitialized folders
  • Added special context menu for submodules in the commit dialog
  • Added blame window tooltip on authors
  • Added email links to commit header
  • Added hotkeys to translation form (Alt-Up, Alt-Down and Control-Down)
  • Added option "Full history" to context menu in file history
  • Added "Manipulate commit" context menu to file history
  • Added support for merge multiple branches
  • Added support for delete multiple branches
  • Added support for drag & drop folders and urls onto dashboard
  • Dashboard Editor displaying buttons fixed on monitor with big DPI
  • Pull form now correctly updated after calling "Manage Repositories"
  • When pushing a new branch and there is only one remote, this remote will be selected
  • Diff warnings removing fixed
  • Russian translation updated
  • Spanish translation updated
  • Dutch translation updated
  • German translation updated
  • Many bugfixes and minor changes

Version 2.26 (29 October 2011)

  • Fixed issue 629: Support of separate Fetch/Pull Urls for remotes
  • Fixed issue 685: Unable to set location of global git config file in Environment tab
  • Fixed revert commit dialog
  • Added selection filter for unstaged files in commit dialog (ctrl+f)
  • When trying to pull-rebase a merge commit a warning is given
  • Updated msysgit to version
  • Traditional Chinese translation updated
  • German transation updated
  • Many bugfixes and minor changes

Version 2.25 (16 October 2011)

  • Fixed issue 283: Splitter position on dashboard is not remembered
  • Fixed issue 543: Show current branch in main screen
  • Fixed issue 533: UI/translation bugs on lost commits recover form
  • Fixed issue 587: do not try to commit empty changeset
  • Fixes issue 616: Suggested command for TortoiseMerge is incorrect
  • Fixed issue 628: the start page settings page has improper alignment
  • Fixed issue 632: RSS Feeds on the Start Page scroll unnecessarily
  • Fixed issue 652: Opening a new repository does not reset the current commit view
  • Fixed issue 656: Error viewing Blame Tab on binary file
  • Fixed issue 661: "Refresh on form focus" option in the Commit dialog does not display its setting.
  • Fixed issue: 'clone/fork GitHub repo' throws an exception if no GitHub credentials are known
  • Fixed issue: remove '.git' from targer directory if the original repository ends with '.git'
  • Fixed issue: in some cases warnings are shown in the commit dialog instead of the staged files
  • Fixed issue: the merge dialog does not close after all merge conflicts are solved
  • Updated msysgit to version 1.7.7
  • Updated command for Beyond Compare's 3-way merge
  • Updated Dutch translation
  • Updated Italian translation
  • Exclude remote tracking branch from the "merge with" and "rebase on" menu items
  • Highlight remote tracking branch in the browse dialog
  • When searching in the diff view, all files are searched
  • Added option to GitHub plugin to clear account info
  • Added a new variable '{UserInput}' which can be used in scripts to ask user for input
  • Added "Add filepattern to .gitignore" dialog
  • Added support for global configuration commit.template
  • Added more hotkeys
  • Added menu in revision grid to manipulate commit (revert, cherry pick, squash, fixup)
  • Added new gravatar fallback option Retro and None
  • Added German translation
  • Many bugfixes and minor changes

Version 2.24 (25 July 2011)

  • Fixed revision filter

Version 2.23 (23 July 2011)

  • Fixed issue 452: "Show repository status" always updates status every second
  • Fixed issue 455: Cannot initialize repository in Visual Studio solution root
  • Fixed issue 464: Added option to add custom script to toolbar in browse dialog
  • Fixed issue 465: "Create branch" dialog closes immediately after opening by enter key
  • Fixed issue 471: Implement option to use "Patience diff" algorithm
  • Fixed issue 479: Added the 'keep index' option to the 'ApplyStash' form
  • Fixed issue 500: number of changed files is shown wrong on the browse form toolbar
  • Fixed issue 505: Visual Studio toolbar does not show current branch name
  • Fixed issue 512: Error when opening "Translate" dialog
  • Fixed short name creation for repositories located in root directories
  • Hotkeys can be assigned to custom scripts
  • Difference view font can be changed
  • Revision log style updated
  • The current branch is highlighted in commit log
  • The current branch is shown in caption
  • Added support for Windows 7 "Recent" Jumplist to quickly open repositories
  • Added 'ignore-whitespace' option when applying patches
  • Added option to save stash with custom message
  • Added setting to choose "Truncate long filenames" method
  • Save setting for 'ignore whitespace' checkbox on 'ApplyPatch' form
  • Optimized "Recover lost objects" dialogs
  • Clear FileViewer when only unstaged file is reverted
  • Updated msysgit to version 1.7.6
  • New application logo
  • Many bugfixes and minor changes

Version 2.22 (16 May 2011)

  • Fixed issue 142: Changed main window title to repository name instead of path
  • Fixed issue 375: Save on Commit in Visual Studio
  • Fixed issue 436: Cannot order branches by date in "Delete obsolete branches" plugin
  • Fixed issue 439: .gitconfig file is created in Program Files instead of Home path
  • Fixed problem with line endings warning in commit dialog
  • Fixed wrong text on stash refresh button tooltip
  • Application can be installed for all users
  • Added drag file from filetree in browse dialog
  • Added Traditional Chinese translation
  • Added plugin to create local tracking branches for all remote branches

Version 2.21 (16 April 2011)

  • Fixed issue 423: "GitExtensions has stopped working" at startup

Version 2.20 (14 April 2011)

  • Fixed issue 406: keyboard language changes in commit dialog
  • Fixed issue 415: Diffs in Stash view are reversed
  • Fixed issue 417: popup complains about missing .gitconfig on Linux
  • Fixed browse dialog size issues on Linux
  • Fixed issue when deleting remote branches
  • Fixed translations on Linux
  • Fixed SaveAs problems
  • Added hotkeys for ShowAllBranches and ShowCurrentBranchOnly
  • Added more commandline options
  • Show current branch in Visual Studio toolbar (default off)
  • Scripts can be executed before and after actions* *

Version 2.17 (15 March 2011)

  • Fixed exception thrown while loading Visual Studio plugin
  • Fixed refresh issues

Version 2.16 (13 March 2011)

  • Fixed refresh issues

Version 2.15 (10 March 2011)

  • Fixed issue 399: blame is showing source code double space
  • Fixed issue 400: commit summary with polish letters in author names shown incorrect
  • Fixed "show ignored files" in commit dialog
  • Fixed context menu on web project in Visual Studio
  • Fixed view pull request in GitHub plugin
  • Fixed "Open with difftool" when comparing two or more commits
  • Fixed problem with polish "n" letter and sudden font change
  • Added "Follow file history" to file history context menu
  • Added hotkeys for FileViewer and FormResolveConflicts
  • Added advanced option to merge dialog
  • Added "Go to commit"
  • Installer checks for .Net 3.5
  • Updated stash view
  • Updated kdiff3 to version 0.9.95-2
  • Various bugfixes and minor changes

Version 2.14 (5 March 2011)

  • Fixed crash when viewing binary file in blame
  • Fixed settings dialog on Linux host
  • Fixed commit dialog on Linux host
  • Added option to edit git notes
  • Added settings page to configure hotkeys
  • Removed shell extensions check when it is not installed

Version 2.13 (3 March 2011)

  • Fixed issue 391: application crashes when repository favourites contains empty item
  • Double click on line in blame jumps to commit instead of opening commit

Version 2.12 (2 March 2011)

  • Fixed issue 368: Browse button does not open dialog in HOME dialog
  • Fixed issue 373: Archive command is not working
  • Fixed issue 376: Added "Save As" button to file history
  • Fixed issue 379: Find Window Sticks in Windows XP Taskbar
  • Fixed issue 381: autostash is not needed when fetching without merge or rebase
  • Fixed "Open With" and "Open" on binairy files
  • Added "dirty index" icon to formbrowse
  • Added hotkey support to CommitForm for keyboard navigation (Ctrl+1 t/m Ctrl+5)
  • Added impact graph plugin
  • Added Simplified Chinese translation
  • Added support for renamed and copied files
  • Added support for git notes
  • Various bugfixes and minor changes

Version 2.11 (28 January 2011)

  • Fixed crash when refreshing repository grid

Version 2.10 (27 January 2011)

  • Fixed issue 78: refresh commit dialog on focus (optional)
  • Fixed "Recover lost objects"
  • Fixed layout issues in gource plugin dialog
  • Fix FileTree behaviour when right-clicked on empty space below last node
  • Spanish translation updated
  • Layout commit dialog optimized
  • Patch files can now be dropped from file explorer onto the revision grid
  • Added option to enter a different author for a commit to the commit dialog options
  • Added syntax for Pascal, Python and Ruby files to Statistics plugin
  • Added Github integration
  • Added "Reset selected line(s)" to context menu in commit dialog
  • Added option "Draw non relatives text grey" to render commit message grey when commit is not a relative
  • Added autocomplete to various dropdown boxes
  • Added icons to most messageboxes
  • Added "pull all" button to pull dialog

Version 2.09 (30 December 2010)

  • Fixed issue 92: added AcceptButton on Push dialog and fixed tab order in push and pull dialog.
  • Fixed issue 289: added support for MonsterId, Identicon and Wavatar when user has no Gravatar
  • Fixed issue 304: cannot load commit log
  • Fixed issue 305: binary files are not saved properly when using "save as..."
  • Fixed issue 318: when pushing new branch, track it automaticall
  • Fixed bug: commands Clone and Initialize in Visual Studio plugin are not always enabled
  • Fixed "automatically configure the default push..." feature when adding remote
  • Fixed a pretty significant slowdown caused by the toolbar status when browsing large repositories
  • Fixed the following keys in quicksearch: '#', '_'
  • Fixed error page in browse dialog when git is not configured properly
  • Added "stage selected lines" option to commit dialog
  • Added Italian translation
  • Added Russian translation
  • Added Russian spelling dictionary
  • Added dialog to choose language at startup when no language is set
  • Added resolved directories to FormFixHome to make it easier to choose the correct option
  • Added support for merging office documents (doc, docx, odt, ods, sxw)
  • Added "Diff contains" filter to search for commits containing text
  • Added support for Beyond Compare 3
  • Added combobox to branch in browse dialog to allow quick switching between local branches
  • Added shortcuts 's' and 'u' to stage/unstage files in commit dialog
  • Added images to file tree
  • Added Ctrl + Enter shortcut to commit quickly
  • Added "Reset file changes" to the explorer context menu
  • The statistics plugin does its calculates in background thread
  • Doubleclick on file in commit dialog (un)stages the file
  • Improved merge conflict handling
  • Various bugfixes and minor changes

Version 2.08 (25 November 2010)

  • Fixed bug: installing MSysGit or KDiff3 using complete settup doesn't work when UAC is enabled
  • Fixed bug: slashes in tag name not supported
  • Fixed bug: filtering does not work with characters outside ASCII range
  • Fixed bug: bash does not work using Linux or cygwin
  • Fixed bug: "gitk" and "git gui" does not work on linux
  • Fixed bug: file history does not work when started from file tree in browse dialog
  • Added shortcut key F3 to open diff tool op file
  • Added stash count to toolbar (is turned off by default)

Version 2.07 (15 November 2010)

  • Fixed issue 263: spanish translation added
  • Fixed issue 262: application crashes on system where only .Net 4.0 is installed
  • Fixed issue 255, 257, 261, 266: application crashes in Windows 7
  • Fixed bug: Git Gui & GitK not started in working dir
  • Fixed bug: Application sometimes closes for no reason
  • Fixed bug: GitExtensions now uses .gitattributes to determine if a file is binary
  • Added bisect function

Version 2.06 (10 November 2010)

  • Fixed issue 218: GitCommandLog now in LIFO order
  • Fixed issue 235, 242 and 248: GitExtensions hangs when loading putty key into pageant
  • Fixed bug: comboboxes affected each other in clone dialog
  • Fixed bug: sporadic crashes during checkout process when status is visible in toolbar
  • Fixed bug: virtual commits showing uncommitted and staged changes are only visible when needed
  • Added checkbox to allow interactive rebase
  • Added support for Windows 7 taskbar progress bar display
  • Added support for cherry pick merge commit
  • The "Format patch" dialog now remembers the last (valid) directory
  • Startup speed improved

Version 2.05 (30 October 2010)

  • Fixed issue 194: Remote branches combo contained tags also
  • Fixed bug: fixed pre-selecting tracking branch in push dialog
  • Fixed bug: pull form no longer shows default remote branch to pull, this caused unwanted behaviour
  • Fixed bug: file history doesn't work in some cases when casing on disk is different then in git
  • Fixed bug: selecting initial revision on RevisionGrid launched from FileStatusList
  • Fixed bug: characters '.', ',' and '-' do not work in quick filter
  • Fixed bug: pull using rebase didn't work properly when no remote branch is selected
  • Japanese translation improved
  • Improved filter
  • Added current working dir changes and commit index to revision grid, default disabled
  • Added "Push & Commit" button to commit dialog
  • Added branch filter to browse dialog
  • Added "save as" button to diff view in browse dialog
  • Added statusbar for warnings
  • Added option to also show remote branches that contain the selected commit in the commitinfo

Version 2.04 (30 September 2010)

  • Fixed issue 173: Unhandled exception when selecting files in Commit dialog - Working dir changes
  • Fixed bug: spellings checker allows using Japanese
  • Added possibility to pull non-default remote branch into current branch
  • Added contributors to about box
  • Added option to choose merge strategy for merge
  • Improved startup speed
  • Non-relative branches are drawn gray
  • Pull dialog shows default remote branch if one is configured for local branch
  • Removed ctr-c key from commit info control to allow copy part of commit info
  • GitExtensions now can be used in Linux using Mono

Version 2.03 (18 September 2010)

  • Fixed bug: exception when deleting repository form dashboad using dashboardeditor
  • Fixed bug: Settings for autocrlf are now the same as in the msysgit installer
  • Fixed bug: revision header in commitinfo was not cleard between changing selection
  • Fixed bug: branches with '/' are not handled correct
  • Fixed bug: merge conflict dialog doesn't support spaces in filename
  • Added option "showErrorsWhenStagingFiles" to hide wasernings when staging files
  • Added basic file editor to replace vi
  • Updated git to Git-
  • Improved performance for rendering graph
  • Added "Delete obsolete branches" plugin
  • Improved cygwin support

Version 2.02 (1 September 2010)

  • Fixed issue 149: the system just hangs during a fetch
  • Fixed bug: changing encoding in settings is not saved properly
  • Fixed bug: no branches found in remotes dialog
  • Fixed bug: application shows exception and fails to close when application settings file is corrupt
  • Fixed bug: "No commits" screen in revision grid not shown
  • Fixed bug: "download gource" not working in gource plugin
  • Fixed bug: encoding not handled correctly in commit message and filenames
  • Fixed bug: blame doesn't refresh properly
  • Added "Copy filename to clipboard" to context menu's in browse dialog
  • Last commit message is stored in settings so it can be used in multiple repositories

Version 2.01 (26 August 2010)

  • Fixed issue 144: encoding in 'Diff' view ignores settings
  • Fixed issue 143: hitting refresh in browse dialog causes application to freeze
  • Fixed bug where multiple value entries in a config file section were being stripped from config file

Version 2.00 (22 August 2010)

  • Fixed bug: refreshing and loading gravatars caused GitExtensions to crash
  • Fixed bug: settings check not shown properly when a problem was found

Version 1.99

  • Fixed issue 81: when staging a file, all partially staged files are removed from unstaged list
  • Fixed issue 107: alt+f4 not working when revisiongrid has focus
  • Fixed issue 111: Annotated Tags Appear Twice in Push Dialog
  • Fixed issue 113: Statistics: "Lines of Code per type" and "Lines of test code" fail in empty or non code repo
  • Fixed issue 114: Adding filter which results in no commits shows "empty repository" UI
  • Fixed issue 119: show files in FileHistory also prior to rename
  • Fixed issue 120: choose branch when adding new submodule doesn't work
  • Fixed issue 121: Local branch and remote tracking branch reverse order on selection
  • Fixed issue 122: Visual Studio 2010 solution file
  • Fixed issue 123: Translation String is missing in Delete branch conformation dialog
  • Fixed issue 126: Added editor for .gitattributes
  • Fixed issue 129: loading submodules submenu is very slow
  • Fixed issue 131: Add a blame funtion (commandline: GitExtensions blame [filename])
  • Fixed issue 135: settings not saved when closing application
  • Gravatars are not longer stored in the IsolatedStorage, but use the ApplicationData path
  • Default windows font is used instead of Segoe UI
  • Add search file function to file tree in browse dialog (ctrl+f)

Version 1.98

  • Fixed issue 105: Allow to open "gitex browse" with a given filter.
  • Fixed issue 106: Show all branches which "contain" a given commit in their history.
  • Fixed issue 107: Alt+f4 and other function keys not working when rvision graph has focus.
  • Fixed issue 108: Apply patch files from directory not working.
  • Fixed bug: Git Extensions crashes when opening certain repositories (e.g. linux kernel)
  • After opening the FileHistory window the selected revision will be displayed.
  • Only administrators can install Git Extensions.

Version 1.97

  • Fixed bug: Empty local config file is saved to c:\ when not in a repository

Version 1.96

  • Fixed issue 95: The colored application icons are broken.
  • Fixed issue 96: System.Exception: Invalid section name: submodule
  • Fixed issue 100: Adding a remote and providing a private key file will cause the .git/config file to be corrupted.
  • Fixed issue 101: Searching for an Author name in Filter field makes Git Extensions crash
  • Fixed issue 103: Added check when initializing repository on a file
  • Fixed bug: Progress dialog could cause application to crash
  • Added branch filter to advanced filter dialog
  • Tweaked the graph to try to keep lanes that get merged together close to each other so there aren't as many lane crossings

Version 1.95

  • Fixed bug: difftool only worked in git > 1.7.0
  • Fixed bug: dashboard caused application to crash
  • Fixed bug: refreshing gravatar that was already deleted caused an exception
  • Fixed bug: when clicking "dictionary" submenu in spelling checker context menu the current word was replaced
  • Fixed bug: ctrl-a in FileStatusListBox not working
  • Fixed bug: starting "gitextensions init" from the commandline without path causes an exception
  • Fixed bug: AccessDeniedException thrown when saving hidden .gitignore or .mailmap file
  • Fixed bug: Removed empty root node from tree in file tree
  • Fixed bug: If HOMEDRIVE is defined, launching Git Bash would result in a different home directory than GitExtensions
  • Fixed bug: Squares where shown instead of Russian chars
  • Fixed bug: Revision graph is drawn incorrect in some cases
  • Fixed bug: When merging files the autocrlf settings are obeyed
  • Fixed bug: Run the GUI difftool locked the application until closing the tool
  • Added Japanese translation
  • Added Dutch translation
  • Added functionality for creating and editing translations
  • Added link to report issues to dashboard
  • Added option to mark ill formed commit messages
  • Added the ability to move to the prev/next quickseach string by hitting alt+arrowup/alt+arrowdown
  • Added plugin to start gource repository visualizer
  • Added toolbar to diff viewer to jump to next change
  • Added option to show nonprinting characters in file viewer
  • Added file explorer option to the file menu
  • Added from and to branch to push dialog
  • Added option to create annotated tag
  • Added splash screen
  • Added warning when about to push a branch that doesn't exist on a remote yet
  • Added difftool option to FileHistory
  • There is a new revision graph (thanks to Nick Mayer)
  • Quicksearch now also searches in branches
  • All windows positions are now saved
  • Settings dialog performance improved
  • The scoll position in file viewer is saved when switching revision.
  • Author image size can be set in context menu of gravatar control
  • The diff viewer now shows the old sha1 and new sha1 when viewing a submodule diff
  • The default web proxy is used to connect to internet
  • Replaced checkbox on merge branch dialog for more user friendly radio buttons

Version 1.93

  • Fixed bug: wrong icon drawn in commit dialog for deleted files
  • Reset selected files in the commit dialog asks to delete new files.
  • Author images are only cached for 5 days now
  • Added start page
  • Added 'force' option to checkout revision and checkout branch
  • Added 'rebase' to context menu in revision grid
  • Added 'reset chunk of file' option to commit dialog
  • Added drop down menu to the 'open' button in the browse dialog
  • Added support for WinMerge as diff tool

Version 1.92

  • Fixed bug: the application hangs randomly
  • Fixed bug: quotes in local settings were not escaped properly
  • Fixed progress bar when pulling and fetching under git > 1.7.1
  • There is a new installer to address the following issues (thanks to Jacob Stanley)
  • * Updating existing installations
  • * Install both 32bits and 64bits shell extension on 64bit systems
  • Added icons to indicate if a files is added, modified or removed
  • Author images from added to commit info panel
  • User Manual updated
  • Added quicksearch on author and message in revision grid
  • Added commitinfo panel to blame view

Version 1.91

  • Fixed bug: tooltips drawn incorrect

Version 1.90

  • Fixed bug: images in .gif and .ico format could not be displayed.
  • Fixed bug: extra empty lines are shown in the blame view.
  • The application icon can be changed
  • Added extra diff highlighting for single line changes
  • Added asynchronous loading of files for diffs and general viewing to improve responsiveness
  • Added "Show relative date" option to context menu of revision grid
  • Copy from diff viewer copies code without '+', '-' or ' ' markings
  • Added "Open with difftool" option to diff view in browse dialog
  • Added tooltip to show long filenames in commit dialog
  • Added tooltip to show long filenames in diff view of browse

Version 1.89

  • Fixed bug: Changes of an unstaged file are not shown when the file path contains spaces
  • Fixed bug: Filehistory not working when opened from Visual Studio because filename is too long
  • Fixed bug: Copy selected text from file viewer now copies the complete selected text
  • Fixed bug: A slash is added at the end of all url's in the history, breaking some urls
  • The author date and commit date are both shown when they differ
  • The author and committer are both shown when they differ
  • Added option to show author date in revision graph instead of commit date
  • Added "No fast-forward" option to merge dialog
  • Added "Open With Difftool" to context menu in commit dialog
  • Added drag file support to unstaged items in commit dialog

Version 1.88

  • Fixed a bug stopping the commit dialog from refreshing after a commit
  • Removed the tooltip delay on recent repository list
  • Fixed settings when using git.exe

Version 1.87

  • Small fixes in layout commit dialog
  • Only close commit dialog when no modified files are left
  • Added 'Open' and 'Open With' to context menu of commit dialog

Version 1.86

  • Changed the layout of the commit dialog
  • Added support for Cygwin
  • Added cleanup function

Version 1.85

  • Added context menu options to manipulate Diff viewer.
  • Fixed alt-c as shortcut to commit.
  • Added cherry pick commit to context menu of revision grid
  • Added 'treat file as text' option to diff viewer

Version 1.84

  • Added support for Visual Studio 2010 (beta)
  • Fixed 'Add to .gitignore' function in commit dialog.

Version 1.83

  • Added "Merge with branch" context menu item to the revision grid
  • Added Ctrl+M as a shortcut key for Merge
  • Added Ctrl+. as a shortcut key for Checkout Branch

Version 1.82

  • Added 'Add to .gitignore' button in context menu in commit dialog
  • When no commit message is entered and 'Amend to last commit' is pressed, the last commit message will be entered as commit message.
  • A menu is added to the 'Commit message' label.
  • Menu's under labels in the commit dialog are indicated by a icon
  • 'Show ignored files' option added to the 'Working dir changes' menu in the commit dialog

Version 1.81

  • Fixed bug in file history
  • Scroll position in blame view will be saved when selecting other revision
  • Follow renames in file history is now optional.

Version 1.80

  • File history follows file renames
  • Added paragraph about ssh to User Manual
  • Added force option to add files dialog

Version 1.79

  • Added push force support for branch pushing
  • Added push force support for tag pushing
  • Added appearance tab to settings dialog.
  • Added alt-c, alt-a and alt-r as keys for commit, amend and rescan.
  • Added checkbox "close dialog after commit" on commit dialog
  • Removed Load button from view patch dialog. Patch is now loaded when file is selected.
  • Added context menu to merge conflict dialog
  • Added "Abort" button to merge conflict dialog
  • Most dialogs changed to support larger DPI settings.
  • Delete commit message after succesful commit.
  • Added waitcursor to FormResolveConflicts.
  • Set width to submodules submenu and recent repositories submenu.
  • Added F3 and Shift+F3 to code dialog.
  • Bug fixed that the branch drop down box in the pull dialog was empty.

Version 1.78

  • Fixed bug causing the commitmessage to contain encoding marker bytes
  • Fixed bug preventing the bash to show
  • Recent repository list is updated when opening submodule or loading from Visual Studio
  • File history fixed for deleted files

Version 1.77

  • Fixed bug in version 1.76 that file history was broken when started from Visual Studio
  • Commit message now supports multiline (first line is the summary)
  • Revision grid resizes graph column automatically.
  • Settings and are only saved when changed. This to work around a bug that utf8 chars are only allowed when editing the .config file manually.
  • Recent repository list handles doubles better.

Version 1.76

  • Fixed ut8 national chars con### Version
  • Added setting to ignore directories from statistics
  • Added syntax and find to blame view
  • Toolbar in Visual Studio learned to remember the last position

Version 1.74

  • Diff syntax highlighting improved
  • Various small bug fixes
  • Added statistics plugin

Version 1.73

  • All dialogs can be closed with the ESC key
  • Modal dialogs are not resizable anymore
  • Added context menu on revision file tree (Save As, Open, Open With)
  • When selection a revision, the file tree remembers the last selected file
  • Fixed crash when starting from command line with invalid path
  • Added tooltips to startpage
  • "Auto compile submodules" plugin can be started from menu even when disabled

Version 1.72

  • Fixed bug in "Auto compile submodules" plugin
  • Added progress dialgo to "Check for updates" plugin

Version 1.71

  • Added support for plugin
  • Added "Check for updates" plugin
  • Added "Auto compile submodules" plugin
  • Improved start page
  • Added Close to file menu
  • Packed with Git-1.6.4
  • Packed with KDiff3 0.9.95

Version 1.70

  • Added support for mergeconflict on submodules
  • Local AutoCRLF now has three options: true, false, input
  • Main windows opens on last position
  • Added shortcuts and default buttons

Version 1.69

  • Fixed updating submodules recursive when having multiple submodules

Version 1.68

  • Improved 'Recover lost objects' dialog. Now all lost objects can be found and finding a specific commit should be much easier now.
  • Use Environment.NewLine instead of "\n".
  • Fixed a bug in default .gitignore file, it would show the [Db]ebug directory. It should be [Dd]ebug directory ofcourse.
  • Added Resharper directories to .gitignore file.
  • Added recursive submode commands. When cloning a submodule containing nested submodules, all nested submodules can be initialized. There are also recursive initialize, update and synchronize commands added to the submodule menu.
  • Added checkout branch to the revision graph context menu.
  • When adding a remote repository the remote branches can be configured automatically.

Version 1.67

  • Fixed exception when AutoCRLF is left empty
  • Clicking 'Rescan changes' twice no longer results in
  • Mergeconflict dialog closes when there are no mergeconflicts left
  • Pull dialog closes after successful pull
  • Delete branch from revision grid now uses the correct dialog
  • Fixed spelling mistake in warning dialog for 'Amend to last commit'
  • Packed with Git-

Version 1.66

  • Fixed exception when AutoCRLF is left empty

Version 1.65

  • Option added to order revision by date or by branch
  • Patches can be mailed from the format-patch dialog
  • Global AutoCRLF now has three options: true, false, input
  • Bug solved: When an item is staged when opening the commit dialog, unstaging it always marked it as untracked

Version 1.64

  • Commits are now ordered by date
  • Fixed bug in commit dialog

Version 1.63

  • Added file filter to revision graph filter
  • Shortened title of browse window
  • Added checkout revision context menu in the Browse list
  • Added a Recent Repositories submenu in the File menu
  • Added commit hash to commit info dialogs
  • Close solve mergeconflicts dialog automatically after all conflicts are solved
  • Commit message is now remembered when commit dialog is closed without making the commit
  • Packed with Git-1.6.3

Version 1.62

  • Fixed exception when right click on gridheaders in revision log
  • Last selection and scroll position in revision log are remembered
  • Added "Delete brach" function to context menu revision log
  • Packed with Git-

Version 1.61

  • Fixed bug that mergeconflicts of files listed in .gitignore are hidden

Version 1.60

  • Fixed bug in Manage remotes dialog

Version 1.59

  • Remote branches can be checked out and tracked from the checkout branch dialog
  • Manage remote branch dialog improved

Version 1.58

  • Added support for Araxis merge and DiffMerge

Version 1.57

  • Spelling checker performance improved
  • Red wiggly lines added to mark incorrect spelled words
  • Added search dialog to most file viewers
  • Added delete tag function to context menu revision grid
  • Added add tag function to recover lost objects dialog
  • Added enter support to the small create tag and create branch dialogs
  • Fixed file history view on deleted or moved files
  • Packed with Git-1.6.1 to avoid a bug in Git-1.6.2
  • When installing 64bit version, both 32bit and 64bit shell extensions will be registered
  • Application settings are saved when closing settings dialog instead of when application exits
  • Revert commit handles merge conflicts better
  • Diff in browse dialog now shows the diff between revisions if 2 revisions are selected
  • Bug solved: files in diff viewer are not shown correctly when 2 revisions are selected
  • Format path dialog improved
  • Clone and Initialize dialogs start with directory filled in

Version 1.56

  • Settings are saved when dialog is closed not only on OK
  • Load PuTTY key dialog is closed after loading key
  • Mergeconflicts during apply stash after pull are shown
  • Revision log is now refreshed correctly after using stash from toolbar
  • Added spelling checker

Version 1.55

  • Fetching a branch that does not exists locally will create a new branch with the same name locally
  • Open repository after clone improved
  • Added 'quick' stash and stash pop
  • Some settings are solved silent
  • Packed with Git-1.6.2-preview20090308.exe

Version 1.54

  • Pull dialog will not be closed if pull failed

Version 1.53

  • Fixed open repository after clone

Version 1.52

  • Multiline commit messages can be viewed
  • Fixed bug preventing multiline message to be committed correctly
  • Added option to show relative date in commit log
  • Added recover lost objects function
  • Fixed small refresh bug in FileSystemWatcher
  • Performance FileSystemWatcher increased a little
  • Fixed enter key in filter
  • Basic filter now ignores case and searches in commit message and author
  • Added advanced filter in context menu commit log
  • Added autocrln option
  • Added option to push tags
  • Added submodule support
  • Many small bugfixes

Version 1.51

  • Staging/unstaging is much faster
  • Whitespaces are ignored in blame view
  • Settings dialog starts up faster
  • Added sorting
  • FileSystemWatcher is used to check if index is changed
  • Menu's are disabled when not in a repository

Version 1.50

  • Added double click on file in diff-tree in browse window
  • Process dialog is can now set to close automatically when process succeeds
  • Added waitcursors
  • Option added to show the Git commandline dialog during a process
  • Revision graph can be disabled in settings
  • Added doubleclick in commit dialog
  • Added stage/unstage all buttons to commit dialog ("Files to commit" is now a dropdown menu)
  • Most windows are now shown before initializing, to show users that GitExtensions is busy
  • Added push and pull to the toolbar in the browse dialog
  • Added picture viewer to commit dialog

Version 1.49

  • Fixed crash when loading some repositores (git://

Version 1.48

  • Added ChangeLog

Version 1.47

  • Commit count per user now counts all branches
  • Fixed bug that local settings could not be saved
  • Fixed bug that remote branches could not be saved

Version 1.45

  • No more taskbar terror!
  • Added "prune" button in remotes dialog
  • Browse window title includes working dir
  • Added diff view to browse window
  • Commit dialog improved (working dir changes is now a menu!!!)
  • Default .gitignore file added (for use in Visual Studio and/or resharper)
  • Fixed a bug letting GitExtensions hang when using OpenSSH
  • Fixed a bug that some mergeconflicts where ignored
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Version 1.44

  • Fixed some problems in new Visual Studio plugin

Version 1.42

  • Fixed VS2005 plugin

Version 1.41

  • Fixed a bug in Visual Studio plugin

Version 1.40

  • Better Visual Studio intergration.

Version 1.38

  • Most dialogs are closed after a task is finished with success
  • Clone dialog is easier to understand
  • Fixed a spelling mistake
  • Settings dialog will now have a normal size when started on gitextensions startup
  • Filter feature added

Version 1.37

  • Added diff highlighting (+/-) highlighting
  • Auto-fix settings refreshes automatically

Version 1.36

  • Improved performance of commit dialog a lot.
  • Minor changes

Version 1.35

  • Fixed bug causing multiple config entries
  • Improved solve mergeconflict features
  • Small changes to improve usuability

Version 1.30

  • Added support for custom mergetools
  • Fixed settings for git
  • Improved patch and rebase features
  • Removed a lot of annoying mergeconlict popups
  • 32 bit and 64bit support is now in same setup
  • Fixed (and probably created) some bugs
  • Some small 64bit Windows improvements (auto-settings, some paths)

Version 1.28

  • Added 64-bit support
  • Added installer that also installs git and kdiff3
  • Added commandline support (gitex.cmd), see gitex help for list of commands
  • Improved auto resolve settings
  • Added commit revert
  • Various small improvements

Version 1.27

  • Removed usage of git-clone.exe because it cause problems.

Version 1.26

  • Fixed shell extensions....

Version 1.25

  • PuTTY is working fine not (at least for me)
  • Setup is improved
  • Rebase improved
  • As long as you use PuTTY and not OpenSSH, all is fine.

Version 1.21

  • Fixed some small bugs that sneeked in version 1.20

Version 1.20

  • Added PuTTY support.
  • PuTTY can now be used instead of OpenSSH.
  • When using PuTTY the commandline windows that are needed for entering
  • OpenSSH passprase are not needed anymore.
  • PuTTY private keys can be configured per remote, so key is automatilly loaded.

Version 1.14

  • Improved rebase features a bit.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.13

  • I'm still focussing on the push and pull features, because I use this a lot myself.
  • Improved auto-settings-correct features
  • Added rebase features
  • Improved merge conflict handling a bit.

Version 1.12

  • Fixed lots of remote feature mistakes and added some missing features.
  • Push/pull/fetch should work as suppost to.
  • Added multiple stash support.
  • Did some testing, fixed minor bugs.
  • Know bug: delay loading commit graph is broken, I will fix this in the next release!

Version 1.11

  • Added remote repository functions push/pull/fetch improved delete improved some small changes and bug fixes

Version 1.09

  • Added Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008 plugin to the setup as options.
  • Added .mailmap edit
  • Minor changes No bugfixes

Version 1.08

  • Fixed drop down boxes in clone dialog
  • Added archive function
  • Fixed commit count
  • Fixed using " (quote) in commit message

Version 1.07

  • Path of git.cmd can be edited
  • Format path fixed
  • Auto-config: register files fixed

Version 1.06

  • Fixed file history diff, broke since using git.cmd

Version 1.05

  • Unstage files problems fixed Problems cause by replace git.exe for git.cmd fixed (I hope)
  • Added progress dialog for a few commands

Version 1.04

  • Using git.cmd instead of git.exe.

Version 1.03

  • Bugs in commit solved
  • Added support for empty repositories

Version 1.02

  • Added some usability changes
  • Added delete tag function
  • Added "reset branch" function

Version 1.01

  • Blame fucntion added to file history
  • Fixed working dir detection
  • Small performance improvements

Version 1.00

  • Bugs in delay loading fixed
  • Added amend to commit dialog
  • Added init dialog
  • Added init central/bare repository
  • Added support for bare repository
  • Minor performance increase
  • Several minor bugfixes
  • Fixed bug in mergetool.keepBackup setting, this should work now

Version 0.98

  • Performance and stability increased
  • Bug that not all files where staged properly fixed
  • Added commit count per user dialog
  • Memory usage optimized

Version 0.93

  • Performance of commit is increased (about 2x faster).
  • The installer is not needed anymore.
  • The program will check if it is installed correct and offers to fix the problems.
  • The installer is still recommended, because it adds icons and uninstaller.

Version 0.92

  • Fixed a bug in clone/push/pull.

  • For this version I also added a non-installer version. This is just a zip file that cointains the binairy files.

  • Please note that this is just the standalone application without shell extensions!

Version 0.91

  • Rewritten most of commit logic. This works better now.
  • Colors added on tag/branch/stach labels
  • I also added a directory history on open/push/pull/clone, just to increase useabillity

Version 0.9

  • Removed Visual Studio plugin
  • First stable release.
  • Please uninstall older versions carefully.

Version 0.71

  • There was a nasty bug in the shell extensions in the last release, this caused explorer to crash. This is fixed now.
  • Lots of cosmetic changes too.
  • Reinstalling since version 0.7 shouldn't be a pain anymore singe there is no .net registration.

Version 0.7

  • Rewritten shell extensions in c++, the program is a lot more stable now.
  • Fixed some small bugs, added lots of warnings and messages to prevent users from making mistakes.
  • Some small features added, nothing mayor since 0.6.

Version 0.6

  • Add files
  • Apply patch
  • Create branch
  • Checkout branch
  • Checkout revision
  • Cherry pick
  • Delete branch
  • Clone
  • Commit
  • Format patch
  • Init new repository
  • Pull
  • Run mergetool to solve merge conflicts
  • Push
  • Basic settings
  • Stash
  • View diff
  • View patch file

Version 0.5

  • Pull/Push/Patch improved
  • Better feedback when an error occurs
  • Shell extension also works on directories
  • Dialogs are modal now
  • VS2008 doesn't crash on errors anymore (which was very anoying!)

Version 0.4

  • Apply patch is now working
  • View patch is now ok

Version 0.31

  • Added icons in the setup

Version 0.30

  • Added install
  • Many bugfixes

Version 0.2

  • Added apply patch interactive
  • Added change basic git settings
  • Added syntax highlighting (using ICSharpCode)
  • Performance increased a bit
  • Many bugfixes

Version 0.1

  • Added shell extension
  • Added visual studio 2008 plugin
  • Added standalone UI