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Demystifying the big arguments teams have about Git repository setup and collaboration decisions.
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Demystifying Setup for Git Teams - Presentation Repository

Let's face it, everyone can punch some commands into Git and make things go splat. That's the easy part. Understanding why and when to apply various commands is the hard part of learning to be an effective Git team player. This session will briefly cover the four most important factors that will determine your project's success in working with Git:

  • Repository architecture -- files to include, and omit
  • Common branching patterns -- what they are, and how to choose one
  • Access control -- the best hosting platforms to meet your needs
  • Maintenance strategies -- how to keep your local repository up-to-date

This session is not a step-by-step command line tutorial. It is a high level overview of the decisions your team (including teams of one!) will need to make decisions on to be effective at using Git. Occasionally a command or two will be referenced, so those with some familiarity of version control will be best equipped to learn from this session.

About the Presenter

Emma Jane Hogbin Westby has been teaching version control for over a decade. Most recently she has focused her efforts on helping people over Git's very steep learning curve. Her latest book, Git for Teams, was published by O'Reilly in September 2015. It helps teams ask and answer difficult questions to be effective when using Git.

Alternate Titles

  • The Git Holy Wars Demystified
  • Git: The Missing Manual
  • Your Secret Decoder Ring for Git
  • Git Concepts You Didn't Learn in Your Intro Class
  • Git: Beyond the Basics
  • Git: It's Not Just About the Commands (or choose your own)

Viewing the Presentation



  • Ensure node.js and grunt are installed.
  • Install dependencies: npm install
  • Run the server: grunt serve
  • Open http://localhost:8000 to view the presentation

If style changes are made to the SCSS file, you will need to re-create the theme files.

  • Run: grunt css-themes


Content (slides text and diagrams, and CSS theme for the slides):

Slide software (reveal.js):

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