Unpacking script which wraps a set of different tools like tar, unrar and unzib
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Unpack is a wrapper for set of unpacking tools such as tar, unrar, unzip.

The main purpose of this script is to prevent user from agression of
enemy archives which doesn't contains nested subdirectory and so
throws many different items (files and/or directories) into current
directory while unpacking. Which may be pretty painful if archive was
unpacked in some ~/Downloads path which already contains many
different files - new ones can easily be lost amongst old ones.

In case if archive contains only one file or one directory, it will be
extracted directly into target (current by default) dir. Otherwise, a
folder named with the archive basename (without extension) would be
created in the target directory were all archive containings would be

Archive type is deduced from archive extension.

Supported archive types:
rar, zip, 7z, bz2, gz, xz, lzo, deb, rpm, tared archives (tar.gz,
tar.bz2, tgz, tar, etc...)


unpack [OPTION]... ARCHIVE

  -h, --help     show help
  -v             show all processing info during unpacking
  -q, --quiet    do not print result file or directory path
  -f, --force    force item overwrite in case such already exists. In case
                 of directories it will be fully deleted before unpacking a
                 new one
      --version  print script version


unpack test.tar.gz


Good idea will be set some alias for fast using of this script like

alias up='unpack'

in the ~/.bashrc which will make 'up' to silently unpack specified
archive and print unpacked file or directory where archive contents
were placed.

To unpack archive to needed path combination of unpack and cd commands
must be used like:

cd dir; unpack ../pack.tar.gz; cd $OLDPWD