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* load data on demand, not 'ls' (branches)
* can create new repos with 'mkdir'
* can create new files
* can delete files
* search / fork projects
* branch - create and switch to a branch
* diff
* add breadcrumbs somewheres - i'm getting lost
* make "edit github/master/file" work
* "cd /" goes back to the root
* create and switch to another branch
* poll current branch to see if it changes while editing
* if current branch changes - commit to another branch
* bookmarklet that opens github project in ghterm
* ipad keyboard (?)
* improve save and close button / exp
* more sidebar context and help
* list files with numbers ($ edit 2)
* cd into a file then ls/cat lists out the file content
* advanced log options
* themes for editor / syntax highlighting for files
* use cached trees when listing
* pjax for getting back to a place
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