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NOTE: This repository is no longer supported or updated by GitHub. If you wish to continue to develop this code yourself, we recommend you fork it.

GitHub Terminal

This is an example application written to demonstrate what is possible with the new GitHub Git Data API and GitHub OAuth2 services. This app allows you to login as your GitHub user and edit and commit groups of files through a virtual terminal. With this you could contribute meaningfully to a project using just Javascript in the browser - no Git or editor needs to be installed locally.


Currently, you can:

  • List all the projects you have read and write access to.
  • cd into any project and branch and ls as if it were a directory.
  • Edit any file in a project you have write access to.
  • Commit your edited files directly to your GitHub branch.
  • View status of changed files with status and unstage them with unstage command.
  • View the commit log of any branch with log command.


list projects

Here we can see a listing of my projects, in this case with a filter on the string 'git-'. Private repositories are listed in orange.

list tree

You can cd into a project and a branch, then an ls will show you the project tree.

Libraries Used


If you want to fix or change something, please fork on GitHub, push your change to a branch named after your change and send me a pull request.

Some ideas of things to do are in the TODO file.


MIT, see LICENCE file