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EXPERIMENTAL password management app. Don't use this.
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app upgrading zeroclipboard to 1.3.2
config Add "passphrase" to filtered parameters
db Convert public_key to a text field
docs Fix typo
lib/tasks rescue LoadError on guard/jasmine
log Houston, the bear is in the honeypot
public Houston, the bear is in the honeypot
script Remove cucumber
spec Fix exception after loading a different key
vendor/assets upgrading zeroclipboard to 1.3.2
.env Use ENV var for secret_token
.gitignore Ignore .ruby-version
.rspec Houston, the bear is in the honeypot
.travis.yml Configure postgres on travis Move contributing guidelines to its own file
Gemfile Upgrade to Rails 3.2.13
Gemfile.lock Upgrade to Rails 3.2.13
Guardfile Update README to reflect unmaintained status
Rakefile Add rake task to run JS specs Rename app classes

NOTE: This repository is no longer supported or updated by GitHub. If you wish to continue to develop this code yourself, we recommend you fork it.

Swordfish Build Status

Swordfish was an experiment in building a group-optimized password management app. It is unmaintained and is likely insecure.

Recommended Reading

Working on Swordfish

Use the bootstrap script to get the environment set up.


Now you will need to run the database migrations before you run the server.

bundle exec rake db:create db:migrate

Finally you can start the application.

script/rails s

Running the tests requires PhantomJS. If you're on Mac OS X you can use homebrew to install this for you.

brew install phantomjs

If you hack on Swordfish and end up adding or editing features you will want to run the tests.

bundle exec rake

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