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## Chat History
+ Amit T. Is this session getting recorded?
+ tlberglund Amit: No, it's not.
+ 8:05 AM
+ technoweenie brb
+ Andy R. has entered the room
+ Maciek W. london
+ Vivek P. India - bangalore
+ Rick B. Champaign, IL, USA
+ Christopher S. Lockport NY (north of buffalo)
+ Jens J. Richardson, TX
+ Henry A. Burbank
+ ryan n. has entered the room
+ Philip S. Champaign
+ Aditya M. bangalore, india
+ Shilpa V. Sunnyvale, CA
+ Bao T. sunnyvale, ca
+ Vishal S. Burbank, CA
+ nikhil bangalore
+ Jackson Sunnyvale, CA
+ Jennifer D. has entered the room
+ Jennifer S. i'm from Los Angeles, CA
+ Adam B. I work in Champaign, IL, but currently I'm in Evansville WI
+ anwesha Santa Monica, CA
+ Sriram I. Sunnyvale, CA
+ technoweenie i'm in south dakota
+ Joe M. burbank, ca
+ Ann R. Castle Rock, CO
+ regis c. sunnyvale, ca
+ Jennifer D. Sunnyvale, CA
+ ryan n. santa monica
+ David B. has entered the room
+ Jeff B. has entered the room
+ Ray P. sunnyvale, ca
+ lalau Santa Monica, CA
+ Tony L. has entered the room
+ David B. London,UK
+ Sneha M. Complete New
+ Jennifer S. new to Git.
+ Joe M. complete noob
+ nikhil new to Git
+ Christopher S. noob
+ Jens J. newb
+ Ann R. New to GIT
+ Jennifer D. A beginner, used a little bit.
+ Vishal S. noob
+ Rick B. some experience
+ Sriram I. noob
+ Bao T. some experience, coming from svn
+ Vivek P. some commit pushes ... and stash commands I use
+ Adam B. I've been working some with git, I think I'm like a 4/10
+ Jeff B. used the basics for a while
+ ryan n. A beginner, used a little bit.
+ Henry A. new to git
+ Shilpa V. used Git in the past
+ Aditya M. a little experience
+ regis c. know the basics 3/10
+ Ray P. some experiences
+ Lars A. has entered the room
+ Dan M. has entered the room
+ Lambert M. has entered the room
+ 8:10 AM
+ Jan has entered the room
+ Philip S.
+ Christopher S. git version
+ Jens J. View paste
+ git version (Apple Git-31.1)
+ Rick B.
+ Tony L.
+ Maciek W.
+ Vivek P. git version
+ Ray P. git version 1.7.12
+ Bao T. git version (Apple Git-37)
+ Adam B. 1.8.2 from homebrew
+ Henry A. 1.7.12
+ Jeff B. git version (Apple Git-33)
+ ryan n.
+ Shilpa V.
+ anwesha git version
+ Lars A. git version (Apple Git-33)
+ Jackson git version (Apple Git-33)
+ Jennifer D. View paste
+ git version (Apple Git-33)
+ lalau git version (Apple Git-37)
+ Vishal S. View paste
+ $ git --version
+ git version (Apple Git-33)
+ David B. git version (Apple Git-33)
+ Sriram I. 1.8.1
+ Tony H. git version 1.7.12
+ Jennifer S. 1.8.1
+ Aditya M. git version
+ Lambert M. git version (Apple Git-37)
+ Jennifer D. laptops :)
+ Ray P. git-1.7.12_Y1.4.1.2
+ Pradipta has entered the room
+ ravilr has entered the room
+ regis c. (Apple Git-33)
+ 8:15 AM
+ Chuck S. has entered the room
+ Sneha M. how do I install git?
+ technoweenie Sneha: what OS are you on?
+ Sneha M. linux
+ Jennifer D. if you go on your desktop you can install using yinst install git
+ nikhil If you have RHEL box, you can type yinst i git
+ technoweenie
+ Jennifer D. 'user configuration' == global configuration?
+ Sneha M. does it uninstall svnlite?
+ technoweenie Yes, global means across all of your git repositoires
+ Sneha: I'm not sure, I don't see why it'd uninstall svnlite though
+ Philip S. could we get a copy of the notes?
+ Sneha M. View paste
+ yinst: ysubversion_perl-1.6.17_1_5.10: install pending ...
+ yinst: svnlite-1.6.11_3: deactivating ... [OK]
+ Jennifer D. View paste
+ yinst: X svnlite-1.6.11_4
+ yeah you should create a new yroot
+ Ann R. Notes would be very helpful.
+ Jennifer D. if you can't have it uninstall svnlite
+ Jennifer S. should i see some screen, or what?
+ i can't see any command, only the sound.
+ Christopher S. i see it
+ Jennifer D. yes see you typing stuff
+ Andy R. I do
+ Tony L. I see it
+ regis c. yes
+ Henry A. yes
+ Ann R. Yes
+ Lambert M. yes
+ Rick B. I see it.
+ lalau I see it
+ David B. yup
+ Joe M. yes
+ 8:20 AM
+ Jennifer S. where to see?
+ Sneha M. yes
+ ryan n. yep
+ Amit T. Yes, it opens up on a different window than your browser
+ technoweenie Ann: What notes specifically are you referring to?
+ Jennifer S. i got it
+ Jennifer D. what should we use for email configuration ? if we connect to multiple different repos some public some yahoo is there isolation here?
+ Bao T. \
+ Jennifer S. a black window, right?
+ technoweenie yes
+ he swaps between slides and his terminal
+ Jennifer D. ie not wanting work email to show up in public repo interaction, yet people being able to know how to contact direct
+ or does it even matter?
+ technoweenie Jennifer D: this is where you can setup a different configuration per repo if you want
+ 8:25 AM
+ Christopher S. yep
+ Tony L. how do you un-set it?
+ technoweenie git config --global --unset core.autocrlf
+ totally ripping tim off here :)
+ Tony L. thx
+ 8:30 AM
+ Christopher S. seems fills the current dir with files on mac
+ technoweenie what files?
+ Christopher S. my mistake, i think i know what these are
+ 8:35 AM
+ tlberglund View paste
+ Ah distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December
+ And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor
+ 8:40 AM
+ Sneha M. no need of ticket?
+ Lars A. lol
+ Sneha M. sorry
+ technoweenie Not every commit needs to reference a ticket
+ It may be a good idea with your team's development workflow, but Git doesn't require anything like that
+ tlberglund Eagerly I wished the morrow -- vainly I had sought to borrow
+ Jennifer D. so 'add' is like a staging aspect
+ technoweenie Yes
+ you can also do `git commit -am "..."` The -a lets you bypass the step of adding files manually
+ Bao T. \
+ David B. To get colors working in terminal on OS X I needed to:
+ View paste
+ git config --global color.branch auto
+ git config --global color.diff auto
+ git config --global color.status auto
+ git config --global color.ui auto
+ Bao T. I seem to be able to commit without adding, is that bad?
+ 8:45 AM
+ Jennifer D. what happens if you do git status after not adding?
+ technoweenie Bao: can you paste your full commit? you might have something in your config
+ Bao T. View paste
+ Baos-MacBook-Pro:newproject baotran$ vim raven.txt
+ Baos-MacBook-Pro:newproject baotran$ git commit raven.txt
+ [master 1283828] One test.
+ 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)
+ Baos-MacBook-Pro:newproject baotran$ git status
+ # On branch master
+ nothing to commit (working directory clean)
+ technoweenie your full config*
+ git config --list
+ Bao T. View paste
+ Baos-MacBook-Pro:newproject baotran$ git config --list
+ Tran
+ color.ui=auto
+ core.autocrlf=input
+ core.repositoryformatversion=0
+ core.filemode=true
+ core.bare=false
+ core.logallrefupdates=true
+ core.ignorecase=true
+ core.precomposeunicode=false
+ technoweenie bao: oh, you typed `git commit raven.txt`
+ that will add and commit the file for you
+ Bao T. ahhh okay
+ coming from svn :)
+ tlberglund Bao: Yup! That's a very SVN-y way to do it. Don't, though. :)
+ Bao T. thanks
+ haha ok, will do
+ Sneha M. View paste
+ 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+)
+ what is the 1 insertion means here?
+ Vivek P. how do you revert back the changes done before commit?
+ technoweenie so with git, you'd normally add every file manually, and make one commit for all the changes
+ tlberglund It works, but it will create bad habits here. :)
+ technoweenie sneha: it means you added a line to the file
+ 8:50 AM
+ technoweenie if you run `git show`, you can see the most recent commit:
+ View paste (3 more lines)
+ $ g show
+ commit 6fb9fe66d0c93c77a20a3f49d59c8c1e06e18c5e
+ Author: risk danger olson <>
+ Date: Thu Mar 21 09:46:59 2013 -0600
+ sup
+ diff --git a/raven.txt b/raven.txt
+ index 119558f..c2d5e12 100644
+ --- a/raven.txt
+ +++ b/raven.txt
+ @@ -1,2 +1,3 @@
+ Ah distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December
+ -And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor
+ \ No newline at end of file
+ ...
+ View paste
+ 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)
+ The inserted lines have a + in the the front, and the deletions have a -.
+ My example is a bit strange, it looks like I deleted and then re-inserted the line back in
+ vivek: I believe Tim will be going over that. There are two ways to revert changes
+ tlberglund View paste
+ Ah distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December
+ And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor
+ Eagerly I wished the morrow -- vainly I had sought to borrow
+ From my books surcease of sorrow—sorrow for the lost Lenore
+ technoweenie `git revert` will basically commit a reverse of the commit. So if you added a line, reverting it would remove that line
+ I think we should wait for Tim to get to this part of the training though
+ Christopher S. can you specify a diff to a certain file?
+ Bao T. yup
+ git diff filename
+ 8:55 AM
+ Christopher S. thought it was simple like that
+ technoweenie yes, you can add the file name after --
+ git diff {whatever} -- file.txt
+ Sneha M. --staged
+ sorry
+ Ann R. I was taking notes - what is the diff btw $git diff and $git diff --staged?
+ technoweenie Ann: it shows the diff with what you have staged for the next commit
+ Ann: after you use `git add` to stage a file for commit, `git diff` won't show anything. You'll have to use `git diff --staged` to show the the diff between what's staged and your most recent commit
+ Yes, exactly what Tim is saying now :)
+ Sneha M. how do i see the file on stage and commit
+ 9:00 AM
+ Vivek P. git add
+ Amit T. git commit
+ Bao T. add again
+ technoweenie I'm actually not sure how to see the content in staging
+ Sneha: you want to show the diff between staging and the history, leaving out any changes in the working directory?
+ I'm looking around
+ Tony L. I have a raven.txt~ file from emacs... can I make git ignore it?
+ Sneha M. svn shows web view
+ Andy R. What's the difference between diff --stage and --cached?
+ Sneha M. does git has similar to that?
+ technoweenie Andy: those are aliases of each other
+ Sneha M. :)
+ Vivek P. what if i realize one of the commits that i have made is something i did not want to commit?
+ Andy R. :)
+ regis c. how to remove a file that has been staged?
+ thanks
+ technoweenie Be very careful with `git reset` and use it *exactly* how git tells you :)
+ 9:05 AM
+ technoweenie Sneha: Git doesn't have a built-in web view, but there are lots of options
+ Philip S. if you do git add or git commit without specifying the file names, would git pick up all the relevant files recursively from the current directory?
+ Adam B. git add . right?
+ Sneha M. at what time is the session tomorrow? Do we need another registration?
+ technoweenie git commit can use -a
+ but it won't commit new files, you always have to add those with `git add`
+ Ann R. I missed the command you entered to get help
+ technoweenie The Git docs are on the web too:
+ `git help log`
+ you can do that with any git command
+ Adam B. how can i conifg to make diff/log etc write to stdout
+ technoweenie is it piping it to less or something?
+ Amit T. collaboration?
+ Adam B. because its distributed, not linear
+ Tony L. multiple users?
+ 9:10 AM
+ Adam B. and yes to less
+ Jens J. database free?
+ Jeff B. distributed development
+ Bao T. security
+ Andy R. Because each git commit is a snapshot.
+ Adam B. its not critical, but stdout would be nicer
+ technoweenie adam: try adding --no-pager
+ Jeff B. what's the probability of hash collisions?
+ Jens J. CS nerd
+ technoweenie adam: Git has some pager options you can set
+ Jeff B. sorry, but is there a collision resolution mechanism?
+ technoweenie adam: you can turn off the pager for everything with `git config --global core.pager ''`
+ Adam B. did that, and tried system, still piping to less. weird. Nevermind, I'll find the config later
+ Ann R. Do we configure name and email every time that we launch GIT?
+ technoweenie Adam: Check for GIT_PAGER or PAGER env vars
+ Ann: nope. Once you set the --global config, it's saved forever on that machine
+ Adam B. PAGER is set to less
+ thanks
+ 9:15 AM
+ Sneha M. linked list?
+ Jennifer D. git config --global core.pager cat
+ Jens J. more cs nerding
+ ;)
+ Jennifer D. :)
+ Adam B. thanks jennifer d
+ Jens J. for Jeff B.: nice answer:
+ Jeff B. to Jens: thanks
+ tlberglund git log --patch
+ 9:20 AM
+ tlberglund git log --graph
+ git log --graph --format=oneline --abbrev-commit
+ Vivek P. View paste
+ git log --graph --fromat=oneline
+ fatal: unrecognized argument: --fromat=oneline
+ technoweenie vivek: you misspelled format
+ tlberglund git config --global "log --graph --format=online --abbrev-commit --decorate --all"
+ git config --global "log --graph --format=oneline --abbrev-commit --decorate --all"
+ 9:25 AM
+ Vivek P. thanks technowenie
+ Lambert M. Is there a command to see what's in our alias settings? get a list of alias that I added?
+ Ray P. git config --global --list
+ Vivek P. git config --list should give you
+ 9:35 AM
+ Lambert M. cool, thanks Ray, Vivek
+ technoweenie Let's do this!
+ 9:40 AM
+ tlberglund Statistics nerdery!
+ Adam B. I think that looks normal with a small stdev
+ Jennifer D. lol :)
+ Jens J. the nierding way
+ Vivek P. lol is an alias now :)
+ tlberglund Jens: Dune nerdery.
+ I can't believe that just happened.
+ Ann R. Since I am new, seeing those commands in contxt really helps.
+ Jens J. neird ^^2
+ i cant write knuth up arrow notation here can i?
+ tlberglund Totes
+ Adam B. off by one error ;)
+ 9:55 AM
+ Joe M. is each rule in .gitignore read sequentially so that later rules may override previous ones?
+ 10:00 AM
+ technoweenie I believe so
+ Joe M. thanx
+ 10:10 AM
+ Aditya M. has left the room
+ 10:20 AM
+ tlberglund git log --stat -M --follow -- files/listing.txt
+ 10:25 AM
+ Jan Your last commit msg should have read: "Changed after moving" :)
+ Vivek P. what does 25 insertions mean?
+ technoweenie vivek: that's how many lines in the diff were added
+ Vivek P. ok
+ Tony L. can you amend an earlier commit?
+ 10:30 AM
+ Ann R. MjMr918992
+ tlberglund View paste
+ $ while :
+ > do
+ > clear
+ > git lol
+ > sleep 1
+ > done
+ 10:35 AM
+ Adam B. hashes
+ Vivek P. the hash
+ tlberglund View paste
+ Ah distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December
+ And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor
+ Eagerly I wished the morrow—vainly I had sought to borrow
+ From my books surcease of sorrow—sorrow for the lost Lenore
+ From that rare and raidiant maiden whom the angels named Lenore
+ Nameless here forevermore
+ 10:40 AM
+ tlberglund View paste
+ Once upon a midnight dreary as I pondered weak and weary
+ Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore
+ Chuck S. Which branch did the last commit go into?
+ 10:45 AM
+ Bao T. feature
+ tlberglund And the silky sad uncertain rustling of each purple curtain
+ 10:50 AM
+ technoweenie your commit msg has a typo :)
+ yup
+ tlberglund View paste
+ Made me really really scared
+ So that now to still the beating of my heart I stood repeating
+ View paste
+ All that is gold does not glitter
+ Not all who wander are lost
+ Bao T. oooo
+ 10:55 AM
+ Joe M. quick lesson on git clone?
+ ah np :)
+ Andy R. Thank you!
+ Joe M. Thank you, see you tomorrow!
+ technoweenie Thanks everyone
+ Tony L. thanks!
+ Ray P. Thanks.
+ Jennifer D. Will you do samples of how teams can work together towards the end tomorrow?
+ Ann R. Great stuff!
+ regis c. has left the room
+ Jennifer D. guess I'll ask tomorrow :)
+ Vivek P. Gr888888
+ 11:00 AM
+ tlberglund Jennifer: You bet.
+ That's all a part of what we do with GitHub tomorrow.
+ Joe M. has left the room
+ tlberglund It's not exhaustive in the Foundations class, but you'll have a good idea of how to begin.
+ Jennifer D. awesome. that's my big concern.. translating team workflow to github
+ (From svn, etc)
+ tlberglund Right. Important to get that right.
+ Jennifer D. 'best practices', etc.
+ thanks!
+ anwesha has left the room
+ tlberglund You bet!
+ Jennifer D. looking forward to tomorrow's training!
+ tlberglund You guys were awesome. See you in 21 hours. :)
+ Ann R. has left the room
+ 11:05 AM
+ Lambert M. Thank you, see you tomorrow Tim.
+ Jennifer S. how can i have the class notes of today and yesterday?
+ Lambert M. has entered the room
+ Tony H. yesterday there was a link to the presentation materials. could you show us that link again?
+ Jennifer D. Jennifer S .. I think they said towards the end of today
+ tlberglund
+ Vivek P. has entered the room
+ Jennifer S. yes, got it, thanks,
+ 8:05 AM
+ anwesha has entered the room
+ Henry A. has entered the room
+ ryan n. has entered the room
+ Jennifer D. currently perl (service engineer),
+ nikhil RHEL
+ Bao T. objC
+ Andy R. Perl and Java
+ Adam B. Java with Hadoop and Eclipse
+ Maciek W. java, c++
+ Shilpa V. developer: Java, Nodejs
+ Jan java
+ Rick B. Java/Hadoop
+ Chuck S. Perl
+ Jennifer S. perl
+ Lars A. Java
+ Henry A. linux c/c++
+ Philip S. java
+ nikhil PHP, Javascript
+ Jens J. bash!
+ Tony L. JavaScript, HTML, PHP, Obj C
+ ryan n. js,php
+ Christopher S. support scripting for sa service reliability
+ perl
+ Andy R. Hadoop
+ Ann R. New Instructor getting an idea of tools our folks use.
+ Jackson JS, CSS, HTML, PHP
+ Jennifer D. <3 Jens!
+ Lambert M. java, objective-c
+ aspires Ruby's my main language over here at GitHub :)
+ Ray P. has entered the room
+ Jeff B. has entered the room
+ Tony L. colleague mentioned something called "cherry picking"
+ Vivek P. yeah even i have the same question
+ Adam B. any chance we could talk about merge strategies?
+ Jennifer D. Team collaboration, best practices but you mentioned later today would cover
+ Dan M. has entered the room
+ 8:10 AM
+ Andy R. View paste
+ 1. Security best practices using Git/GitHub in prod.What's the main difference between Git and Mercurial(Hg)?
+ Chuck S. What determines the colors in the "graphical" merge diagram?
+ 8:15 AM
+ aspires Chuck S. Git comes with color configuration out of the box.
+ I don't know if that what Tim has right now, but it appears so.
+ for more info
+ Vivek P. can you repeat that again
+ Jens J. i was just keeping quiet
+ tlberglund Jens: :)
+ Vivek P. yes the 2 parents part
+ tlberglund Jens: No need to keep quiet. :)
+ 8:20 AM
+ Vivek P. ok thanks
+ tlberglund View paste
+ All that is gold does not glitter
+ Not all who wander are lost
+ The old that is strong does not wither
+ Deep roots are not harmed by the frost
+ Adam B. that explains [partly] the octocat
+ aspires Adam: Its definitely a factor :)
+ 8:25 AM
+ tlberglund As of someone gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door
+ Chuck S. Is "re-parenting" a fair synonym for rebasing?
+ 8:30 AM
+ Vivek P. but isn't not same as HEAD?
+ tlberglund From the ashes a fire shall awaken
+ aspires Chuck: not exactly. You can use rebase to re-parent, but you can do a lot of cool things with rebase. So, it's not a pure synonym
+ tlberglund A light from the shadows will spring
+ Vivek P. does rebase also merge?
+ merge happened
+ Adam B. because the tree has changed, so the hash does
+ Chuck S. tree changed
+ Vivek P. and the hash changed
+ aspires Vivek: It's not quite a merge. Rebase actually rewrites history.
+ 8:35 AM
+ aspires It may look the same, functionally, but it's not identical.
+ Dan M. what will happen if there are conflicts?
+ Tony L. fast forward?
+ Andy R. fast forward
+ Vivek P. fast fow
+ 8:40 AM
+ Vivek P. what happens if someone else commits to master
+ how do i get the updates?
+ sure
+ 8:45 AM
+ Jens J. so what happened to that change, is it orphaned
+ Amit T. On a reset, does one lose the local changes too?
+ Vivek P. is it 60 days by default?
+ Adam B. so untracked files are unaffected by a reset?
+ Vivek P. what if i have stashed?
+ what if i have stashed?
+ aspires Vivek: It is 60 days by default, but this can be changed
+ Vivek P. okay
+ 8:50 AM
+ aspires I do `rebase -i` just about every day for the very reason Tim talked about
+ 9:00 AM
+ Ann R. has left the room
+ anwesha has left the room
+ Vivek P. is this rebasing also known as cherry picking?
+ Chuck S. what if you forget what you were doing?
+ Jennifer D. this is like super awesome
+ you can modify your local set of changes and tidy it all up
+ Jens J. yeah, i didnt see anything like rebase squashing in svn
+ aspires
+ Jeff B. is there a set of best practices somewhere for rebasing and flattening commits?
+ 9:05 AM
+ Adam B. what about squash v fixup?
+ Jennifer D. so or something else?
+ 9:10 AM
+ Jens J. ahh cant get nothin done w/o those unicorns
+ Jennifer D.
+ tlberglund Jens: Indeed no.
+ Tony L. can you paste the add origin command again?
+ tlberglund git remote add origin
+ 9:15 AM
+ Jens J. so is "origin" just a name/alias?
+ aspires Jens: yes
+ oops :)
+ Jens J. ok
+ Rick B. yep
+ Tony L. yes
+ Vivek P. yes
+ Joe M. yes
+ Chuck S. Where did "origin" come from?
+ tlberglund
+ aspires Chuck: where did we get the server location, or where did the term "origin" come from?
+ 9:20 AM
+ Jennifer D. this is the exciting part!
+ haha!
+ Bao T. lol
+ Chuck S. What does "origin" represent?
+ Is it a reserved word? a name we gave something? a command?
+ aspires Origin is a common term for your main remote server
+ but it can be anything
+ often people will have several remote servers for a repository, and each can be named something unique
+ when you do a git push or a git pull command, it will be oriented at a server
+ Tim will go into that a bit more after the break
+ 9:25 AM
+ Chuck S. thx. I guess I missed the step in which we named it "origin".
+ aspires the command is `git remote add origin`
+ `add origin` is the naming step
+ Chuck S. thanks for that.
+ 9:35 AM
+ Jennifer D. did people actually make non-yahoo git hub accounts?
+ Jens J. sure - there are tons of cool non-yahoo projects
+ tjtag for bus pirate ;)
+ Jennifer D. No, I mean I made one but have other people created theirs
+ tlberglund ssh-keygen -f github-class
+ 9:40 AM
+ tlberglund vi ~/.ssh/config
+ View paste
+ Host
+ IdentityFile ~/.ssh/github-class
+ ssh-keygen -f ~/.ssh/github-class
+ Christopher S. why not move the file?
+ tlberglund cat ~/.ssh/
+ Jennifer D. the guide if you are lost ..
+ aspires
+ 9:45 AM
+ Ann R. has entered the room
+ Ann R. Hello
+ aspires Hi Ann!
+ tlberglund
+ 9:55 AM
+ Chuck S. Is remote considered "upstream" from local git repository?
+ Please define upstream and downstream relative to local and remote repos.
+ Adam B. merge
+ Ray P. git checkout origin/master
+ Jennifer D. git merge origin/master ?
+ Vivek P. merge origin/master
+ Adam B. git merge origin/master
+ aspires Chuck: we'll actually get to working with an upstream remote soon
+ 10:00 AM
+ tlberglund
+ Chuck S. ok but instructor is referring to upstream and downstream for past several minutes - hard to follow without definition
+ thx for definition
+ why is README type md?
+ Adam B. its markdown
+ which github supports
+ Chuck S. ok
+ aspires hit `m` anywhere on the site for a markdown cheatsheet
+ Adam B. thats cool
+ 10:05 AM
+ aspires theres all sorts of neat little things in GitHub
+ tlberglund git clone
+ Adam B. m works on git.c btw as well
+ for the cheatsheet
+ Chuck S. View paste
+ fatal: Unable to find remote helper for 'https'
+ I think a typo in my userID caused this error.
+ aspires Chuck S can you paste in the command you just ran?
+ Chuck S. git clone
+ but my userID should be csheldon
+ aspires ah
+ Pradipta Chuck, u clicked on HTTP
+ aspires run `git clone`
+ Pradipta get the SSH URL
+ Chuck S. got it
+ aspires
+ Chuck S. worked! thx
+ 10:10 AM
+ Tony L. View paste
+ When I pushed I saw "warning: push.default is unset; its implicit value is changing in
+ Git 2.0 from 'matching' to 'simple'." Is that something to worry about?
+ Jennifer D. cshedon or csheldon?
+ Chuck S. View paste
+ wait: fatal: Could not read from remote repository.
+ View paste
+ Permission denied (publickey).
+ maybe my acct is not setup right
+ Vivek P. for me The poetry network graph is not loading on the gui
+ aspires Chuck: did you set up an ssh publickey earlier in the lesson?
+ Chuck S. I guess not. Will look into that.
+ aspires Chuck I'll paste in the instructions
+ Chuck S. thx
+ aspires ssh-keygen -f github-class
+ vi ~/.ssh/config
+ tlberglund ssh-keygen -f ~/.ssh/github-class
+ First one was my mistake
+ aspires then include this:
+ View paste
+ Host
+ IdentityFile ~/.ssh/github-class
+ 10:15 AM
+ aspires pbcopy < ~/.ssh/
+ that puts the key on your clipboard
+ then add it to GitHub at
+ Chuck S. View paste
+ bash: pbcopy: command not found
+ aspires cat ~/.ssh/
+ and copy/paste the old fashioned way
+ 10:20 AM
+ Jennifer D. what is the 'noone assigned' mean?
+ Philip S. what code review tool is supported by git?
+ Adam B. fisheye too
+ Chuck S. aspires: I copied manually and github settings show my public key but I still get perm denied.
+ don't worry about it. I'll just listen for now.
+ aspires Chuck -- what happens when you use `ssh -T`
+ Adam B. git pull
+ Andy R. git pull
+ 10:25 AM
+ Tony L. I don't see the new merges after I do a git fetch
+ Chuck S. View paste
+ aspires: Permission denied (publickey).
+ 10:30 AM
+ nikhil has left the room
+ Adam B. could you rebase the remote commits?
+ rather than pull?
+ ryan n. so to push to our remote origin, we need to pull from upstream. then push to origin
+ ?
+ Adam B. that was what I meant, ok
+ Vivek P. diff between origin and upstream ... i mean what it means?
+ 10:35 AM
+ tlberglund git remote add upstream
+ git pull upstream master
+ Vivek P. i got a conflict
+ 10:40 AM
+ Jennifer D. so when someone does a "pull request"
+ who is 'pulling'
+ so when you 'pull' you pulled in updates
+ so you are a pull requestor when you provide an update
+ Tony L. can there be more than one owner of a repo?
+ Andy R. Can you pls repeat what you said about Y! API example? I lost the network for ~2mins.
+ Jennifer D. I hear people using the terminology and it's a little confusing sometimes.
+ Andy R. OK, thx!
+ tlberglund git clone teacher-poetry
+ Adam B. so you meant clone, not fork
+ 10:45 AM
+ Adam B. could we have just switched out the remotes?
+ ryan n. do we start commiting, and pushing?
+ aspires Adam B: I wouldn't reccomend it
+ Jennifer D. lol. always behind.
+ Vivek P. my changes are in
+ Adam B. ok, thanks
+ 10:50 AM
+ tlberglund git config --global branch.autosetuprebase always
+ git config --local branch.master.rebase true
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+ Philip S. on this page: why are some people's checkin associated with their name while others their userid
+ Jennifer D. I love the panderers :)
+ tlberglund Jennifer: Me too!
+ 10:55 AM
+ Adam B. I think the display name depends on the config we set yesterday
+ aspires Philip: that's generally due to when users don't have their Git config email in
+ tlberglund git push -u origin tlberglund
+ Philip S. austin, i think you are right.
+ 11:00 AM
+ Amit T. has left the room
+ Tony L. thanks! great class!
+ Rick B. thanks!
+ Andy R. Thank you so much, Tim
+ Bao T. thx!
+ Henry A. Thanks
+ Christopher S. thanks man
+ Vivek P. thanks ... you are super awesome
+ regis c. thx
+ Jennifer D. You guys TOTALLY rock!
+ Ann R. Great course - thanks so, so much!
+ Jennifer D. this was great :)
+ thank you :)
+ Ray P. Thank you.
+ Jennifer S. thank you so much
+ Jens J. thanks!
+ lalau Thanks!
+ ryan n. so happy to move to git
+ tlberglund Use this URL for further questions:
+ Philip S. thanks, great training!
+ regis c. has left the room
+ tlberglund Email us at for any other questions.
+ Adam B. Thanks guys
+ tlberglund :)
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+ 11:05 AM
+ Pradipta has left the room
+ Christopher S. short qestion
+ is there a way to call back what aliases you have made?
+ tlberglund Oh yes.
+ git config --list will show them (along with all the other config parameters).
+ git config --list | grep alias to filter them
+ Christopher S. cool, thought it would be something simple like that, thanks
+ tlberglund You bet.
+ Get meta-lesson: it's always built out of standard parts. :)
+ 11:10 AM
+ Jennifer D. so the class notes will arrive via email?
+ 11:15 AM
+ tlberglund Jennifer: Yes.
+ I'll compile them this afternoon and Jessica (our training coordinator) will send them to one of your training coordinators (I don't know which :) )
+ Jennifer D. awesome. thanks!
+ tlberglund You betcha. Thanks for all your questions. Makes class 10x more fun for the teacher.
+ Perhaps 11x.
+ 11:20 AM
+ Christopher S. another questions, less short: will git commit the contents of a symlink or the target files contents ?

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