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git branch -r
## Chat History
+ Jeff O. i have 1.7.12. is the hub gem required?
+ ben Nope. Not at all.
+ Jeff O. cool
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+ 8:10 PM
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+ Jeff O. if you have RHEL 6, the tree command is available
+ 8:15 PM
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+ aaron View paste
+ queensoon-lm:newproject aaronwu$ git config --global --list
+ fatal: unable to read config file '/Users/aaronwu/.gitconfig': No such file or directory
+ ben Hah.
+ If you do "touch ~/.gitconfig", it should be happy. :)
+ What's your git --version, out of curiosity?
+ aaron View paste
+ queensoon-lm:newproject aaronwu$ git --version
+ git version (Apple Git-33)
+ ben Ah yeah, mine (1.8.10) does that too.
+ aaron touch do the trick, just nothing print out.
+ ben You're saying "give me the configuration stored in ~/.gitconfig", but the file doesn't exist.
+ aaron ah, got it.
+ 8:20 PM
+ ben Aww, shucks.
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+ Jeff O. awesome! stripping ASCII 19 is an annoyance for me in Linux
+ 8:25 PM
+ ben If you want a longer read on line endings, here's the full story:
+ ares git config --global core.autocrlf input
+ Jeff O. can git be told to strip 'smart quotes' and other Microsoft chars?
+ ben There's a way to do that, but it's not easy. :)
+ Jeff O. ah well
+ params git status gives me
+ fatal: This operation must be run in a work tree
+ ben What tim said. Did that help?
+ 8:30 PM
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+ ben Jeff O: here's the feature you'd use (clean and smudge filters).
+ Jeff O. thanks!
+ ben It's not easy to set up, and it's even harder to share with the whole team, but it *is* possible.
+ Good luck!
+ 8:35 PM
+ Jeff O. looks very similar to 'svn diff'
+ 8:40 PM
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+ Jeff O. what is the "[master <hexadecimal>]" message on commit?
+ 8:45 PM
+ tlberglund
+ Jeff O. ben: if you do, add THEN commit
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+ 8:50 PM
+ Jeff O. looks like a singly linked list to me
+ ben Cookie for you, Jeff!
+ Jeff O. can you repeat the option that showed commit and parent?
+ ben git log --format=raw
+ Jeff O. thanks
+ 9:00 PM
+ tlberglund git config --global "log --graph --pretty=oneline --abbrev-commit --decorate --all"
+ srinivas View paste
+ I got this - $ git lol
+ Expansion of alias 'lol' failed; 'git' is not a git command
+ Damodharan R. how can I check all the alias I have ?
+ ben Probably the easiest way is "cat ~/.gitconfig"
+ 9:05 PM
+ ben Look for the [alias] section
+ tlberglund git config --list | grep "alias\." works too. :)
+ Jeff H. srinivas: maybe you have alias.log "git log..."
+ srinivas never min - my bad
+ Jeff H. you need to use alias.log "log .."
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+ ben git — bash.jpg
+ Here's what "git lol" gives you with the source code for git itself. :)
+ 9:20 PM
+ Jeff H. disconnected ?
+ tlberglund No, you're all still in the class. Screen sharing is just paused.
+ Jeff H. Thanks
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+ Jeff O. how does 'git diff' handle binary files that have changed?
+ ben The diff algorithm doesn't handle it terribly well. On the command line you'll likely get junk.
+ 9:25 PM
+ ben Most graphical clients will do better, depending on the format.
+ BTW, if anybody wants examples of useful diffs, check this out:
+ 9:30 PM
+ Jeff H. View paste
+ I have try diff binary file, you will get this message: Binary files a/convert and b/convert differ
+ ben Nice. Real helpful, git.
+ 9:35 PM
+ ben Young Yang asked: "any way we can checkout the folder with all random txt files from git history?"
+ Yes. Tim will get to this, but you can always do "git checkout <sha>"
+ Where <sha> is the full 40-character hash, or just the first 6 or 7 characters.
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+ 9:40 PM
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+ 9:45 PM
+ ben Ratan: your hand is raised in GoToTraining. Did you have a question?
+ 9:50 PM
+ Jeff O. svn does something very similar, i think
+ ben I believe you have to tell svn specifically that the file moved. If you just do the delete/add, it may not pick up that it's the same file, especially if the contents change at the same time.
+ 10:00 PM
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+ 10:05 PM
+ Jeff O. what was the " | 0" at the end of the Move lines?
+ ben It's analogous to the "| 8 ++------" at the end of the others.
+ It means that 0 lines changed, it was just a rename.
+ Jeff O. ok
+ 10:10 PM
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+ ben Here are some recommendations for .gitignore files for various project types:
+ Jeff O. this .gitignore will be very useful for keeping our package builds out of the repo
+ ben Yeah, it makes it so your "git status" only shows stuff you care about.
+ 10:15 PM
+ Jeff H. extra info:(local ignore)
+ ben Yeah, .gitignore lives alongside your source files. If you want to ignore stuff *only on your machine*, use info/exclude.
+ 10:20 PM
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+ 10:25 PM
+ Jeff O. I got a merge commit
+ View paste
+ -bash-4.1$ git merge feature -m "Merged the feature branch with master"
+ Auto-merging ceasar.txt
+ CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in ceasar.txt
+ Automatic merge failed; fix conflicts and then commit the result.
+ Jeff H. what's the diff between $ git pull feature and $ git merge feature ?
+ ben They should act the same in this context.
+ Ratan H. i got a merge failure
+ got it
+ ben If you open your file in vi, you should see markers that git has left showing where the conflict is.
+ 10:30 PM
+ ben This happens a lot in examples, where you're just adding lines to the end of the file
+ Not so much in code, though.
+ 10:45 PM
+ params at the end of the session, can we have a transcript of all the commands (history)? Thanks!
+ ben Young just asked: "after git commit, feature2 also update the conflict file?"
+ The answer is no; the HEAD was pointing to master, so only the master branch is updated when a new commit is made.
+ So feature2 would still be pointing to 9c57992 (if Tim hadn't deleted it).
+ 10:50 PM
+ params whats the difference between git push and git commit?
+ are you going to cover these commands as well?
+ thanks!
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+ Hemanth What happens if we have uncommitted changes on a branch and we try to switch to a different branch
+ 10:55 PM
+ Jeff H. you need to $ git commit or git stash .. before you can checkout another branch
+ ben Git tries really hard to keep your changes. It actually runs a merge behind the scenes.
+ Of course, you can make it easy on git by stashing or commiting. Then you'll DEFINITELY have no problems.
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+ Neal Thank you! :)
+ aaron thank you, Tim and Ben.
+ Yiwei C. Thank you!!
+ beckie thanks!!
+ ellie c. thank you!!
+ Jeff H. Thanks!!
+ ben Great questions, everyone. Good luck!
+ brntbeer One thing to notice there is the movement of HEAD in the livelog. we can see that where HEAD, master and feature4 are both stem from the same commit of 96f3e40
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+ brntbeer so master and feature4 both have individual different commits. And now if on this feature branch, we make an edit to something that already exists in master, git is going to stop us when that merge happens
+ and Git will say "wait a minute, both of these hunks appear like the same type of change, which should i use?"
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+ 8:20 PM
+ Jeff O. what would be a git equiv. of the 3-way merge?
+ is the recursive merge basically that?
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+ brntbeer a recursive merge is a 3-way merge for "ours", "theres", and "base" where "ours" is the current branch, "theirs" is the branch coming in, and "base" is the single point both branches come from
+ 8:25 PM
+ Jeff O. octopus sounds potentially destructive
+ brntbeer Jeff Orr: For every time that there could be a merge conflict between two branches in a standard merge, an octopus merge expands upon that. I think i've only tried to merge more than one branch in 2 or 3 times in my entire history of using git
+ totally up to your workflow
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+ 8:30 PM
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+ 8:35 PM
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+ 8:40 PM
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+ Yiwei C. Say someone committed in master in the meantime, are "git rebase -i 0413" and "git rebase -i master" still the same?
+ 8:45 PM
+ brntbeer the only difference at that point would be master would have one commit that featuer6 doesnt know about. so specifying master in that case would ensure we're doing the rebase, and all the differences. I'll make tim go over that very quickly right after this. it's like a combination of the rebase and rebase interactive example
+ thank you!
+ 8:50 PM
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+ srinivas fast forward
+ brntbeer Bingo!
+ 9:00 PM
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+ 9:05 PM
+ Jeff O. i think something is missing from my git setup. i am getting "fatal: Unable to find remote helper for 'https'"
+ Yiwei C. (so this remote thing is per project directory, not a global setting right?)
+ Jeff O. git version 1.7.12
+ brntbeer Yiwei Chen: the remote is per git repo yep!
+ Jeff Orr: can you tell me the command you typed? could be 1 of 2 things. Also are you behind a firewall?
+ Jeff O. View paste
+ brntbeer: -bash-4.1$ git remote -v
+ origin (fetch)
+ origin (push)
+ git push -u origin master
+ we are using a Y! built package version of Git. they may have left SSL out
+ 9:10 PM
+ brntbeer yep. was just going to suggest updating your version of git because of where it was built
+ Jeff O. how would you edit 'origin' after it's added to use a different URL?
+ brntbeer you could type `git remote rm origin` and then re-add it as a different url
+ Jeff O. our version is missing http as well. hmm.
+ brntbeer so, jeff, to do that you could change the origin url to be
+ and that'll end up using ssh
+ the only problem with that is needing to add your ssh key to
+ Jeff O. git remote add origin ?
+ brntbeer yep. but i want to hold off on having you use ssh. Is anyone else having similar problems?
+ 9:15 PM
+ brntbeer kind of surprised about this only being an isolated issue.
+ Ratan H. having that issue as well
+ Jeff O. i may just be using a minimal Yahoo!-specific client
+ Ratan H. git version 1.7.12
+ Jeff O. View paste
+ $ yinst ls | grep git
+ git-1.7.12_Y1.4.1.2
+ Jeff H. it works for me: git://
+ brntbeer Jeff Huang: but can you push to your own fork?
+ Hemanth yeah using git protocol instead of https works fine
+ brntbeer that seems to be githubteacher's repository
+ Jeff H. yes..let me try..bcz I got the same ssh issue
+ Jeff O. new keypair would be best
+ so there is no Yahoo! data uploaded
+ 9:20 PM
+ young has entered the room
+ Hemanth Use the existing keys with the github enterprise ?
+ Jeff O. sounds fine to me
+ Jeff H. View paste
+ git init
+ git remote add origin git://
+ git remote -v
+ git pull origin master
+ works for me
+ Jeff O. is there a good way to tell git to look at a different file than ~/.ssh/ globally?
+ ssh-keygen -f github
+ let's see if I can
+ yes
+ tlberglund View paste
+ Host
+ IdentityFile ~/.../github
+ 9:25 PM
+ tlberglund ssh-keygen -f ../github
+ ssh-keygen -f ~/github-yahoo
+ vi ~/.ssh_config
+ vi ~/.ssh/config
+ View paste
+ Host
+ IdentityFile ~/github-yahoo
+ cat ~/
+ 9:30 PM
+ Jeff O. would a DSA key also work, or just RSA?
+ brntbeer I'm not totally 100% sure
+ tlberglund ssh -T
+ Jeff O. push and fetch are now working for me. awesome!
+ brntbeer So glad to hear it!
+ thank you jeff
+ Jeff O. my RSA public key (the one I just generated) works
+ srinivas do we need to create a repo as well..or after break?
+ and clone it
+ k thx
+ brntbeer srinivas: Right after break we'll create a fork and go from there
+ young did on not in yahoo git corp?
+ 9:35 PM
+ tlberglund young: Yes, on You probably already have access to your internal GitHub.
+ But we don't, so we use for the class.
+ brntbeer exactly right. just for the purposes of this class is why we're setting that ssh key
+ Jeff O. they also don't want to accidentally steal our code
+ brntbeer ^
+ 9:40 PM
+ Jeff T. I suppose by adding existing RSA (or DSA) public key into the same ssh key setup page just demo, we can skip new key generating / ssh config things and use the existing ssh key to access Or is there an issue?
+ Jeff O. public key is probably ok, now that i think about it
+ it's useless without the matching private key
+ 9:45 PM
+ brntbeer public key is actually incredibly FINE. there's been quite a few people who have tried to complain to us about the public keys and well...that's a long winded argument to basically say "its called public for a reason"
+ Jeff O. derp... realized I had the wrong headphones on
+ brntbeer ha!
+ better than being away from the computer when class starts! whoops.
+ Jeff O. in this case, do we need to a 'fetch' before we do the 'pull'?
+ 9:50 PM
+ brntbeer Jeff Orr: we could do a fetch and then a merge, but a pull will do both
+ a fetch is merely a way to update our understanding of what's on (or wherever our remote is)
+ i always fetch
+ Jeff O. oh ok
+ brntbeer doing a pull after a fetch isnt bad. it'll do the same thing in the end
+ 9:55 PM
+ srinivas I got this
+ View paste
+ Cloning into 'poetry'...
+ ERROR: Hi pointly, it's GitHub. We're doing an SSH key audit.
+ Please visit
+ to approve this key so we know it's safe.
+ Fingerprint: b1:c1:09:bc:9d:ee:34:27:08:68:7f:f1:b9:a4:3e:60
+ fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly
+ brntbeer ah perfect. that's just us ensuring that you authorize this key on your github account
+ srinivas it says all ssh keys are verified
+ but my clone wont work
+ 10:00 PM
+ brntbeer i'm seeing that you dont actually have any ssh keys to that account
+ can you go over to and add the ssh key like we showed earlier? we just copied the key that was in the file at ~/ and saved it under that settings section
+ young View paste
+ bettercloth-lm:dev youngbe$ git clone
+ Cloning into 'poetry'...
+ Permission denied (publickey).
+ fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly
+ srinivas also not sure why it's saying pointly..I added my ssh keys to my account settings > SSH
+ Jeff O. poetry network graph. very Zen
+ srinivas my user is chini21
+ brntbeer ah.ok. double checking
+ Ok. i see you've added that. and typing "ssh -T" works?
+ 10:05 PM
+ srinivas yes
+ View paste
+ dhcpx-206-227:git-training sraovasu$ ssh -T
+ Hi pointly! You've successfully authenticated, but GitHub does not provide shell access.
+ young solved. put the private key in the same directory
+ Jeff O. MarkDown is awesome. we used it for docs generation at my previous company
+ brntbeer young: you mean the private key in the same directory as the public key?
+ srinivas: wondering if your ~/ and ~/github-yahoo file are in the same directory?
+ srinivas yes
+ brntbeer and could you type a "git config --local --list" ?
+ Jeff O. you may need to set github-yahoo mode 600. i know RHEL is very picky about file permissions
+ brntbeer that could be it too
+ young Oops! githubteacher:master is already up-to-date with imyoungyang:master Try a different branch?
+ brntbeer srinivas: also, you may need to remove that key from your settings and re-add it. i know this may be a pain to do but it may have been copied slightly wrong
+ 10:10 PM
+ Ratan H. has left the room
+ srinivas ok let me try
+ brntbeer thank you. sorry for the confusion. the copying of the file could be difficult too if it's copied slightly improperly
+ young: try again, your master should definitely be outof date with githubteacher:master after he's accepted a PR
+ srinivas: the other thing im curious about is it calling you "pointly"
+ srinivas that didn't work either
+ yeah not sure what that means either
+ brntbeer can you type "git config --local --list" for me? i think your username may be improperly set
+ or and
+ it assentially thinks you're this user "pointly"
+ srinivas oh I got this - fatal: unable to read config file '.git/config': No such file or directory
+ Jeff H. $ git init
+ brntbeer sorry, git config --global --list
+ please don't type git init
+ Jeff H. sorry :p
+ brntbeer we dont need to create a local project where we're at
+ 10:15 PM
+ srinivas View paste
+ dhcpx-206-227:git-training sraovasu$ git config --global --list
+ Raovasudeva
+ --graph --pretty=oneline --abbrev-commit --decorate --all
+ brntbeer are you familiar with the user pointly?
+ srinivas it was for another project long time ago..not sure if there are remnants of that
+ brntbeer sorry. not sure if that's important. i'd be sure that the user account you're attempting to interact with is chini21, and the ssh key you uploaded was to chini21 and not pointly
+ srinivas yes to chini21
+ brntbeer also, that you have a config file at ~/.ssh/config that reads:
+ View paste
+ Host
+ IdentityFile ~/github-yahoo
+ Damodharan R. has entered the room
+ Jeff O. can you re-fork the githubteacher poetry repo without having to do any command-line pulls and merges?
+ essentially rebase the entire repo?
+ Yiwei C. After you (teacher) fixed the merge conflict, why there's no log about what you (teacher) did in the student's pull request?
+ I see, thanks!
+ 10:20 PM
+ brntbeer srinivas: i believe after we have that host file set, we'll ensure we're using the correct ssh file, and won't think you're pointly
+ srinivas I have the right ~/.ssh/config file as above
+ brntbeer ok. one moment
+ tlberglund git remote add upstream
+ 10:25 PM
+ Hemanth git push
+ Jeff O. my origin/master is still 9 commits behind upstream/master
+ think i missed a step
+ d7699ed (HEAD, origin/master, origin/HEAD, master) Added local file newf
+ tlberglund git pull upstream master
+ Jeff O. aha
+ i'll try that
+ brntbeer yep!
+ Tim nailed it
+ Jeff O. View paste
+ -bash-4.1$ git pull upstream master
+ From
+ * branch master -> FETCH_HEAD
+ Updating d7699ed..49cdc15
+ Fast-forward
+ jetang.txt | 1 +
+ raven.txt | 8 ++++++++
+ untitledc.txt | 3 +++
+ 3 files changed, 12 insertions(+)
+ create mode 100644 jetang.txt
+ create mode 100644 untitledc.txt
+ looks good
+ 10:30 PM
+ brntbeer srinivas: sorry it's taken me so long. i believe i found the problem
+ i'd love it if you could regenerate the key and do so with the rsa algoritm by typing "ssh-keygen -t rsa -f ~/github-yahoo"
+ 10:35 PM
+ Jeff O. make these changes in teacher-poetry?
+ brntbeer srinivas: and then `pbcopy < ~/` this copies it to your keyboard if you are on linux or osx (i believe)
+ then we can insert that key to the settings/ssh url of ensure that the first line of this is "ssh-rsa" after the paste
+ Jeff Orr: yep, we're attempting to make changes to the clone of githubteacher repo. so a `git clone teacher-poetry` to get that down locally. `cd teacher-poetry` and then make a change, do a pull, do a push and try to keep pushing
+ tlberglund git config --global branch.autosetuprebase always
+ 10:40 PM
+ tlberglund git config branch.master.rebase true
+ srinivas ok trying it
+ brntbeer srinivas: awesome. totally fine with getting you caught up on other things as well. dont stress if you feel behind =)
+ srinivas brent I tried that..but get the same problem
+ young View paste
+ bettercloth-lm:poetry-teacher youngbe$ git rebase --continue
+ No rebase in progress?
+ brntbeer `git config --system --list` srinivas ?
+ 10:45 PM
+ brntbeer young: only need to type that if we're in a merge conflict
+ during a rebase
+ srinivas I get this - fatal: unable to read config file '/usr/etc/gitconfig': No such file or directory
+ Jeff O. View paste
+ error: Ref refs/heads/master is at 5233a1fc1e54c8f19144c57d3f3ee15e382a774a but expected e9fbd0522f88762b63f3befd78465e5196d40f77
+ remote: error: failed to lock refs/heads/master
+ To
+ ! [remote rejected] master -> master (failed to lock)
+ error: failed to push some refs to ''
+ someone pushed right as I was pushing
+ pulling again
+ brntbeer srinivas: ok. just checking. a different yahoo employee had had a system level setting that was causing and error like this.
+ srinivas when I do ssh -vT
+ I see this, which maybe the problem
+ View paste (3 more lines)
+ debug1: Offering RSA public key: /Users/sraovasu/.ssh/id_rsa
+ debug1: Server accepts key: pkalg ssh-rsa blen 277
+ debug1: Authentication succeeded (publickey).
+ Authenticated to ([]:22).
+ debug1: channel 0: new [client-session]
+ debug1: Requesting
+ debug1: Entering interactive session.
+ debug1: Remote: Forced command: gerve pointly b1:c1:09:bc:9d:ee:34:27:08:68:7f:f1:b9:a4:3e:60
+ debug1: Remote: Port forwarding disabled.
+ debug1: Remote: X11 forwarding disabled.
+ debug1: Remote: Agent forwarding disabled.
+ debug1: Remote: Pty allocation disabled.
+ debug1: Remote: Forced command: gerve pointly b1:c1:09:bc:9d:ee:34:27:08:68:7f:f1:b9:a4:3e:60
+ debug1: Remote: Port forwarding disabled.
+ debug1: Remote: X11 forwarding disabled.
+ ...
+ Jeff O. srinivas: sounds like you have SSH Verbose on
+ young View paste
+ bettercloth-lm:poetry-teacher youngbe$ git pull
+ You are not currently on a branch. Please specify which
+ branch you want to merge with. See git-pull(1) for details.
+ git pull <remote> <branch>
+ brntbeer Jeff Orr: debugging to find why ssh isnt working
+ srinivas is it picking the wrong key? /Users/sraovasu/.ssh/id_rsa
+ brntbeer srinivas: you need to have a config file at ~/.ssh/config
+ srinivas I have it set for ~/github-yahoo
+ yes I do - here it is
+ brntbeer if you have that there. it'll be read first.
+ View paste
+ [/scratch/teacher-poetry]$ ssh -vT
+ OpenSSH_5.9p1, OpenSSL 0.9.8r 8 Feb 2011
+ debug1: Reading configuration data /Users/brntbeer/.ssh/config
+ debug1: /Users/brntbeer/.ssh/config line 1: Applying options for
+ debug1: Reading configuration data /etc/ssh_config
+ debug1: /etc/ssh_config line 3: Applying options for *
+ debug1: /etc/ssh_config line 7: Applying options for
+ debug1: Connecting to [] port 22.
+ debug1: Connection established.
+ debug1: identity file /Users/brntbeer/github-yahoo type 1
+ debug1: identity file /Users/brntbeer/github-yahoo-cert type -1
+ debug1: identity file /Users/brntbeer/github/ssh/id_github type -1
+ debug1: identity file /Users/brntbeer/github/ssh/id_github-cert type -1
+ srinivas View paste
+ Host
+ IdentityFile ~/github-yahoo
+ brntbeer can you type `ssh-add ~/github-yahoo` ?
+ 10:50 PM
+ brntbeer and then try the ssh -vT again and see if it reads the config
+ srinivas yes that I think worked
+ at least I see chini21 and not pointly
+ brntbeer holy smokes.
+ ok. haha. lets try that clone
+ srinivas yep worked this time
+ brntbeer that's so...crazt
+ im so sorry for the run-around and complications
+ the thing to do now is to be in your scratch directory and type "git clone teacher-poetry" now
+ srinivas np..thx for ur help
+ brntbeer to create this teacher-poetry repository that you have push and pull access to
+ and we can make changes to your master branch, you can `git pull origin master` and then `git push origin master` to push your changes up there
+ or to do a fetch like Tim is doing now, and we can checkout a branch and make some changes on it and make some changes with it and push that back to the remote as well
+ 10:55 PM
+ young where I can get today training video link?
+ Jeff T. tim, could you show us your command history again?
+ tlberglund young: We don't record these classes.
+ Hemanth In a large complex project, how do we choose to use a new repo against a new folder in an existing repo. Which is a better practice?
+ young Oops.. I lost in the middle of today training..
+ 11:00 PM
+ brntbeer Thanks guys!~
+ tlberglund
+ Jeff H. thanks
+ young thanks
+ srinivas thx brent and tim
+ Yiwei C. Thanks!
+ Jeff T. thank you
+ ares thank you.
+ Jianhui H. has left the room
+ Neal has left the room
+ Hemanth Thanks a lot!
+ iwolf c. Thank you
+ Rax Thanks a lot. :)
+ Jeff O. Thanks Time and Brent. good stuff!
+ now to try to remember it all!
+ er, Tim, not Time. it's late
+ brntbeer Jeff Orr: if it helps we'll have class notes with command line history!
+ Jeff O. awesome. thanks again, and good night/afternoon

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