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GitHub Official Training Site
This is the official [GitHub:Training]( advertising site. It is licensed to the community under the [_MIT license_]( to aid schools, universities, user groups, hackathons, corporate lunch-and-learns and other educational outlets in better use of responsive HTML designs and Jekyll.
Original Authors
These materials were loving donated to the OSS community by [GitHub]( because it is an awesome company that has a passion for open sourcing a [great many things](
Help Us Improve These Materials
We're always looking for contributions to improve these materials. If you have corrections, polish, or materials contributions, please submit them via a [Pull Request]( If your contribution is larger than a syntax fix or sentence re-wording, please initiate a discussion via a new Issue (type `c` after switching focus to the [Issues]( tab) so we can help guide your contribution to the right location in the materials.
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