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README.portable (Draft)

This "portable" version of Git for Windows (MSysGit) does not need to
be installed. It will run from any directory you place it in, even
onto a USB thumbdrive. It will not write permanent entries into the 
Windows registry. It does not need administrator privileges to "install".


This package is contained in a 7-zip archive with a file name like
'PortableGit-<versionstring>.7z'.  It is a self-extracting archive:
add the file extension '.exe', and you can (double-)click it; you'll be
asked for the desired target directory (which defaults to C:\Program
Files\Git). You may change that as needed or desired. Your user account
needs write access to the selected directory. (You can move that
directory with all its contents to a different place or computer at any
time should you later desire so).

Functional differences to "normal" MSysGit installation package

This version does not offer you the convenient right-click context menu
entries "Git GUI Here" and "Git Bash Here", because these would require
to add entries into the Windows registry.


Since this portable package does not modify any Windows %path%
variables, it is not possible to run the git.exe and gitk.exe files
directly. Start the Git Bash or Git Cmd instead, or add the cmd/ folder
to your %path%.

How to start using PortableGit

If you are comfortable with a Unix-like shell, just launch 'git-bash.bat'.

If not, just launch 'git-cmd.bat'.

Alternatively, you can execute these commands to modify the %path%
variable temporarily:

        set gitdir=c:\portablegit
        set path=%gitdir%\cmd;%path%

Adjust the 'gitdir' according to your setup.  As long as you do not
close the command window, you can now simply type "git" or "gitk" to
really call "c:\portablegit\cmd\git.cmd" or "c:\portablegit\cmd\gitk.cmd".

Quick start

Start configuring git with your personal settings:
        git config --global "Joe Sixpack"
        git config --global

Start using git:
        git --help

How to change %path% permanently

You may also want to make the modification to the %path% variable a
permanent one. The %path% variable may be changed:

* either on a System level (for all users in the lower pane), if you are
  an Administrator
* or for your own user account only (in the upper pane).

To change the %path% variable permanently:

* right-click "My Computer",
* select "Properties",
* open "Advanced",
* click "Environment Variables",
* highlight the "Path" variable,
* click "Edit" (either in upper or in lower pane),
* add your specific path to front of "Variable value" field, separated
  by a semicolon from the existing entry.

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