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Github Serendipity. A smart way to explore popular github repos. Browse and find high quality repos quickly and elegantly, with trending, rank, awesome, topics, similar dimensions.


Programmers who waste their time on Twitter and Facebook, should take some time to navigate through Github Serendipity ~

Serendipity: accidental new discovery. This project(webapp) provides a great opportunity to browse and find high quality repos quickly and elegantly, with trending, rank, awesome, topics, similar dimensions.

Some great data and ideas come from previous other programmers's projects, addressed at my article Github Explore Tip.

Main features:

  • Awesome: Show awesome - the Awesome List, a one-stop viewing experience [Awesome - curated list of awesome lists] (
  • Trending: Show new trends in nearly ten days of time dimension, catch hot trends, keep pace with the times
  • Rank: Based on Trending projects in the past year, select Repo with no specific programming language. They are mostly guides and tutorials, it provides a chance to find new ideas from these non-hardcode projects
  • Topics: Topics are aggregated from the Backend, FrontEnd, DevOps, Guides, Tools, Design, Mobile and other categories and sorted by popularity. It lets you quickly find all the topics of popular repos
  • Similar: Find similar repos to the current repo, a good chance to see more, to compare and to combine.


  • Dynamically auto generated contents
  • View more repo info at Github
  • Based on Awesome, nearly 600 awesome lists
  • Tick to mark read

  • Trending repos collapsed based on date
  • Show repo description on mouse hover
  • Back to top for very long article

  • Dedicated Topics Page
  • Repos categorized under Backend, FrontEnd, Devops, Guides, Tools etc.
  • Popularity-sorted topics with star count

  • Specific Topic Page
  • List all popular repos in the topic area
  • Sort by repo's star count
  • Join Group to discuss and share your opinion

  • Rank Page, includes all trending repos with non-specific programming language
  • They are mostly great articles and awesome guides
  • Github, as not only code repository

  • Similar Page, to view all related and similar repos
  • Chance to know more, to compare and to combine.


all credits go to

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