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GitHub development on VFSForGit [please fork upstream microsoft/VFSForGit repository instead of this one]
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Pull request Compare This branch is 1 commit ahead of microsoft:features/linuxprototype.
chrisd8088 Update README to refer interested parties upstream
As this is only a partial fork of the full upstream microsoft/VFSForGit
repo, advise new readers to fork or follow that repository instead of
this one.
Latest commit e676e08 Jan 19, 2019
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.azure-pipelines Update path to built kext in Jan 9, 2019
GVFS exit on non-EAGAIN failures in multi-reader tests Aug 21, 2019
GitHooksLoader Add missed CommonAssemblyVersion to Virtualization and bump copyright… Dec 17, 2018
MirrorProvider add pre-rename and post-delete Linux events Aug 21, 2019
ProjFS.Linux use consistent event ordering in ProjFS.Linux Aug 21, 2019
ProjFS.Mac remove unused notification types on Linux and Mac Aug 21, 2019
Scripts auto download and install VFSForGit Git on Linux Aug 21, 2019
.editorconfig Introduce EditorConfig to help define consistent coding style Dec 27, 2018
.gitattributes Current snapshot of GVFS Feb 3, 2017
.gitignore Add a vnode cache to the kext to improve the performance of finding a… Apr 10, 2019
.vsconfig Add .vsconfig file to declare required VS components May 10, 2019 Additional changes to functional test documentation May 13, 2019 Add contributing guidelines to VFSForGit repo Mar 7, 2019
GVFS.sln build GVFS.FunctionalTests.LockHolder on Linux Aug 21, 2019 Automount and other updates: Jun 28, 2017 Current snapshot of GVFS Feb 3, 2017 Perf improvements and bug fixes: Oct 24, 2017 Update README to refer interested parties upstream Aug 19, 2019
ThirdPartyNotices.txt Mac: Adds dtruss script from macOS, plus license & 3rd party notice Feb 1, 2019
nuget.config Migrate nuget feeds Oct 26, 2018

VFS for Git (GitHub partial development fork only)

This repository contains work-in-progress by GitHub's engineering team on the VFS for Git client. All work here will be contributed to the upstream microsoft/VFSForGit repository.

We advise anyone interested in VFS for Git to fork or follow the microsoft/VFSForGit repository instead of this one, as this repository is only a partial clone of the full upstream repo and furthermore may not be regularly updated with the latest changes.

Thank you for your interest in VFS for Git!


The VFS for Git source code in this repo is available under the MIT license. See

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