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update intellij settings to match expected style from eclipse

this is what's expected:

    public void foo1(int i1, int i2,
        int i3, int i4, int i5,
        int i6, int i7) {
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commit 53306266a0851351f1eb61aef324f0d67a34fab0 1 parent e227921
Roberto Tyley rtyley authored
Showing with 5 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +5 −0 .idea/codeStyleSettings.xml
5 .idea/codeStyleSettings.xml
@@ -27,9 +27,14 @@
<option name="XML_LEGACY_SETTINGS_IMPORTED" value="true" />
<codeStyleSettings language="JAVA">
+ <option name="ALIGN_MULTILINE_PARAMETERS" value="false" />
<option name="SPACE_WITHIN_ARRAY_INITIALIZER_BRACES" value="true" />
<option name="SPACE_BEFORE_ARRAY_INITIALIZER_LBRACE" value="true" />
+ <option name="METHOD_PARAMETERS_WRAP" value="1" />
<option name="WRAP_LONG_LINES" value="true" />
+ <indentOptions>
+ <option name="CONTINUATION_INDENT_SIZE" value="4" />
+ </indentOptions>
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