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Translate language names #191

gergelypolonkai opened this Issue August 21, 2012 · 12 comments

4 participants

Gergely Polonkai Ritchie Flick Danylo Vashchilenko Shannen Saez
Gergely Polonkai

Although most people know their language's name in other languages (or at least in English), maybe language names should be translated, also (e.g English, Deutsch, Magyar, etc.)

Ritchie Flick

Although one doesn't actually see that in most applications.

Gergely Polonkai

I did, but mostly in desktop and web applications.

Danylo Vashchilenko

How is that useful, right or important?

Gergely Polonkai

Useful, if a user doesn't know that his own language (magyar) spells like "Hungarian" in english. Important? I don't think so, but I can't set importance flag on this issue tracker. It would be a low-level enhancement.

Danylo Vashchilenko

Are you saying that the target audience of the app, highly educated IT users of the big GitHub website (available only in English), does not know the names of their languages in English?

Gergely Polonkai

I don't believe that only highly educated people use these sites, and the app...

Danylo Vashchilenko

Who else might need CVS?

Gergely Polonkai

Many, unfortunately...

Danylo Vashchilenko

This is not a constructive answer.

Gergely Polonkai

I have worked with several people before (and working with some currently) who don't speak English. Shame on them not to know the chosen language of their work. They often come to me for help because they can't read and understand man pages and other English documentation. If they can't find a Hungarian version, they almost panic. This is not good, but there is no time for their education. Certainly most of them knows that "Hungarian" means "magyar", but what if not?

Anyways, it would be neat to have it :)

Shannen Saez

+1 @w00d5t0ck.
@equalsdanny Just because many users you see are English-speaking doesn't mean everyone is. What about overseas companies using Github as a private host? You wouldn't even know what language they use in their code. It's like if you've ever changed you language setting to Arabic or something accidentally and trying to find your way back to English.

Obviously not everyone is going to need this but again, as @w00d5t0ck said, it's as simple as setting the importance flag...

Danylo Vashchilenko

Well, okay, I agree with you now.

I have another question, where is the native language name supposed to be? The last time I used app it did not provide a way to choose the language, except by setting the system wide locale.

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