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Issue not updating #353

MeinAccount opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Magnus Kühn Stephen Bennett
Magnus Kühn

An issue is not updating when it was edited

Stephen Bennett

I don't seem to have this problem exactly. The issue appears to be unchanged until I back out and come back to it though. Even hitting the refresh menu button doesn't show the modified issue.

Just checking though, did you try to edit an issue that wasn't yours? It will appear as if you're allowed to edit it, but it won't ever actually let you.

Magnus Kühn

I edited my own issue. (And sorry I ment that is was not updating visually.)

Kevin Sawicki kevinsawicki closed this issue from a commit
Kevin Sawicki Remove full HTML when raw HTML value changes
Previously the issue body html was not being re-encoded
after edits and also the full html was never being flushed
when the raw version has changed from the last time it was

This would cause the issue description to not update after
being edited.

Closes #353
Kevin Sawicki kevinsawicki closed this in f9f7637
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