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Recursive Method Lookup (Java) #8062

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Greetings, thanks for getting in touch with this question! Would something similar to the following (adapted to handle your specific use-case of beans rather than just any method) do what you need:

class NoArgMethod extends Method {
  NoArgMethod() { this.hasNoParameters() }

  NoArgMethod getNextStep() { result = this.getReturnType().(RefType).getAMethod() }

from NoArgMethod m1, NoArgMethod m2
where m1.getNextStep+() = m2
select m1.getName() + " calls " + m2.getName()

In particular, what this is doing is pulling out the logic of going one step further in the search into the getNextStep predicate. Then we can use the + operator to indicate that we want everything that is reachable in …

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