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…r/repo path to support orgs
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technoweenie committed Oct 15, 2010
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@@ -197,29 +197,33 @@ with at least 'name' but it will take any of these as POST args
You can also delete a repository with a POST to
repos/delete/:repo (DEPRECATED)
which will give you back a token in the 'delete\_token' field of the response, which you then have to post back to the same url again (in the 'delete\_token' POST var) to complete the deletion.
### Repository Visibility ###
To set a public repository private, you can POST while authenticated to
repos/set/private/:repo (DEPRECATED)
To make a private repo public, POST while authenticated to
repos/set/public/:repo (DEPRECATED)
### Deploy Keys ###
You can use the API to list, add and remove your deploy keys. To see which deploy keys you have setup for a specific repository, GET this URL
repos/keys/:repo (DEPRECATED)
It will give you a listing of your public keys, like so
$ curl -F 'login=schacon' -F 'token=XXX'
$ curl -F 'login=schacon' -F 'token=XXX'
- title: my deploy key
@@ -233,7 +237,8 @@ It will give you a listing of your public keys, like so
You can also add new keys by POSTing to
repos/key/:repo/add (DEPRECATED)
which takes the following POST variables
@@ -242,7 +247,8 @@ which takes the following POST variables
You can also POST to this removal URL to remove a key
repos/key/:repo/remove (DEPRECATED)
You will need to POST an 'id' variable with the key ID returned from the public listing or key creation.
@@ -254,8 +260,10 @@ To get a list of the collaborators on your project, GET
To add or remove collaborators, POST to one of these URLs
repos/collaborators/:user/:repo/add/:collaborator (DEPRECATED)
repos/collaborators/:user/:repo/remove/:collaborator (DEPRECATED)
repos/collaborators/:repo/add/:collaborator (DEPRECATED)
repos/collaborators/:repo/remove/:collaborator (DEPRECATED)
To get a list of repos you can push to that are not your own, GET

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bronson replied Oct 15, 2010

Very nice! But how does one create a repository in an org?

I tried hitting repos/create with name='vim-scripts/repo'. GitHub silently changes the / to a - and then creates the repo in my account: bronson/vim-scripts-repo. Do I need to pass 'organization=vim-scripts' or something?

Also, why are these new calls marked deprecated?

  • repos/collaborators/:user/:repo/add/:collaborator (DEPRECATED)
  • repos/collaborators/:user/:repo/remove/:collaborator (DEPRECATED)

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technoweenie replied Oct 15, 2010

File an issue for the repos/create bug. It was written with the assumption that you'd only ever create repos on your own account. It'll have to be updated too for orgs.

As for the extra deprecated actions, that was a silly copy/paste error :)


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technoweenie replied Oct 17, 2010


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