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Dear GitHub Copyright Agent:

I, the undersigned, state UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY that:

  1. I am, a person injured, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of a person injured by a violation of the U.S. Copyright laws, in particular section(s) 1201(a)(2) and/or 1201(b)(1) of Title 17 of the United States Code, commonly referred to as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, or "DMCA";
  2. I May Be Contacted At: [private]
  3. I have a good faith belief that the file-downloads identified below (by URL) are unlawful under these laws because, among other things, the files circumvent effective access controls and/or copyright protection measures;
  4. Reason:
    Content Type: "Custom Module" files
    Violation(s): Redistribution of copyrighted commercial software
  5. Please act expeditiously to remove the file-downloads found at the following URLs:
  6. I have a good faith belief that the circumvention of effective access controls and/or copyright protection measures identified above is not authorized by law; and
  7. The information in this notice is accurate.

Thank you for your kind assistance.



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