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+Takedown Notice under DMCA
+Dear GitHub Copyright Agent:
+I, the undersigned, state UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY that:
+1. I am, a person injured, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of aperson injured by a violation of the U.S. Copyright laws.
+The Removal of MaNGOS Copyright from most of the files contained in theMaNGOS source Code forked by cMaNGOS from the MaNGOS repos. An Example of a commit the performed this action isb7dbcdaf75a56e6eb5ee2fa67361bcaa7d8e13c7
+The changes were mostly of the form of:-
+Original Line:# Copyright (C) 2005-2012 MaNGOS project <>
+Changed Line: # This file is part of the Continued-MaNGOS Project
+All mention of the original source or organisation at<> has been removed.
+2. I May Be Contacted At:
+Name of Injured Party : The MaNGOS project
+Name and Title: [private]
+Company: The MaNGOS Foundation (
+Email address [private] Email address [private]
+Telephone: [private]
+3. I have a good faith belief that the file-downloads identified below (byURL) are unlawful under these laws because, among other things, the filescircumvent effective access controls and/or copyright protection measures;
+4. Reason:
+Content Type: "Modifed Source Code" files
+Violation(s): Removal of copyright notices throughout the code
+5. Please act expeditiously to remove the file-downloads found at thefollowing URLs:
+At the time of writing the following repo had not replaced the copyrightdetails, but this may have changed since.
+6. I have a good faith belief that the circumvention of effective accesscontrols and/or copyright protection measures identified above is not authorized by law; and
+7. The information in this notice is accurate.
+Thank you for your kind assistance.
+[private] Administrator MaNGos, The MaNGOS Project, The MaNGOS Foundation and

3 comments on commit 7e8e496


If you look at the sources of the official repo so-called "The MaNGOS Foundation" you will find it identical to source code of closed repository. And it would be strange for fork not to have these lines with modified copyrights, as they are present in the main repository


The modifed Copyrights by cMangos caused a contamination of the original repo when newer commits were pulled in.

This will be cleaned up shortly (hopefully in the next day or so)

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