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+it is my good faith belief that none of the code at <> (see reference below) infringes on Sony's copyrights, and that their takedown notice is in error. further, Sony is attempting to abuse the DMCA to avoid public embarrassment (too late) and put the genie back in the bottle (too late), and has failed to meet the minimum requirements for giving DMCA notice (no details provided on which source code lines infringe copyright). the exposure of sloppy crypto implementation on Sony's part in no way infringes on copyright or makes available any of their proprietary internal software; the repository in question contains exclusively original third-party code that does not directly facilitate infringement. I consent to jurisdiction as laid out at <> as of this date.
+please restore public access to the source repository in question. this shall serve as my electronic signature.
+Westlake Village, CA 91362

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