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#import "TestHelper.h"
// Test case class without failWithException: method
@interface TestCaseClassWithoutFailMethod : NSObject
- (void)fail;
@implementation TestCaseClassWithoutFailMethod
- (void)fail {
EXPFail(self, 777, "test.m", @"epic fail");
// Test case class with failWithException: method
@interface TestCaseClassWithFailMethod : TestCaseClassWithoutFailMethod {
NSException *_exception;
@property(nonatomic, retain) NSException *exception;
- (void)failWithException:(NSException *)exception;
@implementation TestCaseClassWithFailMethod
@synthesize exception=_exception;
- (void)dealloc {
self.exception = nil;
[super dealloc];
- (void)failWithException:(NSException *)exception {
self.exception = exception;
@interface EXPFailTest : SenTestCase
@implementation EXPFailTest
- (void)test_EXPFailWithTestCaseClassThatDoesNotHaveFailureMethod {
// it throws the exception directly
TestCaseClassWithoutFailMethod *testCase = [TestCaseClassWithoutFailMethod new];
@try {
[testCase fail];
} @catch(NSException *exception) {
assertEqualObjects([exception name], @"Expecta Error");
assertEqualObjects([exception reason], @"test.m:777 epic fail");
[testCase release];
- (void)test_EXPFailWithTestCaseClassThatHasFailureMethod {
// it calls failWithException: method
TestCaseClassWithFailMethod *testCase = [TestCaseClassWithFailMethod new];
[testCase fail];
NSException *exception = testCase.exception;
assertEqualObjects([exception name], SenTestFailureException);
assertEqualObjects([exception reason], @"epic fail");
NSDictionary *exceptionUserInfo = [exception userInfo];
assertEqualObjects([exceptionUserInfo objectForKey:SenTestDescriptionKey], @"epic fail");
assertEqualObjects([exceptionUserInfo objectForKey:SenTestFilenameKey], @"test.m");
assertEqualObjects([exceptionUserInfo objectForKey:SenTestLineNumberKey], [NSNumber numberWithInt:777]);
[testCase release];
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