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ondras commented Oct 26, 2012

Does the forked repo need to be named "game-off-2012", or can we rename it to better reflect the game's name?


leereilly commented Oct 27, 2012

Good question. Yes, you can rename the repository. Changing it to the game's name makes perfect sense. We'll see all the forked repositories regardless of what they're called.

Lee 🍻

I see it has 953 forks(so far) but scrolling down that network graph shows that not all 953 are there? I guess you can only see forked repos with actual commits, right? (just checking)

bui commented Oct 29, 2012

@corroded - You can see all forks on the members page.

@penpen penpen added a commit to penpen/game-off-2012 that referenced this issue Nov 19, 2012

@penpen penpen Fix #19 (Real tasks) 95e0c9d

Seldaek commented Nov 26, 2012

@leereilly just for information, how do you plan on going through the 1300+ forks? :)


leereilly commented Nov 26, 2012

Good question! I'm using the GiHub API to gather all the forks, populate a spreadsheet, a seed little app for the judges with links/screenshots, etc. I'm not sure how many of those forks will actually have games in the end - there are only about 100 with added content as of right now.

Lee 🍻

Seldaek commented Nov 27, 2012

@leereilly ok cool. I hope you will make the list of "active" repos available on december 1st - I was curious to see what others have been up to but by poking repos at random I only managed to find a couple working games.

@conzett conzett referenced this issue in conzett/game-off-2012 Nov 29, 2012

@conzett conzett Merge pull request #19 from whitetigerisme/master
Update all sprite sheets and sprites

@hobnob hobnob referenced this issue in hobnob/game-off-2012 Nov 29, 2012

@hobnob hobnob Merge pull request #19 from hobnob/features/theEnd
The end....?

@gelisam gelisam added a commit to gelisam/game-off-2012 that referenced this issue Nov 30, 2012

@gelisam gelisam null moveables outside the room, closes #19
When asking the Tracker for a moveable located outside the bounds of the
room, Tracker was accessing an out-of-bounds location in its array. It
now returns undefined, as it does when inspecting a cell with no

It would be great to see a list of active repos. I found a few by chance, but it's hit and miss just clicking on the links in the member section.

ondras closed this Oct 7, 2014

gelisam commented Oct 7, 2014

Since the fact that this thread was just closed sent me a notification which might bring others in this thread here, I thought I would point out that I did publish such as list of playable games back in 2012:

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