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Browser Compatibility #20

sirpengi opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Are there some set of browsers/version the game needs to support? Will the judges respect a request like "use latest chrome stable"? I personally don't want to think too hard about IE on my projects-for-fun, and some devs might want to use NaCl.


Ideally, the game should be playable in all browsers, but that's not a strict rule :smile:

If there are any special instructions please just add them to the README. Asking judges to use the latest version of Chrome or Firefox is perfectly OK. Asking to use an older version that we'll have to go out and find... probably not.

Cheers and good luck!
Lee :beers:

@gelisam gelisam referenced this issue from a commit in gelisam/game-off-2012
@gelisam gelisam Lower sprite for the walls, closes #20
The reason the walls were so high to begin with is that their height was
the double of the block height, making them easy to stack and align.
Since we never stack blocks, this is not a feature we need to keep.

As a bonus, the door sprite is now the same height as the walls.
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