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ei. I can make a HTML5 app on android, which uses specific things from the android OS ?


The rules state:

All entries must be web-based, i.e. playable in a browser.

I would interpret "a browser" as "a desktop browser".


Right, but that's still ambiguous. If I make a game using, e.g. Chrome's NaCl, does that count as web-based, even though it'll only run in Chrome? And, on the other side, does my game have to be compatible with older browsers like Internet Explorer 8, for example?

I think a platform compatibility list (i.e. "you must test your game with the following browsers") would be helpful.

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Ideally, it'll should compatible with one or more of latest stable browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer. If it's only playable in one, just make a note of it in your repository README files. Chrome's NaCl is fine too.

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