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Do assets need to be open source / creative commons? #28

anthonyfinch opened this Issue · 4 comments

4 participants

Anthony Finch Jared Koumentis Lee Reilly Travis Fincaryk
Anthony Finch

Although it is clear that the code should be open source and available through the entrants' repo, what about assets? Do these have to have similarly permissive licenses? I am mainly thinking of sound. Obviously it's completely trivial to load them from another location (so they are not included in the repository) but is this permitted?

Jared Koumentis

I'd say this is fine. In fact, git doesn't tend to play nicely with binary assets, so linking them in from another location should be ok.

@leereilly should probably weigh in as a judge.

Lee Reilly

Ideally, I'd like to see all of the assets in the GitHub repository. If there's a good reason not to include it in the repository, I'd entertain it though.

Lee :beers:

Roman Koblov penpen referenced this issue from a commit in penpen/game-off-2012
я котик пур-пур mvasilkov Add Google Analytics, close #28 ffb3e2e
Travis Fincaryk

I'm using Unity, I'm totally ok with sharing any assets I make. Code, 3d models and animation. But any out of the box assets or paid assets I shouldn't be sharing. Will I still be able to compete if the COMPLETE source isn't pushed?

Lee Reilly

Of course! If you could just leave a note in the README what 3rd-party/paid dependencies are missing, that'd be awesome!

Lee :beers:

Graham Conzett conzett referenced this issue from a commit in conzett/game-off-2012
Graham Conzett conzett Tie action sprites to controls
Closes #28
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