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Does all of our code need to be written during the competition? #5

egpaik opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Say we have a game engine we've written previously. Is it all right to re-use it?

What if we have an unfinished prototype? Is it all right to take this opportunity to flesh out old toys?


I think reusing game engines is fine since we're encouraging people to use open source game engines, libraries, etc. already. Fleshing out an old game though would probably be unfair to other participants, so I'll lean towards a no on that one.

Lee :beers:


I have a free open source game project here on github.
It's a rather old project but only recently it took off regarding coding, since it doesn't uses an existing 3rd party engine and barely any libs at all and it was really hard finding a good lead coder.
The project is and it's already on github

Developer preview playable over at (keep in mind it's very early and it will get into the contest theme better pretty soon).
I don't really care for winning but I thought that this contest could mean free exposure for the project, which might improve it's fate a lot.

It would be nice if Ancient Beast can participate (without having to push the code to the contest branch as well, perhaps using a submodule) as it's a very serious project that won't get laid down anytime soon, unlike most of the games that are made specially for this competition.

@hobnob hobnob referenced this issue from a commit in hobnob/game-off-2012
@hobnob hobnob Limits the number of clones
Limits the number of clones so that the player can't break the game

Closes #5
@gelisam gelisam referenced this issue from a commit in gelisam/game-off-2012
@gelisam gelisam Player direction, closes #5
The player's sprite is updated to reflect the current direction of
movement, highlighting how terrible my left-right sprite is.
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