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make different sounds for bonus and enemies? 2-3 different sounds on bonus and on 3 enemies

rishabhp and others added some commits Nov 3, 2012

@rishabhp rishabhp initial commit - last time repo had issues, so I deleted that repo an…
…d re-created. just clone once again
@rishabhp rishabhp getting started with forks 14dfe79
@rishabhp rishabhp implementing logic for random forks 0434b00
@rishabhp rishabhp adding backgrounds 5e82dcc
@rishabhp rishabhp animating background layers 23872ab
@rishabhp rishabhp moving pappu code to its own script file b983c13
@rishabhp rishabhp gameplay with mouse clicks 8f417a3
@rishabhp rishabhp adding pappu sprite cca055a
@rishabhp rishabhp adding sprite animation ccd4d69
@rishabhp rishabhp changing sprite for pappu 407b771
@rishabhp rishabhp pappu flapping slower now b7948dd
@rishabhp rishabhp pappu flapping slower now 9e2390d
@rishabhp rishabhp pappu flapping slower now 523f2b4
@rishabhp rishabhp pappu flapping slower now 84b55f7
@rishabhp rishabhp beginning of start screen fd60250
@kushsolitary kushsolitary Added main menu / start screen c227045
@kushsolitary kushsolitary Removed planks stand from the menu 3df9878
@kushsolitary kushsolitary Added fork image bda66f2
@rishabhp rishabhp improving start screen 450c3b1
@rishabhp rishabhp improving start screen 92c81db
@rishabhp rishabhp adding score board 270bf5b
@rishabhp rishabhp implementing score 4fe6437
@rishabhp rishabhp setting event capturing to false in all addEventListeners adfe603
@kushsolitary kushsolitary Added log and controls images e0a3e65
@rishabhp rishabhp changing credits links styles e045b31
@kushsolitary kushsolitary Added controls info on menu 1ce26e2
@kushsolitary kushsolitary improved menu a0e40f3
@rishabhp rishabhp changing tweet and fb links 35a7680
@rishabhp rishabhp Merge branch 'master' of 2784887
@rishabhp rishabhp centering tap/mouse image on startup screen 21ef184
@kushsolitary kushsolitary added grass 686a5ef
@rishabhp rishabhp Merge branch 'master' of 71c9c3a
@rishabhp rishabhp implemented initial log on which pappu sits 6008cef
@rishabhp rishabhp fixing issues - -- score -- clicking anywhere started the game -- log…
… moved slower than ground
@rishabhp rishabhp implementing restart 426f6bb
@rishabhp rishabhp getting started with forks 3d7612a
@kushsolitary kushsolitary Fixed dig image b19da44
@kushsolitary kushsolitary Added branch image 60e0bb1
@rishabhp rishabhp getting started with branches cf1c8a9
@rishabhp rishabhp adding random X axis distance for forks and branches 2ee776b
@rishabhp rishabhp show forks on game start 2961bf7
@rishabhp rishabhp increasing speeds 6c6275b
@rishabhp rishabhp added some credit info in the demo footer a99bbc1
@rishabhp rishabhp footer credit info changed 6b1fc70
@rishabhp rishabhp footer credit info changed 3766551
@rishabhp rishabhp adding fork heads 922d888
@rishabhp rishabhp added readme ccd42a1
@rishabhp rishabhp getting spacing inside branches through which pappu will pass 699e0fe
@rishabhp rishabhp credit link styling 1f1751c
@kushsolitary kushsolitary Fixed fork handle c380789
@rishabhp rishabhp getting started with forks collisions daa9da4
@kushsolitary kushsolitary improved pappu's control 5bff4ba
@kushsolitary kushsolitary trying to fix forks flashing bug 3546b18
@rishabhp rishabhp trying to implement pushes on hitting fork heads 347e1a1
@rishabhp rishabhp implementing branches collisions 4fa125e
@kushsolitary kushsolitary Adding pakiya images 3a72a2b
@rishabhp rishabhp little prototype for gettin in pakias 3906c4d
@rishabhp rishabhp improving pakia play 011426e
@rishabhp rishabhp improving pakia play fc9473d
@rishabhp rishabhp improving pakia play 31c6e4f
@rishabhp rishabhp improving forks code 232b961
@rishabhp rishabhp trying to improve branch head collisions 374995e
@rishabhp rishabhp fork head will not push now - can be frustrating for users 414b790
@kushsolitary kushsolitary Improved fork head 2a702af
@rishabhp rishabhp distancing (lol) branches with forks properly d56af0e
@rishabhp rishabhp switching on branch collisions again a54266e
@rishabhp rishabhp things comin alon dam nicely 9d7b260
@rishabhp rishabhp improvin logix on the distantiation between branches and forks 9b85571
@rishabhp rishabhp updating readme abc1ec5
@rishabhp rishabhp rewriting pappu 8d67ac8
@rishabhp rishabhp rewritin backgrounds code 32b760f
@kushsolitary kushsolitary Added new graphics 1d52189
@rishabhp rishabhp fixing background related dependency codez and all 89d383f
@rishabhp rishabhp Merge branch 'master' of f08c429
@rishabhp rishabhp changing pappu sprites 0f5440f
@rishabhp rishabhp implementing pakia collision ccf8475
@rishabhp rishabhp changing the order of loading JS files 999eed0
@rishabhp rishabhp rotating pappu on gameplay a7cfe04
@rishabhp rishabhp fork head collisions made less austere fc13c52
@rishabhp rishabhp changing score board alignment and pakia coordinate movements f1cd5bd
@kushsolitary kushsolitary Adding start music 063bb29
@kushsolitary kushsolitary Working on game music dad323e
@kushsolitary kushsolitary Improved pappu's sprite animation and rotation fffda46
@kushsolitary kushsolitary Improving gameplay f1b2b5c
@kushsolitary kushsolitary Improving gameplay 8fd6243
@kushsolitary kushsolitary Adding pakia sounds (home recorded) and improving overall gameplay 6c73554
@kushsolitary kushsolitary improving gameplay 705d5c4
@kushsolitary kushsolitary changing music ceedde5
@rishabhp rishabhp adding moar credits 0cd8d4a
@kushsolitary kushsolitary Adding flapping sound f624501
@kushsolitary kushsolitary commenting out branches temporarily de021c2
@rishabhp rishabhp credit link changes a110b79
@kushsolitary kushsolitary Amplified jump1.ogg 9f1065d
@kushsolitary kushsolitary increasing font size in footer c357774
@rishabhp rishabhp fixing positioning of forks and branches so that they do not overlap 5c9473d
@rishabhp rishabhp Merge branch 'master' of 9e1b1ff
@kushsolitary kushsolitary fixing mp3 link for IE b02ff9b
@rishabhp rishabhp fixing branch positiuonings 5b4d36b
@rishabhp rishabhp Merge branch 'master' of 72a51a3
@rishabhp rishabhp changing gravity for pakias 4f8e7c5

kushsolitary and others added some commits Nov 27, 2012

@kushsolitary kushsolitary added mp3 version of all sounds to support IE f424fdc
@kushsolitary kushsolitary added preloader for sounds and images 4ec8694
@kushsolitary kushsolitary improved preloader 6f71117
@rishabhp rishabhp injecting google ads 0e01d8f
@rishabhp rishabhp Merge branch 'master' of 53033ad
@rishabhp rishabhp changing disqus link colors 29e7aac
@kushsolitary kushsolitary added combined bg image 4646ba7
@rishabhp rishabhp added code for adblock users 4c4b29e
@rishabhp rishabhp Merge branch 'master' of 1245628
@rishabhp rishabhp optimization tricks e82c298
@kushsolitary kushsolitary optimizationsss c921893
@rishabhp rishabhp change in bg image drawing approach. digs for forks have also been re…
…moved for perf boost
@rishabhp rishabhp Merge branch 'master' of 1e78062
@rishabhp rishabhp not drawing the grass layer anymore - moar optimizations feac3d1
@rishabhp rishabhp fixing flashing of forks and branches 848be1e
@rishabhp rishabhp fixes abbe55d
@rishabhp rishabhp extending top kill zone ff079f6
@kushsolitary kushsolitary added star image 8ed495b
@kushsolitary kushsolitary updated coins image c2bf681
@rishabhp rishabhp speed inc based on scores 9c53563
@rishabhp rishabhp branch moving off canvas issue fixes b4a22cd
@rishabhp rishabhp Merge branch 'master' of eb799c1
@kushsolitary kushsolitary updated coins image b0149a7
@rishabhp rishabhp Merge branch 'master' of 4a753ad
@rishabhp rishabhp fixing fork positions using whole numbers now 4d1a62c
@kushsolitary kushsolitary fixing loader f1820b8
@kushsolitary kushsolitary fixing loader ae2962f
@kushsolitary kushsolitary added plank stand 566438c
@rishabhp rishabhp fixing collectibles stuck on forks/branches issue e187093
@rishabhp rishabhp updating description 47f31b0
@rishabhp rishabhp Merge branch 'master' of dc59867
@kushsolitary kushsolitary added space control for (re)start e874389
@kushsolitary kushsolitary added highscores bb4fe73
@kushsolitary kushsolitary Changed the font of description 18187ae
@kushsolitary kushsolitary fixing loader 4d8be66
@rishabhp rishabhp fixing loader in FF b32c09a
@rishabhp rishabhp merge conflicy b447642
@kushsolitary kushsolitary fixing issues 78760a7
@kushsolitary kushsolitary fixing issues 1d23517
@kushsolitary kushsolitary fixing issues 6704a80
@rishabhp rishabhp fixing loader 13b3a03
@rishabhp rishabhp style chanes 4631b1c
@kushsolitary kushsolitary css change 3f38771
@rishabhp rishabhp style changes dd0864d
@rishabhp rishabhp updating readme a8ae5db
@rishabhp rishabhp updating readme aaa9a63
@rishabhp rishabhp moving ads 3bc5e5f
@rishabhp rishabhp fixing pakia collision bugs 564109c
@rishabhp rishabhp fixing twitter handle 22b47ea
@rishabhp rishabhp fixing final bug where player couldnt go high on restart cuz the posi…
…tions of old pakias would stay on top, bad one...
@rishabhp rishabhp changing init logic based on loader 67290f1
@rishabhp rishabhp moving images to loader 774fd71
@kushsolitary kushsolitary fixing weir bugs in IE and Opera 0b8b4b8
@rishabhp rishabhp pappu will fall on game over, never go up 037e21e
@rishabhp rishabhp Merge branch 'master' of 1e3d99e
@rishabhp rishabhp removing recommended browsers section 50291a3
@rishabhp rishabhp fixing clones collision bugs 4b9838b
@rishabhp rishabhp fixing clones collision bugs ab03dee
@rishabhp rishabhp no more 1000 point coins f11284b
@kushsolitary kushsolitary fixing loader for safari 7a221cb
@rishabhp rishabhp changing fork/branch appearance distancing logic c3538eb
@rishabhp rishabhp changing fork/branch appearance distancing logic 4ddebf0
@rishabhp rishabhp Merge branch 'master' of d746210
@kushsolitary kushsolitary implementing mute 067c4a2
@rishabhp rishabhp getting started with invincible timer 7223e7b
@rishabhp rishabhp implementing progress for invincible collectible 00e75bc
@rishabhp rishabhp collectible will just reset now, it wont add up 864376e
@kushsolitary kushsolitary fixing loader be9deb4
@kushsolitary kushsolitary improving controls image 23e2906
@kushsolitary kushsolitary improving controls image 80e78f1
@rishabhp rishabhp implementing death animation cffed8d
@rishabhp rishabhp sirf improvements yaar 4794bbf
@rishabhp rishabhp showing last score on screen 4ef2c32
@rishabhp rishabhp adding a folder for chrome web store 9842b60
@kushsolitary kushsolitary added the 128px icon c5d6baa
@rishabhp rishabhp updating readme 8ddad18
@rishabhp rishabhp Merge branch 'master' of 4fcca88
@rishabhp rishabhp updating readme 8f5989a
@kushsolitary kushsolitary added promos d063b60
@kushsolitary kushsolitary added screenshots f786f5a
@rishabhp rishabhp changing image locations b1065b5
@kushsolitary kushsolitary adding moar buttons d8c7d98
@kushsolitary kushsolitary improving buttons 9136d29
@kushsolitary kushsolitary css changes f5d2bc5
@rishabhp rishabhp fixing background moving bug after restarts 47e2fa8
@rishabhp rishabhp fixes eca85d0
@rishabhp rishabhp init log wasnt sliding now it does 416c266
@rishabhp rishabhp last few fixes based on a good player and probably the last commit f5d22a2
@rishabhp rishabhp updating readme 7e66a6e
@rishabhp rishabhp removing unnecessary files 71da5dc
@rishabhp rishabhp game over was executing even after game over - no need really. lets s…
…ave memory power
@rishabhp rishabhp updating description, etc. fc3fcf7
@rishabhp rishabhp removing an ad 3706227
@rishabhp rishabhp removing old readme b27b963
@rishabhp rishabhp pressing down arrow wont cause scroll down anymore 70b3c6a
@rishabhp rishabhp changing flattr link 5025347
@rishabhp rishabhp Update index.htm 1f9fe23
@Brantron Brantron fix some readme file typo's ef1eedb
@rishabhp rishabhp Merge pull request #4 from bvbrandon/master
fix some readme file typo's
@rishabhp rishabhp removing ads 9a4809b
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