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The scripts used to build RubyGems on GitHub
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NOTE: This repository is no longer supported or updated by GitHub. If you wish to continue to develop this code yourself, we recommend you fork it.

GitHub's Gem Evaler

Help make GitHub's gem build process more secure and robust!

There are two components associated with this:

* gem_builder.rb - Script that builds the gem
* gem_eval.rb - Sandboxed Sinatra app that evals ruby gemspecs

gem_builder.rb works as follows:

1) process() is called with a repository object and the path to the gemspec
2) If the spec is not in YAML, a request is made to the gem evaler (see below how it works)
3) A Gem::Specification object is created from the YAML gemspec and renamed with the user's login
4) The gem is built from the Gem::Specification using a monkey-patched version of RubyGems,
   so instead of grabbing the files from the filesystem, they're grabbed from the git repo

gem_eval.rb works as follows:

1) Receives a request with the repo location and the ruby gemspec
2) Makes a shallow clone of the repo and chdir's to that repo
3) Evals the spec in a separate thread with a higher $SAFE level
4) Converts spec to YAML

* Lower the $SAFE level to allow methods like Dir.glob, but without compromising security.
* Never get another email from someone wondering why their gem didn't build