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freeze String class

Signed-off-by: PJ Hyett <>
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1 parent cf407ff commit ff79f9e3c82729914ae405d62bcabd529cac211c steve committed with pjhyett Nov 5, 2008
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@@ -13,9 +13,6 @@
-# disable ObjectSpace
-Object.send :remove_const, :ObjectSpace
# make sure all string methods which modify self also taint the string
class String
%w(swapcase! strip! squeeze! reverse! downcase! upcase! delete! slice! replace []= <<).each do |method_name|
@@ -49,6 +46,7 @@ def #{method_name} *a, &b
# Bug in ruby doesn't check taint when an array of globs is passed
class << Dir
# we need to track $SAFE level manually because define_method captures the $SAFE level
@@ -72,8 +70,14 @@ def set_safe_level
+# freeze String so that the taint method can't be redefined
# freeze Dir so that no one can modify the @@safe_level
# freeze method classes so someone cant modify them to catch the original methods
[Method, UnboundMethod].each {|klass| klass.freeze }
+# disable ObjectSpace so people cant access the original method objects
+Object.send :remove_const, :ObjectSpace

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