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Automated schema migrations for github/* repos

skeefree is an app which collaborates with other components to achieve automated schema migration flow at GitHub. The complete flow is composed of:

  • GitHub Actions: an Action runs on Pull Request to identify if and which schema changes are pending
  • skeema: an open source tool, which we use to identify which schema change is pending, and generate a formal statement to transition into the new schema
  • gh-ost: our online schema migration tool, which runs reliable, auditable, controllable migrations on our busy clusters
  • skeefree: this repo, a service (internally deployed on kubernetes) which interacts the schema changes Pull Requests (by collaborating with the Action), which supports chatops for control and visibility, and which can kick the schema change, either directly (CREATE TABLE, DROP TABLE) or indirectly (invoke gh-ost to run the migration).

For more information, read How skeefree works


We deploy skeefree in two forms:

  • A service (internally at GitHub we run this on kubernetes)
  • A binary deployed to "utility" hosts where we run gh-ost on. The binary helps gh-ost interact in the skeefree flow:
    • It activates gh-ost
    • And gets called by gh-ost via hooks.


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