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Zendesk is the fastest way to great customer service. Use this service hook to selectively update tickets with private comments based on GitHub commit messages and issue updates.

In order to update a Zendesk ticket, all you need to do is to configure and enable this hook, and then subsequently reference the ticket you want updated with the GitHub status. The format of the ticket reference is ZD#123 where 123 is the id of the ticket. Only commits/comments containing a valid ZD ticket reference are sent to Zendesk.

Install Notes

  1. The subdomain is your Zendesk subdomain, i.e. "subdomain" if you visit

  2. Username is the email address of the user you wish to authenticate as

  3. Password is either the password of the user, or your Zendesk API token from "Settings / Channel / API". Remember to adjust the username if you use the API token.
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