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Rally ( is the recognized leader in Agile
application lifecycle management (ALM). Rally is dedicated to helping
organizations embrace Agile and Lean development and portfolio management
practices that dramatically increase the pace of innovation, improve
product quality and boost customer satisfaction.
The GitHub-Services integration for Rally creates Changeset/Change
information in Rally associated with the Workspace and SCMRepository
of your choice. In Rally, when looking at an artifact, you can see
detail on Changesets associated with commits from GitHub push activities.
Rally also provides reports that use the Artifact, Changeset and Change
information to provide insight into files that get changed frequently
or that are associated with higher than normal defect rates and other
useful metrics based reports.
The integration scans for tokens in the commit message that conform to a
Rally Artifact FormattedID format. These tokens are validated against
Rally so that a reference to a valid Rally Artifact (UserStory, Defect,
TestCase, Task, etc.) results in the association of the Artifact to the
Changeset posted in Rally performed by this integration.
Commits containing a commit message that doesn't have a valid artifact
reference also get posted to Rally so that they show up in any Rally
reports against Changesets/Changes.
NB: Uri fields in Rally Changeset/Change records refer the to master branch.
Install Notes
You'll need a Rally account (see
1. server - (REQUIRED) is the hostname of the Rally server.
You do not have to provide the domain name portion of the server
if the name of the server is a Rally SaaS server,
ie., rally1 or trial or demo.
If you are utilizing the Rally OnPrem product, you'll need
to provide fully qualified hostname.
2. username - (REQUIRED) is the Rally UserName for the subscription.
Make sure you specify the UserName (not the DisplayName or FirstName and LastName or Email).
3. password - (REQUIRED) is the password associated with the UserName for the Rally Subscription.
4. workspace - (REQUIRED) is the name of the Rally Workspace in which the target SCMRepository
5. repository - (OPTIONAL) is the name of the Rally SCMRepository. By default, if not provided,
this integration will use the name of your GitHub repository as the SCMRepository name.
But, you have the ability to name the Rally SCMRepository to your choice of a name.
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