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This service adds commit messages as comments to Asana tasks. Once enabled, commit messages
are checked for Asana task URLs (for example, or task IDs
starting with # (for example, #9012345). Every task ID found will get the commit comment added to it.
A commit with the message:
Fixes layout rendering bug. Reported in
will show up as:
```<commiter> pushed to branch <branch> of <user>/<repo>
(<user>/<repo>/commit/<commit id>)
-Fixes layout rendering bug. Reported in```
Install Notes
1. **Auth Token** - User API token. User must have access to task, all comments will be attributed to this user. See:
2. **Restrict to Branch** - Comma-separated list of branches which will be automatically inspected. Leave blank to include all branches.
3. **Restrict to Last Commit** - Will only inspect the last commit of each push for task IDs.