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Install Notes
To set up this service hook, follow these steps:
1. Browse to your Code Climate [Dashboard](
2. Click **Organization** in the top-right corner of the page. If this link isn't visible, see below.
3. Select the **Integrations** tab.
4. Copy the **GitHub Service Token** to your clipboard. Note that you do not want to copy the **API Token**.
5. Back in GitHub, paste the token into the text box below.
### Why don't I see the Organization link in Code Climate?
Few possible reasons:
* You're trying to set up a service hook for a repository that lives in the **Open Source** section of your **Dashboard**. Unfortunately we don't yet support service hooks for these repositories.
* Your Code Climate user is not a member of any organizations.
* You're in an organization but not in its **Owners** group. In this case, you unfortunately won't have administrative-rights to view this token.
For more detailed info, see our [help article](