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When enabled this will let the Docker Hub know when you have made changes to
your repository. The Docker Hub will then pull down your repository and build
your Dockerfile to create a Docker repository and push it onto the Docker Hub
so that it is available for others to download. When you commit changes to your
git Repo the Docker Hub will keep the Docker Repository up to date.
#### Note:
Docker has two types of repositories, public and private. A public repository
is able to be downloaded by anyone. The private repository can only be
downloaded by someone whom the owner has given explicit access too.
When creating an automated build from a private GitHub repo, it is recommended
that you only use a private Docker repo. If you have a private GitHub
repository and you are building into a public Docker repository, you might be
accidentally exposing data you don't intend to expose.
#### Requirements:
In order for this to work correctly, you should have the following:
1. A [Docker Hub]( "Docker Hub")
Account, that is linked to your GitHub account.
2. A [Dockerfile]( "Dockerfile")
in your project directory.