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Broadcast this project's commits, pull requests, issues, and their
respective comments to Flowdock.
Install Notes
API Token is a flow-specific token. You can find it either in the flow, or in Flowdock's Integrations help page at
Multiple flows may be specified with multiple comma-separated tokens.
To include certain tags with every message, you can add tags to the tokens. Use + to separate tags. For example, "65f80e994031fcd80f57d1a9e294c1d1d+frontend+web,af8629b07978d1223c9d48d05ff1356+fyi" would add `frontend` and `web` tags to the messages posted to the first flow, and `fyi` to the messages posted to the second flow.
Configure From Flowdock
You can also configure hooks from within Flowdock. Those hooks will appear in the `Web Hooks` category of the service hooks. This can be done from the flow’s inbox settings.
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