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Install Notes
1. Requires FogBugz version 6.1 or above, and your FogBugz installation
must be accessible from the internet
2. "cvssubmit_url" is the url to the `cvsSubmit.[php|asp]` file on your
FogBugz server.
Example: https://server.com/fogbugz/cvsSubmit.php
3. The "sRepo" field (in FogBugz 6.1) will be automatically set to the name of
this GitHub repository.
4. The "ixRepository" field (in FogBugz 7.0 and later) will be set to the fb_repoid set in the
hooks configuration page
FogBugz 7.0 and later Configuration
FogBugz 7 has a configuration page for multiple repositories. Each repository
is given and ID that will be used by the cvsSubmit.asp page.
1. From the admin menu, select Source Control.
2. Click 'Create New Repository'.
3. An option pane will pop up. Select 'Other (custom)'. Enter a name for
the repository. The name does not have to be the same as the GitHub repo
name. Click Next.
4. Set the 'Diff URL' field to be:
5. Set the 'Log URL' field to be:
6. There's a URL printed at the top of the configuration screen. Make
note of the number following ixRepository= That is the ID that needs
to be filled in for the fb_repoid field.
In the service hook here:
1. Set your Cvssubmit Url.
2. Set "Fb Version" to the version you are running, e.g. "8".
3. Set "Fb Repoid" to the number following "ixRepository=" from step 6 above.
FogBugz 6.1 Configuration
If you want to use GitHub as your sole source control system, configuration
within FogBugz is relatively easy.
In your site configuration:
1. Set "the Source Control URL for logs" field to be:
2. Set "the Source Control URL for diffs" field to be:
If you have commits in FogBugz from a previous source control system, or if
you want to use multiple GitHub accounts, please read:
In the service hook here:
1. Set your Cvssubmit Url.
2. Set "Fb Version" to "6" (without quotes).
3. Leave "Fb Repoid" blank.
The commit message will be added as a note to the case. You cannot resolve a case via the commit message.
The hook parses the commit messages for bug ids based on the below syntax.
* case(s): 12345, 67890, [additional]
* bug(s)ID: 12345, 67890, [additional]