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Note: Atlassian provides its own native integration for GitHub. We recommend
using the Atlassian integration, as opposed to this GitHub provided service.
Read more here:
This service currently enables all of the available hook events including
commit comments, downloads, forks, fork applies, wiki updates, issues, issue
comments, member adds, pull requests, pushes, and watches. A full list with
descriptions can be found here:
Install Notes
1. **Auth Token** - One of your group's API tokens. See:
2. **Room** - The full name of the room to send the message to. The room's room_id will also work.
3. **Restrict to Branch** - List of branches to which will be inspected.
4. **Color** - Optional background color for the message. Available options are: yellow, red, green, purple, gray, or random. Defaults to yellow.
5. **Server** - If you use a self-hosted HipChat server, enter the name of your server here, e.g. Defaults to
1. **Notify** - Whether or not to notify room members.
2. **Quiet Fork** - Suppress the room notice if a project has been forked.
3. **Quiet Watch** - Suppress the room notice that someone has started to watch the project.
4. **Quiet Comments** - Suppress the room notice if a comment has been made on repo.
5. **Quiet Labels** - Suppress the room notice if an issue has had any label changes.
6. **Quiet Assigning** - Suppress the room notice if an issue has been assigned or unassigned.
7. **Quiet Wiki** - Suppress the room notice if a wiki item has been updated.
8. **Active** - Turn On or Off the service hook.