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Install Notes
Zulip is a group communication tool.
Configuration Fields
1. **Email** - The user to authenticate as.
2. **Api Key** - The API key associated with the provided user. See:
3. **Stream** - The default Zulip stream where event notifications will be sent. Defaults to "commits" if left empty. The stream (or the "commits" stream if empty) must exist in Zulip.
4. **Commit Stream** - Overrides **Stream** for Git commit notifications. The stream must exist in Zulip.
5. **Issue Stream** - Overrides **Stream** for GitHub issues notifications. The stream must exist in Zulip.
6. **Branches** - A comma-delimited whitelist of branches to receive event notifications about (e.g., "master,staging,prod"). If empty, event notifications will be sent about all branches.
7. **Alternative Endpoint** - Specify the full URL for the Zulip server's GitHub endpoint (e.g., If empty, the integration will talk to
1. **Exclude Pull Requests** - Don't send GitHub pull request notifications to Zulip.
2. **Exclude Issues** - Don't send GitHub issues notifications to Zulip.
3. **Exclude Commits** - Don't send Git commit notifcations to Zulip.
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