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Install Notes
* Requires **[Git Plugin][wiki] v1.1.18**, released 2012-04-27, and the "Poll SCM"
build trigger needs to be enabled. (Though you can have it poll very
infrequently, I recommend something like `0 */3 * * *`)
* "Jenkins Url" is the base URL of your [Jenkins][] server. For example:
``. We will hit `/git/notifyCommit` under this URL. (See
[the Git plugin wiki page][wiki-push] for more details.)
[Jenkins][] is a popular continuous integration server.
If you're using the standard [Jenkins Git plugin][wiki] to poll & check out
your repository, you can quickly and easily switch to a push model using this
It will send a request to your Jenkins instance telling it about the
repositories and branches that changed. Jenkins will then poll the repository
and build if needed. See [push notification from repository][wiki-push] on the
Jenkins wiki for information.
[jenkins]: "Jenkins CI Server"