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This service hook allows you to transition JIRA tickets using the REST API available in
version 4.2+ of JIRA. To interact with tickets in JIRA you will need to place markup
similar to Lighthouse's in your commit message.
Fixed an annoying bug [#WEB-210 transition:31 resolution:1]
This will perform transition 31 with a resolution code of 1 on the issue WEB-210. You can specify
any key value pair with the `key:value` notation, but at the very least transition must be present.
NOTE: As of 2.0.alpha1, the REST API will not automatically interpret strings into integers and vice
Install Notes
A user in JIRA will need to be created for GitHub. It should be given full
access to all projects.
Using the following url as an example:
1. is the server_hostname
2. 2.0.alpha1 is the api_version
3. username of the GitHub user in JIRA
4. password of the GitHub user in JIRA
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