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This service lets you publish push and commit messages to a message broker via the MQTT protocol.
Install Notes
1. OPTIONAL. 'broker' is the hostname of the MQTT broker (default is
2. OPTIONAL. 'port' is the port to connect (default is 1883, MQTT standard).
3. 'topic' is the name of the topic to publish on. Suggested example: 'github/{github_username}/{repo_name} .
4. OPTIONAL. 'clientid' is the unique client ID which publishes the payload message (default is a prefixed epoc time long, e.g. "github_1336363787").
5. OPTIONAL. 'user' is the v3.1 username (default is none).
6. OPTIONAL. 'pass' is the v3.1 password (default is none).
7. OPTIONAL. 'retain' specifies whether or not the publication should be retained as the last/most recent message for new subscribers.
8. The payload of the message is JSON received from GitHub (refer to docs/github_payload).
9. ruby-mqtt only supports QoS 0.
10. For testing, you can use as your web MQTT client. broker:, port: 1883, clientid: {github_username}. You will "Subscribe to Topics": 'github/{github_username}/{repo_name}'. Unauthenticated username/password sets default to the public channel!
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