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Nodejitsu – Intelligent, scalable Node.js clouds.
Install Notes
Create an account at and login there.
1. Enter your credentials
- Username
- Password (Authorization Token suggested, password also works)
- Branch, if specified will only deploy from the specified branch
3. Check the "Active" checkbox and click "Update Settings".
4. Click on the "Nodejitsu" service name and then click the "Test Hook" link.
API Documentation
Please refer to for documentation.
Travis CI Integration
It is possible to integrate this endpoint with Travis-CI. Check out blog for more information.
Running in your own Nodejitsu Cloud
If you own a copy of Nodejitsu Enterprise you can set the `endpoint` that you wish to use for your installation. Simply enter the host of your Nodejitsu Web Hooks API Copy (defaults to
Join #nodejitsu on and get immediate assistance from our support team!