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This service posts an event object for GitHub events to a Simperium app.
A Simperium object is created for each hook event in a bucket you choose.
Supported events are currently:
'push', 'issues', 'issue_comment', 'commit_comment', 'pull_request',
'pull_request_review_comment', 'watch', 'fork', 'fork_apply',
'member', 'public', 'team_add', 'status'
Simperium IDs:
Each object ID will be a guid, eg. 'guid-0.3939192'
'event' - The GitHub event type, eg. 'push' for commits
'payload' - The data for the event, varies by event type.
More details on GitHub events:
Install Notes
App ID: Your Simperium app id created on
Token: You'll need to generate an access token for a specific user (not an API key)
Bucket: Name of the bucket you want events posted to
See for more details on Simperium authentication.