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Tddium Continuous Integration
Learn more at [](
Install Notes
This hook will be automatically configured for GitHub repos you've configured
with a connected Tddium account.
If you don't want to connect your GitHub account, or you don't want to give
Tddium `repo` privileges, follow these steps:
1. Go to your Tddium dashboard
2. Open the Configuration page for this repo and click on the 'CI Setup' section
3. Copy the hex value listed under 'CI Token'
4. Paste the token above.
5. Install Tddium's repo-specific public key into this repo's deploy keys.
You can safely leave the Override URL field blank.
Supported Events
Tddium monitors all events on your repo, but it currently only acts on:
- push
- create a branch
- delete a branch
- open, close, synchronize pull requests