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[TeamCity]( is a continuous integration server that automates the building and testing of your software.
The GitHub TeamCity service can be used in two ways:
* to trigger builds after code has been pushed to your git repository; (Default)
* to enforce checking for changes after code has been pushed to your git repository. (see 7)
Install Notes
1. Your TeamCity server must be accessible from the internet.
2. "Base url" is the URL to your TeamCity server
Example: or
3. "Build type" is the identifier of the build configuration you want to trigger.
Multiple configurations can be triggered by specifying a comma-separated list of identifiers.
Example: "bt123", which can be found in URL of the build configuration page
4. "Username" and "Password" - username and password of a TeamCity user that can
trigger a manual build of the TeamCity build configuration defined in "Build type"
5. "Branches" (Optional) is an space-separated list of branches to watch commits for.
Commits to other branches will be ignored.
If no branches are specified, TeamCity will be notified of all commits.
6. "Full branch ref" if enabled full branch reference (e.g. 'refs/heads/master')
will be send to TeamCity server. Otherwise 'refs/heads' will be omitted.
7. "Check for pending changes" if enabled, service will force TeamCity server
to check for pending changes. Service will not trigger new build.
8. Since TeamCity uses BASIC authentication, it is highly recommended that the
TeamCity server use HTTPS/SSL to protect the password that is passed
unencrypted over the internet.
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